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Check Out Some Live Music in Thailand

Updated on May 22, 2011

Many people who travel to Thailand often want to hear live music. Thailand music has a very large variety to choose from, from traditional Thai folk music some Blues, Rock and Jazz and lots of Pop and Classic Rock.  You name it; they have some great live music in Thailand.  Live music, especially, is absolutely thrilling to participate in, when traveling to this exotic country.  Naturally, you’ll have a chance to check out the local bands in the area, since many of them will be playing familiar, Top 40 tunes that you can not only listen to, but dance the night away until near exhaustion.


The live music in Koh Samui is really great, since there are many bars and music venues, chock-full of bands who will keep you entertained well into the wee hours of the night.  Some bands play Rock, others break your heart with the blues, while even more play some of your Pop favorites. Imagine yourself, sipping a cocktail at one of these great music-infused places, and you just know you’ve got to get up and dance.  

When Traveling in Thailand, Check Out Some Live Music

Samui live music includes a few other treats in store for you, since the local bands there really liven it up at every bar they play at. The normal rotation nightly is all based on a schedule that you can easily obtain at any of the venues or hotels, should you drop by to see what entertainment in Samui is all about. Basically, as you’ll see, it’s all about having a good time and enjoying one’s self, while also staying in the exotic country of Thailand.

When it comes to some really good jam sessions that take on a new meaning for the words “long session” Samui blues can provide you with some of the most emotional music you can enjoy during your visit. The bands that play the blues can bring you back to the days when the old blues greats would sit down with their instruments and just pour music out, as if they were pouring a continual cup of good coffee. It certainly feels that good, too, since that’s what they are aiming for: keeping it real; making everybody feel good, even when the songs are about heartache.

When it comes to live entertainment in Thailand, you’ve got a lot of great choices, that’s for sure. If you are looking for other kinds of live music, you’ll never find a shortage. Blues, Pop, Classic Rock and Traditional Thai music are among the other live music genres available for your listening pleasure, while visiting.

One more thing to remember is Live Jazz in Thailand. Oh, the sounds of the great jazz players absolutely echo from the bars and venues that cater to people who enjoy live jazz music.

All told, this can be one of the best music to listen to, since it’s one of the hardest to play, and Thai jazz players sure can play that jazz, like they were born to do it. It’s not hard to believe they were, as good as the music gets, so get down to a local bar and enjoy and support live music in Thailand!


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