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Cinema in Pattaya

Updated on July 16, 2011

There are three cinemas in Pattaya in Thailand. All of these are modern, clean, comfortable, well maintained, and air conditioned. Some offer a level of luxury which would be rarely seen in the West. All three venues are multi screen and offer a choice of both English language and Thai movies.

Pattaya does not lack in things to do but sometimes wants a change from Bowling, Beer Bars or GoGo Bars. A visit to the movies then remains a popular activity particularily for first screenings. All Cinemas have ticketed seats and so by booking early you are not only assured of a place but a choice as well.

All the Movie Houses are attached to or within Malls or shopping complexes and so as well as offering shopping and food there is often other forms of entertainment as well.

The Pattaya Cinemas are all on Second Road and so easily reachable by car, taxi or sang thaew. Those Sang Thaew that run the one way circular route along Beach Road (Coconut Bar) and up around Second Road.

The newcomer to Pattaya may experience a little confusion with the three cinemas this is because the movie houses in Central Festival and Central Center both have the word 'Central' in the name, both are located on Second Road and both are owned by the SFX Cinema Group.

Central Festival

The Central Festival Cinemas are located on the 6th floor of Central Festival. This is located between Beach Road and Second Road. It is a huge modern building and is easily found.

The Central Festival Cinema claims to offer "15 State of the Art Theatres" and it is true to its word. This is a fantastic Movie House. It really is a case of deciding what level of luxury you want to experience.

The Porch (Pattaya Outdoor Relaxing Cinema House) is a special experience in its own right but the comfort offered by the others does not lag far behind.

Central Festival 6th Floor

Central Festival Waiting Area

Central Festival Ticket Booth

Always a good range of movies on view

The PORCH is something special

Fancy a drink with your movie?

Or the ordinary comfort of some of the other theatres?

And in case you need a bit of action!

Central Center - Big C

The Central Center Cinemas are located on Second Road close to where Soi 2 runs down to join Beach Road. People know this area best as the 'Big C' and so this is what to ask for when in doubt. Be sure it is Big 'C' on Second Road though because there is another.

As can be expected with the same cinema group, this too offers, cleanliness and comfort from a professional staff.

Central Center on Second Road

Way in on the third floor

Booking Office at Central Center

Plenty to choose from

The Waiting Area

The Avenue

The Avenue belongs to Major Cineplex and this cinema on Second Road is recognised by two names 'The Avenue' and 'Major'. It is the smallest set up of the three but is just as well done as the other two.

Your choice of cinema really could be determined by where you are staying, the movie you wish to see or the level of comfort you wish to experience. The cinema really can be a great place for a first date.

Their most expensive seat is the Opera Chair followed by the Honeymoon seat. Next is the ordinary seat. The ordinary seat is better than you will find in many Western cinemas.

Booking Office at the Avenue

Special Deal For The Older Person

A Good Choice Of Movies

Royal Garden

There was formerly another cinema on the top floor of the Royal Garden Plaza which is also located between Beach Road and Second Road. This has now been replaced by a waxwork museum. 

Cinema Custom

They still play the national anthem in Thai cinemas. Patrons are expected to stand out of respect. I believe it is a good  custom. Formerly common it has fallen out of use in British movie houses.


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  • Peter Dickinson profile image

    Peter Dickinson 7 years ago from South East Asia

    4hourmike - I agree I have never seen cinemas as good anywhere in the UK.

  • 4hourmike profile image

    4hourmike 7 years ago from Thailand

    I couldn't believe it, the first time I went to The Porch in Central Festival. Your right, there's nothing in the West that compares. The seats aren't seats at all. They're more like beds. Service is great. There's nothing like a cocktail and a movie for relaxing.

  • Peter Dickinson profile image

    Peter Dickinson 7 years ago from South East Asia

    Hello, hello - They are super. The sort of cinema you want to visit.

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    They are really super. Great informative hub.

  • Peter Dickinson profile image

    Peter Dickinson 7 years ago from South East Asia

    Pente - The best cinemas are in Thailand....supported by some of the best toilet facilities too. You could eat off the floor in them.

    Yes the Amercian movies do have Thai subtitles.

  • Pente profile image

    Pente 7 years ago from Planet Earth

    These cinemas look more modern than the ones here in the U.S. and supports my theory that our country is going downhill fast. I am curious about something. Do the American made movies use Thai subtitles?