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Choosing/Renewing a cable TV package in 2016…

Updated on December 31, 2015

Every New Year comes with hassles of subscription renewals. While you will have to make decisions on other utilities and service providers, this article can at least help you with making a wise choice on your pay cable, home phone and internet service. I want you not to spoil your holiday season festivities and celebrations by consuming all your energies in comparing hundreds of different cable service packages in finding answers to your curious questions.

What are the best cable TV packages offered by top cable companies? What cable TV packages can help me save considerably? What are the bundle deals providing with cable TV, internet and home phone subscription at discounted prices? What is the best time to make cable TV purchase or renewal? Do the number of channels matter or should I simply look at the price of a package? Can Netflix, Shomi, Amazon Prime and Crave help me reduce my monthly cable expense?

Above are few of the frequently asked questions that this article tries to answer by providing with a to-the-point analysis of most leveraged packages offered by the top cable TV companies in US. On-demand content providers cannot be an alternative to cable TV anytime soon as it will mean celebrating a birthday without a cake or having a cocktail party without booze. But you can definitely save on your monthly cable bill by choosing wisely from the following best of the best TV packages and bundle offers:

1. Comcast Xfinity Triple Play:

This package from Comcast Xfinity is ideal for those who’re looking forward to get a bundle deal on all three services namely cable TV, internet and home phone. It promises to make your monthly billing simpler and has a validity period of one year. The package starts at $109.99/month and the best time to make a decision is by 31st of current month as most of the cable companies will be increasing their prices as soon as 2016 takes effect. The X1 DVR Service is included with most of the offers under this package. You can be sure of not missing on any popular TV program as the package offers wide range of channels and its extensive on-demand content will enlarge your existing choices for family entertainment.

2. Time Warner Cable Saving Specials:

Currently, one of the most leveraged cable TV packages in the market is Time Warner Cable Saving Specials for it offering upbeat features at the least possible rates. You can enjoy up to 200+ channels with internet speed up to 20 Mbps and unlimited nationwide calling under $90 for one year. Installations and HD box come for free. If you do not want too many channels and think home phone has somewhat gone obsolete then you may opt for its TV+Internet package at almost half the price of former deal. You will get 20+ channels and internet speed up to 15 mbps. The most exciting feature of this package beside its price is it offering HBO with HBO GO.

3. Charter Spectrum Triple Play Select:

Many of us do not like contract requirements and want packages that do not lock us in for months with their short-term and long-term contracts. The Charter Spectrum Triple Play Select provides with an excitingly leveraged bundle offer and is free from any contract obligation. You can get up to 200 channels in HD, making it one of its kind when compared with other TV providers. Cox promises to offer you with an internet speed that is twenty times fasters than a standard DSL. You also get both the DVR service and internet modem for free. Prices starting at $ 29 .99/mo for each service for 12 months when bundled.

4. Cox Cable Bronze Bundle:

If you want to get settled with your cable TV subscription till the end of 2017 then you may opt for Cox Bronze Bundle deal. It offers more than 220 channels with free HD programming. Expect up to 50 Mbps for internet speed and unlimited local calling. It offers exciting value and guarantees you a wholesome TV experience for under $100 a month for twelve months with 24 months contract. This package truly qualifies both your expectations for number of channels and internet speed.


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