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Christina And Ali - Singing Sisters

Updated on September 20, 2010
Christina And Ali: The Singing Sisters on America's Got Talent, 2010
Christina And Ali: The Singing Sisters on America's Got Talent, 2010

Overcoming All Obstacles

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal."

~ Henry Ford

Those who have been watching America's Got Talent in this year of 2010, have had the great privilege to be introduced to two of the most incredible people I have ever come to know. "How can two individuals be that special?" you may ask, but once you get even the slightest glimpse of their testimony / their story, you can't help but know they are two-of-a-kind. Christina and Ali Christensen have become a celebrity sensation with their gorgeous, courageous singing and encouragement for everyone to achieve their dreams no matter what obstacles may stand in the way. They have stood before America on television with a message to share, and have opened the hearts of people across the nation as well as across the world. They have inspired millions with such a touching story that has even brought tough guys to tears.

Christina, 13, and Ali, 20, as well as their brother Shawn & sister April, were born with a lung disease called Cystic Fibrosis. According to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation [], Cystic Fibrosis is a chronic, inherited disease that affects the lungs and digestive system of around 30,000 adults & children in the U.S., around 70,000 worldwide. There is a defective gene in those with the disease which composes a protein that causes the body to produce unusually sticky, thick mucus that can clog the lungs, leading to life-threatening lung infections. It may also obstruct the pancreas, preventing natural enzymes from forming to help the body break down food and absorb it. Thankfully, since the 1950s, advanced research and medical treatments have extended the life expectancy and enhanced what type of lifestyle one with cystic fibrosis may have. Even still, those with the disease, face obstacles every single day, and it takes courage to overcome these obstacles. There is no doubt that Christina and Ali share a courage and strength as they pursue their dreams. Their eyes are focused on their aspirations and dreams, and there is nothing that these two cannot accomplish. I can see these two beating every obstacle that comes their way, living long lives, advancing cystic fibrosis research, and helping millions of others facing challenges everyday to pursue their dreams and succeed as well.

Ali, Christina, and their Adorable Niece
Ali, Christina, and their Adorable Niece
Christina And Ali - Our  Super Stars From The 2010 Season of America's Got Talent
Christina And Ali - Our Super Stars From The 2010 Season of America's Got Talent

Hope... & The Power of Family

Through my interaction with Christina, Ali, and their wonderful mother Janie, I have come to realize how strong a family bond is and the incredible things that can be accomplished when family is there to encourage and push you toward the sky to reach your highest dreams. After a year since the loss of their dear sister, April, Christina & Ali have held strong together with their family and continued to pursue their dreams to share HOPE with the rest of the world. Having lost my mother when I was 23 years old, she only being 50 years old, I understand the strength and courage it must take to bring hope to other people when your own hopes & joys are challenged daily... but Christina & Ali, as well as the rest of the family, have continued to share a genuine joy, strength, comfort, and LOVE to share with the rest of the world. In the past year and a half, I have been amazed at how encouraging and inspiring the entire family has been. And the things they have accomplished together have taken my breath away. Ali held the crown as Miss Idaho Falls for the 2009-2010 year, and competed for the crown of Miss Idaho (which she may have won had it not been for her contract with America's Got Talent), but despite everything, Ali, Christina, and the family never give up pursuing life with a true smile and recognition of life's worth on every level. They have been an example of thankfulness to many friends and fans, showing the world that despite the obstacles they face, there is always much to be thankful for and much GOOD to share with the world.

Ali with Lu Mac, a great friend of the family
Ali with Lu Mac, a great friend of the family

Here's A Special Video Designed by Lu Mac called, "'The Singing Sisters' Medley," featuring the beautiful voices of Ali & Christina

A Priceless Friendship

"To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world"

~ Brandi Snyder

Christina and Ali Christensen have become the most dear friends of mine in just a short amount of time that I have known them. It doesn't take knowing Christina and Ali for years to understand the priceless friendship that they offer to those who desire it. I, as well as many others who have gotten to know the two even just a little bit, have instantly recognized how unique they are and instantly want nothing but the best for their whole family. Lu Mac, another great friend of the family, has been a special friend who has shared in this phenomenal friendship with the family. The Christensen family shares a gift of making others feel special and taking friendship very seriously despite what challenges they may face on a daily basis. I have come to realize, they are never too busy to put a smile on the faces of their friends, family, and fans. Even the simple Facebook / MySpace statuses they choose have power to brighten one's day. I am blessed to know them, but even to those who are just now meeting Christina and Ali through their America's Got Talent performances/features, they become priceless friends for life.

Christina and Ali - The Singing Sisters With A Message Of Hope For America & The World
Christina and Ali - The Singing Sisters With A Message Of Hope For America & The World

Support Christina and Ali In Their Journey

Christina and Ali have given much of themselves, courageously, overcoming all obstacles, sharing their hope & the power of family and friendship, so let's do all we can to give something back to them in return. Continue to share with others how much you love the duo we call America's "Singing Sisters."

Thank you to all who supported Christina And Ali to help them advance to the Top 10 on America's Got Talent, 2010. Although they did not move on to the Top 4 Finals, this is just the beginning for them. I have included a link to my brand new hub, releasing the dates, cities, and venues of the America's Got Talent 2010 TOUR SCHEDULE! Check it out here to also find out where you can purchase tickets:


Do everything you can to support Christina and Ali. On their website,, you can support them by purchasing your very own Christina And Ali T-SHIRT! (available in two different colors and various sizes) ... the proceeds from the t-shirt sales will not only support the girls, but it will be used to help advance CYSTIC FIBROSIS RESEARCH!

There will be many more opportunities to support these two, and I will include links to these opportunities as they become available (links included below in this article), but for now, keep Christina and Ali Christensen in your prayers & thoughts, so they may be strengthened to take on the world daily, sharing their beautiful message with many.

- Sevy


In case you have missed pieces of Christina & Ali's journey on America's Got Talent, I have included some video links below to bring you up to speed. This will give you a taste of their entire showcase of performances on America's Got Talents. But, for Christina And Ali, this is just the START of something great.

God bless, and thank you in advance for your support of these two amazing people.

Our First Glimpse of Christina & Ali on Their America's Got Talent Journey - The Portland Auditions, 2010

Christina & Ali - Las Vegas Appearance on America's Got Talent, 2010

The America's Got Talent Las Vegas Results, 2010 - Christina & Ali move on to Hollywood!

Christina & Ali - Hollywood Appearance on America's Got Talent 2010

Christina & Ali Make It To The Semi-Finals of America's Got Talent, 2010 - They dedicate Their Journey on America's Got Talent In Memory of Their Dear Siste

Christina And Ali in the Semi-Finals on America's Got Talent - August 24, 2010

Christina And Ali Move On To The Finals On America's Got Talent!

Christina & ALI Perform In The Top 10 of America's Got Talent, 2010

Video by Lu Mac - "The Singing Sisters Medley"

The GRAFFITI Wall - Leave Encouraging Comments for Christina & Ali :)

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i love u

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Hey guys!! Don't worry. Christina and Ali will live a long time! God has blessed these girls and I can sense a cure soon!! Keep believing!!

    • profile image

      karen and jess 

      10 years ago

      hi i had a sister who passed away at the age of 9 from see these 2 girls up singing touched our heart and souls they are truly angels.we miss nicole everyday she passed away in 1998 and belive she is watching over us each and everyday xo

    • profile image

      jacob r 

      10 years ago

      Judson- their mother and father do not have to have cystic fibrosis in order to reproduce children who do. this is because the mother and father can both be carriers of the disease which means that they are unaffected but can pass the trait down to their children which is what happened to christina and ali and their siblings.

    • SevDiggity profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Hartville, Ohio

      Thank you for your comment, Judson. Yes, the mother I discussed is their biological mother. If you would like to catch up on cystic fibrosis research, here is a great website I found useful:

      Here, you can read about the autosomal recessive manner in which the disease is inherited. And thankfully America and the judges are attracted to Christina And Ali's whole package of their great talent, their inspirational story & drive, as well as their loveable nature, which is what has inspired me to write this article. Thanks again for taking the time to comment, Judson.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Is the mother discussed in this article their real, biological mother? The author never addresses this or explains how, if it is the real mother, how she has lived so long with CF. Also these girls are getting through rounds based purely on the story of their lives. There is no reason, based on singing alone, that they deserve to be in the top 10.

    • SevDiggity profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Hartville, Ohio

      For Nicki - Thank you for sharing your story with us. And I think we both can agree that Christina and Ali and their unique story gives all of us who have suffered loss a hope that things can and will be better. And no matter what, we can live happy fulfilled lives that leave behind a legacy that lives forever, changing lives for the better. :)

      Fran - My heart aches for you in the loss of your daughter Amanda. And I'm glad that Christina and Ali have become such a great inspiration to you & so many others. I know that they are not only doing what they do for themselves and their family, but they are doing it for YOU as well. They have such pure hearts that long to bring hope to the hopeless, peace to the restless, strength to the weak... Listen to the song "I Sing For You" that is on Ali's myspace, and you will know that they are singing for you as well, Fran.


      Lu - I'm glad you like the article, and it is a pleasure to add your video to the hub. I think we both love and are inspired by the Christensen's, and I have no doubt in my heart that there is much in store for them. This is just the beginning.

      And I love and appreciate you, too, Lu! Talk to you soon!

      Your buddy,


    • profile image

      Lu Mac 

      10 years ago

      As always You do a fabulous job, thanks for adding the video I made. I love what you do and Ryan, thank you for all the support for Christina and Ali and for a beautiful friendship we all share with the Christensens. I love them so much They inspires me everyday. I hope and pray Christina and Ali will do well at the finals.

      Your friend, Lu

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I am so proud of Ali and Christian. My daughter Amanda also had cf, but sadly died in 1996 at the younge age of 12. Who knows what she could have done with her life had she lived longer. But looking at those 2 young girls I can only imagine my daughter would be so very proud too. Good luck Christina and Ali.

    • profile image

      For Nicki 

      10 years ago

      Hi Guys,

      In 1983 I lost one of the best friends I've ever had to CF. She was so full of live, we played slow pitch softball (she pitched) and many other lifetime activities. At that time a lot of CF treatments were experimental. We were both from Ashton Idaho and most of the treatments she received was from a doctor in Idaho Falls. I remember many times going to check on her progress when she would get sick needing treatment. I also remember at the time one of the best treatments she had at home was mixing honey, whiskey, & lemon to bread up the mucus... She was married and she and her husband had tried to adopt to no avail as they would not adopt to a parent who they felt was destined to die at any time. Little did they know her resolve. I gave birth to my son in May of 1979 and 11 months later she gave birth to a 4lb. 5 oz baby girl. She had finally decided that if she was going to die it may as well be trying to have a family. Anyway they both were eventually well enough to go home and begin their life as a family. She moved to Clearfield with her husband and his new job but we kept constant contact and many visits. Her lungs continued to fail during the next 4 yrs but her resolve was that she make it to her daughter's 4th birthday. I went to the hospital to stay with her for the weekend when her husband called me and she wanted to see me. We had a great weekend visiting but It was apparent she was nearer to death. She was on a respirator and struggling to live. The resolve of that women and her will to live was amazing. She died on her daughters 4th birthday as it was her goal to make it to Keely's 4th birthday... What I did not know at the time was my family carries the CF gene. My brother has a grandson with CF. So now I see more of those struggles with his grandson, but I do see some wonderful treatments that now exist.

      As I have watched Christina and Ali on AMGT they remind me of her. Their strength, resolve, integrity and strive to improve their God Given talents and live life to it's fullest. They truly realize how wonderful and fragile the gift of life is.. Great job girls!!! You are an inspiration.

    • SevDiggity profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Hartville, Ohio

      Lu - You are quite amazing yourself for all you do to support the Christensen family. Thanks for the suggestion to add the Singing Sisters Medley video you put together! It was the icing on the cake :)

      Rob, Jill, AJ, and Jake - It is so moving just thinking about how Christina & Ali have brought so much hope to those in need of it, and I pray that you & the rest of the family stay encouraged! I will add you all to my prayers, and I am so excited to hear about AJ & Jake's newly found hope and inspiration through Christina & Ali's courageous journey! Keep in touch, and we will continue to make a huge difference together in unity.

      Fetty - Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story of saving the child's life. As I was a teacher of many students myself, I know that what you did was an amazing thing, and I believe you are blessed for it. Stay encouraged knowing that we can continue to save lives by educating others on ways to help those with CF and other terrible diseases.

      Janie - Keep praying, and hold onto that hope for a cure! I believe that it is absolutely within reach, and as we stack our hands together in unity, we will soon be on our way to reaching that cure. I also pray for a cure for Scleroderma, the terrible autoimmune disease that my mother had, and I'm so thankful for friends like you who are such a blessing and an encouragement in living life to its fullest, honoring & remembering those we've loved & lost. Love you guys, and I will do everything I must to be there for you. And I can't help but care, because I realize life is about sharing more than just what comes from me alone. There is a greater message of love, hope, joy, peace, comfort... and I want that to shine and make a difference.

    • profile image

      janie christensen 

      10 years ago

      Ryan, Thank you so much for your beautiful writing about the girls. I pray everyday for a cure for this horrible disease. Your such a kind and caring person.

      Sincerely, Janie Christensen

    • fetty profile image


      10 years ago from South Jersey

      I am a former teacher who had the priviledge of teaching a 12 year old with cystic fibrosis. He gave me so much more than I ever gave him. One day coming back from gym class he was gasping for breath. We had a teacher's bathroom in the middle of the hallway opposite my resource room. I quickly shoved him inside slamming the door shut after instructing my four remaining students with busy work. I sat him on the toilet seat , grabbed toilet paper and started pulling this sticky, substance out of his throat. He was turning blue. This stuff had the consistency of salt water taffy. After about ten minutes of pulling and wrapping this stuff into the toilet paper , he could breathe. I immediately took him to the nurse and commanded her to call his mother. We had her business number. Before I left for the day , my principal asked me why I had taken a pupil into the teacher's lav. Another teacher had reported me ! He apologized as he asked this curious question. He was amazed at my quick thinking and thrilled with the outcome. The very next faculty meeting he let all the teachers know that they should not jump to conclusions when they thought they saw strange occurrences. He also stated, that I was never to be questioned again about my actions towards my students. That perhaps , I was saving a child's life. His loving mother only had her son til he was 23 years old. We miss him to this day! Thank you for a wonderful hub. God Bless You all.

    • profile image

      Rob & Jill Olson 

      10 years ago

      These two young ladies, Christina & Ali, are an inspiration to our family and many thousands...hundreds of thousands of others. We want to thank you for your commitment to your dreams and for showing us all that we should "never give up!". That fact that you've learned this at such a young age is a phenomenon. Your family, your town and now your country is proud of you both.

      We are all voting for you in AGT and wish you the best in the competition.

      We have 2 boys with CF (AJ-10, Jake-9) and Jake and I, were watching AGT, when Christina and Ali performed. It touched my heart deeply when they performed. Jake, who is typically very quiet, commented "I really hate it when people think that just because we have a disease, we can't do ANYthing." You two beautiful young ladies inspired this thinking in Jake. In our world, this short statement was profound, and we can't tell you how much it means to his mother and me.

      Many blessings to you all and your family.

      Rob, Jill, AJ & Jake Olson

    • profile image

      Lu Mac 

      10 years ago

      This is absolutely a beautiful site. I love it. Thanks for spreading the word about Christina and Ali and about Cystic Fibrosis.

      You are amazing for what you do. Christina and Ali are fantastic!! God loves them and I know their sister April is watching over them along with God.

      I wish Christina and Ali the best in life.


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