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Snafu and his Fighting Tools

Updated on March 30, 2015
Look at the size of that German!
Look at the size of that German!

Carefree Snafu is napping in his tent when he hears the sound of a German sneaking up on him.
Snafu thinks he has the upper hand when he ambushes the German and puts a rifle in his back.
But the German's fear soon disappears as he sees that Snafu's rifle is gunked with mud from the mishandling of the his rifle.

Snafu then reinstates the fear by presenting a mounted machine gun at the German and fires away, chasing him into the distance. But again Snafu is foiled as the machine gun melts into goo due to overheating, which we learn is because Snafu has not attached the water cooling pipe to the gun.

Next, it looks like Snafu has finally got the upper hand as he brandishes a cannon, its barrel pointed right at the German's head. But once again we learn the importance of how the best plans can fail due to the misuse and lack of correct maintenance of his fighting tools. At the end of the canon's barrel we see a series of mice and birds fly out from the cannon. The German takes a mighty German breath and blows into the end of the canon which pushes out a lot
of humerus debris, such as sandwiches, pots and pans.

Snafu attempts to flee in his hum-vee only find that it is out of gas - further reiterating the importance of military utility maintenance. Low and behold the episode ends with Snafu behind german bars, humerously, his body turns into that
of a donkey's ass (again). Oh Snafu!

Infantry Blues

Ah front line infantry. I remember a couple of years ago when I applied for the army. I was eligible for cryptography work in the navy, but what position did I request? Infantry. Any why? because that's where all the action was, where all the excitement and adventure was born. This is what I, like many who applied for the army would have thought, only to find it was probably one of the most grueling positions you could be in. And Snafu seemed to have the same opinion of his role in the front line.

In this episode we see Snafu drudging through the jungle, packed with all his infantry gear, looking like he is about to topple over. He yeans for a better position, in the tank core, the sea core, the air core. This time we are taught about how the grass always being greener on the other side in the army roles.

To Snafu's saving grace, he is once again introduced to the technical fairy, here to shed some light on Snafu's view of working in infantry. The technical fairy sends him off with his magical wand into the tank core. Snafu is delighted being behind the wheel of a tank, only to find that it is not as glorious as he had pictured it to be. He is bounced all around the tank, bumping over rocks and hills, ending up almost steering the tank off the edge of a cliff. Snafu learns
that the tank core is not for him.

The technical fairy gives Snafu a second insight to the other positions that Snafu dreams about by sending him to work on a frigate in the navy. Snafu soon learns that with the vicious weather and unpredictable motions of the ocean, that his belly is not fit for the sea.

On his third attempt, the technical fairy sends Snafu to the air-force, where Snafu gets to pilot his very own aircraft. And just as is to be expected from Snafu, it isn't long until he crashes it into the ground, as was the style at the time.

The end if the episode is concluded with Snafu back in his infantry unit, where he learns that all jobs in the army are tough, but now he has a much greater appreciation of his role. Oh Snafu, you really aren't cut out for the army.

"No more cleaning latrines."


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