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Dicky Cheung - Chao Ren Lyric and English Translation

Updated on September 16, 2013

This is the lyric Chao Ren, theme song of Proud of Twins (or Handsome Siblings, starring Dicky Cheung and Nicholas Tse)

Let me know if there's any mistake in the lyric or translation :)

超人 - 张卫健

Chao Ren (Superman) by Zhang Wei Jian (Dicky Cheung)

Míng shì yī gè cuì ruò bù kān de líng hún
Obviously a fragile soul

Què wéi nǐ xīn gān qíng yuàn biàn shēn wéi chāo rén
But you willingly transform into a Superman

Ai de jīn pí lì jìn cái míng bái
Love is tiring if you don't understand

Wǒ bìng bù shì wú suǒ bù néng
I'm not omnipotent

Yě xǔ yīn wéi wǒ de tiān zī bù gòu
Maybe because I don't have enough talent

Suàn bù chū lái shí dài shí hòu huì fēn
Can't be counted when it will be divided

Rou ti fan shen ping shen me xiang yao ni ai wo yi sheng
The flesh on my body long for your love

Zhe qu de qing chun jiu xiang wo men
Just as we lost our youth

**Na duan qing chun jiu xiang wo men
Just as we lost our youth

Ceng jing liu gei dui fang de shang hen
We left each other wounded

Liang ge ren wu hua bu shuo zai dao zui huo mo sheng
Two people have nothing to say to the last stranger

Wo xiang wo dou ke yi qu ren
I think I can endure

Lu shang de deng kan zhe wo men
The lights on the road are watching us

Mao zhe yu zai qing jie li fei ben
Through the rain came in to the plot

Xi wang you ge ren
I wish there is somebody

Neng ming bai wo de yan lei he wo de hou ban sheng
Who can understand my tears and my life story

Yuan lai wo yi kai shi jiu xian de na me sheng
Once I started, I'm strapped deeply

Pei zhe ni zou guo wu cai ban ban dan de shi jie
Accompanying you through the colourful world

Bu dai biao wo jiu yong you guo ni de yi qie
Doesn't mean that I have your all

Xie xie ni de gao bie
Thank you for your farewell

Ke yi dai gei wo zhe me duo gan jue
That I can carry so many feelings with me

Ye xu ying wei wo de tian zi bu gou
Maybe because I don't have enough talent

Ti hui bu dao ni dui wo de ti tie
Didn't experience your care for me

Dan shi ke neng ni dui wo bing mei you na me liao jie
But probably you didn't understand me that much after all

Repeat **

Céng jīng zhàn zài dà yǔ zhōng děng le yòu děng
Standing in the pouring rain, waiting

Wéi le nǐ ān wèi lián wǒ yuè qì fèn
For you to comfort my anger

Nǐ shuō tián mì lí kāi wǒ mǎ shàng yǐn huǒ shāo shēn
You say the sweetness of leaving me quickly backfired


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    • Eva Berlin profile imageAUTHOR

      Eva Berlin 

      5 years ago


    • profile image

      5 years ago

      'Mao zhe yu' means 'Through the rain'

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I Love this song... Dicky too..

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I Love this song... Dicky too..

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i very very very love it,,,,,,.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      this song very good please send to me


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