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Music Appreciation Fest: Volume 3 - AlexaRae [Ali Christensen]

Updated on September 23, 2010
MAF: Volume 3 presents...
MAF: Volume 3 presents...
Ali Christensen, AKA AlexaRae
Ali Christensen, AKA AlexaRae

Getting To Know Ali Christensen

By taking a peek at Ali Christensen's music myspace page, one can get a glimpse as to her incredible music & how she became who she is today... Her mother & best friend, Janie Christensen, an "amazing, talented lady," is credited for her influence and inspiration in AlexaRae's life & music. Also, you'd discover that her music producer, Griffin Boice, is an inspiration in her life, helping her grow as a songwriter/music artist as well as being a wonderful friend to her. Both Janie & Griffin have made an unforgettable impact on the music & life of AlexaRae that will stick with her forever.

Hopefully, we will soon have the privilege to take a closer look at this wonderful person, Ali Christensen, by hearing from the music artist herself through an interview.

For now, I suggest getting to know her for yourself through her music myspace page ( She has a heart & soul unlike any other, and she shares it through her beautiful music & communication with her fans. Also, she has recently helped her sister, Christina Lee, to put together a music myspace page of her own, and I must say that both Ali Christensen & Christina Lee Christensen are bound for nothing short of musical stardom. You can visit her sister Christina Lee's music page to listen to her new recorded song, "Broken Wing" (

My Testimony About AlexaRae [Ali Christensen]

I wanna share with you a blog I wrote in May of 2009 on myspace sometime after I discovered the music of the bright & shining star, AlexaRae, which was her musical alias that I first came to know her as. In the blog, I reveal the impact that discovering her music & getting to know her had on me in just a short amount of time. And today, that impact has only grown. Even though I have yet to meet her in person, she has become a dear friend of mine for whom there is not much at all I wouldn't do.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

AlexaRae - A New Favorite Music Artist
Current mood: inspired
Category: Music

Hello, everyone!

If you have kept up with me on facebook and myspace, you know that I have been really exploring a LOT of music (signed & unsigned artists), checking out music from all around the world on myspace. Although I have heard hundreds of GREAT bands and solo artists, there are usually a handful that REALLY catch my attention. I have already blogged about Matt Cusson, an amazing artist currently touring with Brian McKnight (refer to my last blog). And on facebook I wrote a note called "Exploring a World of Music" where I encouraged people to check out Sofie Sörman from France on her solo page:

and her band's page [Science Pop Fiction]:

but for now I want to feature a new favorite of mine: AlexaRae

Open up another tab or browser window to listen while you read:

It was about 5:30am one morning I stayed up listening to tons of artists and adding them as friends on my own music page, when I clicked on AlexaRae in the Top Friends list of an artist from Germany. When the page opened, her newest recorded song, "I Sing For You," began to play. The music was beautiful, but once I heard her voice combined with the absolutely touching lyrics, I couldn't help but get teary-eyed and had this feeling that the reason why I had stayed up so late was to discover and enjoy her music, even though I had no planned idea why I stayed up so late. I felt like I had found what I was looking for, even though I was not looking for anything or anyone in particular. When a music artist can get that kind of reaction out of me, that is MY kind of music, no matter what genre it is. Her message in her music and the HEART in her music just blew me away... it reflected a similar message I desire to express in my music: a message of HOPE, a message of PEACE, a message of JOY, a message of LOVE, a REAL message, for ALL people. I know it may seem corny how I am describing how it affected me, but it really did bring a peace of mind to me that allowed me to listen more and then finally be able to just go to sleep. Amazing stuff.

Since then, I have discovered that her music also reflects what a sweetheart she is. She loves her fans, she is inspiring, she is encouraging, and to top it all off, she has gorgeous looks to compliment her pure heart and amazing music.

Anyway, check her out, and I'd also suggest checking out Griffin Boice from her page, as well as artists on his Top Friends list... He is the Sound Engineer/Producer/Songwriter that she works with. She as well as many other artists from Idaho who work with Griffin are all awesome. And Griffin's music is awesome, too. Enjoy, and let her & the others know if you really like their music, by leaving comments for them. Hopefully, AlexaRae will soon have a CD and her tunes available on iTunes.

Peace out,

Featured Song, "I Sing For You" [Video styled by Lu]

More Than Just A Talented Musician

AlexaRae has not only continued to help turn the world around with her incredible voice & music, in August of 2009, she stepped up to the plate to represent her city to become Miss Idaho Falls. Through this experience, we get a closer look at Miss Ali Christensen [AKA AlexaRae]. In addition to Ali's incredible musical talent that has already touched the lives of so many individuals alone, we see another layer of her beautiful character to complete the masterpiece we know as AlexaRae.

On the night of August 6, 2009, Ali was crowned the 2009-2010 Miss Idaho Falls, chosen from a group of many talented young women. Although many were hoping to represent their city, Ali was chosen in this 56th Annual Miss Idaho Falls Scholarship Program. Her platform is disability awareness.

She will continue to represent her city and serve as a role model for young women while giving service to her community. Ali has visited schools, reading & speaking to children, singing for them, being a bright light in the community, bringing hope to those in need of hope, and sharing love with those in need of love. Ali will compete in June 2010 for the Miss Idaho Competition where she will be eligible for more scholarship funds and be given more opportunity to effectively change the world for the better.

Ali with her niece, the daughter of her sister, April
Ali with her niece, the daughter of her sister, April

A Fight Worth Fighting

It has always seemed so interesting to me how many of the most influential music artists who have made the largest impact in the world have suffered great loss & pain in their lives. I, having been through the loss of my mother at age 23 when she was only 50 years old, can relate to the deep heartache that comes from such tragic loss, but also can relate to the deep desire to carry on the positive influence of those we've lost. Ali Christensen is also among those who have fought this terrible fight of losing someone they loved dearly, with the tragic loss of her sister, April. Yet, she continues to shake the foundations of the world, carrying with her the evidence of the beautiful soul that is her sister. The love Ali & her family share just glows from her every word, every note sung, and every new experience of "AlexaRae" or Miss Ali Christensen that we witness. Her fight with the disease, Cystic Fibrosis, that her brother & sisters have all shared in, does not define who they are. In the words of Ali herself, "Cystic Fibrosis does not define who we are; we define ourselves."

Because no one can share her story as she can, I encourage you to visit her myspace page to read the blog(s) she has written. Check out the music myspace page of ALI CHRISTENSEN, to get a firsthand experience of this incredible woman.


Ali has continued to make a huge impact in the world as she and her sister Christina have currently made it to the TOP 10 FINALS on the television show, America's Got Talent, and have grown a new audience of millions of viewers who love them. They are known as "Christina & Ali: Singing Sisters" and are attracting fans of all ages, specifically encouraging those who also have the disease, Cystic Fibrosis, or have loved ones who have CF. They have become voices of hope for those who may lack hope, smiles of encouragement to those who need encouraging, and just have become inspiring individuals for all people in general. In my eyes, these two have already won the competition and are just beginning to share their amazing message that will continue to blossom into a message no one else in the world can share the way Christina & Ali will share it! They both continue to amaze me, and I only expect more great surprises from them in the near future. I believe another article written about Miss Ali Christensen made mention of her desire to one day become president of the United States. I'm not sure whether or not she still carries that dream with her, but what I do know is that there is absolutely nothing Ali, Christina, and her whole family cannot do. Whatever they set their hearts & minds to will no doubt come to pass. Expect to see more from this beautiful duo, Christina & Ali.

-Ryan Severns, AKA Sevy [SevDiggity]

P.S. Check out my most recent article on the girls:

Christina and Ali: Singing Sisters

Christina & Ali: Singing Sisters on America's Got Talent, 2010
Christina & Ali: Singing Sisters on America's Got Talent, 2010
Singing Sisters
Singing Sisters
Ali, Christina, & their adorable niece
Ali, Christina, & their adorable niece


MAF has a mission to open the eyes & ears of all people to some great music, even if it is outside of the box of favorites. Many times, we close off our minds to certain styles of music, certain time periods of music, and/or certain artists for whatever reason we provide, but this limits the experience that music can and will provide for us. If we can think outside of the box, so to speak, to allow ourselves to gain something from all types of music, from all time periods, and from any artists, we may be able to have a positive experience that would never have occurred without first being open to it. This does not mean that you should give up on what you believe in or not have your own musical preferences, but to simply allow yourself to experience new sounds & sights that may open you up to a more fulfilling musical experience. In turn, this will enhance your overall life experience, helping you to grow and discover things in life you may not have ever experienced otherwise. I think this issue of MAF is proof of what positive experiences we may experience by opening our eyes & ears to music we may not have listened to otherwise. AlexaRae's music & life has touched my life dramatically, and I hope you gain something positive from it as well. -SevDiggity

(Please refer to:

"MAF: Volume 1 - The Kinks"

for more information on the origins of Music Appreciation Fest)


Also, Leave Some GRAFFITI Here For AlexaRae :)

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Me and my family watched you guys on agt. We voted for yuo both the whole way through it. We thought you were going to win it all. But i love you guys u are som amazing.

    • profile image

      shelby harrison 

      8 years ago

      hi, my dad and i watched you and your sister the whole time you were on americ's got talent. I have cystic fibrosis also. I am 14 almost 15 and it is hard for me to even run or talk for a long time without coughing! I can't believe you can sing like that and for so long without having to cough. Im sure its probably VERY hard sometimes. i cant imagine being able to do that.i love you guys very much. thank you for doing this. i love it when you are able to prove doctors wrong!


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