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Cliche Horror Movie Endings

Updated on June 3, 2010

Horror Movie Cliches

Jack's even getting fed up with the movie ending cliches....just look at his face!!
Jack's even getting fed up with the movie ending cliches....just look at his face!!

Cliche Endings To Horror Films

 The endings of horror films can be totally cliched to the extreme, some are done with class, others are done just to piss you off after getting you to fork out the money to see the film at the cinema or rent it out from Netflix or Blockbusters and to give you that cliched ending is down right ridiculous. You know the types of endings I'm talking about right?

The types of endings were the bad guy has totally been stabbed, burnt and gang banged to the extreme and he still looks okay when he pops up right at the end to grab the last survivor as a last ditch attempt at surprise, shock, horror!! I mean in the 80's with films like Friday The 13th and the Halloween series sure you could try these things on, because we loved it, yeah Jason go and Michael come on your not hard!! but then they would turn out to be indestructible boogie men that would turn out to never die, but we didn't seem to care back then, now it's all becoming a little bit formulaic.

Also the types of horror film endings are best when they make you think long after the movie has finished, like The Mist, that movie depressed the hell out of me at the end, but it worked quite well, other endings throw you a red herring like everything's going to be OK and then at the closing credits, you realise, no it ain't as it turned out it was the grandad all along or something totally obvious.

What used to bug me about some horror movie endings was how predictable they became, you'd either be able to spot a shite ending or a confusing one at the very least and that to me was just boring, or say if there was a first film and then the sequel came out which totally made a mockery of the original film, just like Hostel part 2 did to Hostel, I preferred Hostel as it had hope, but Hostel part 2 just destroyed all hope and made it a hollow film for me, even though it was the same director Eli Roth.

When I watch horror movies now, I just look for original twists that you don't see coming, like in Mirrors, you don't seem to see that twist at the end coming, as you think yeah it's all over, but oh no! Cliched movie endings for horror films will always annoy and frustrate as there will never be a perfect ending, just a disjointed, but thought provoking one that may just excite a little bit.

Cliffhangers are good, especially if they lead somewhere, like in Evil Dead 2 when Ash gets pulled through that hole in time and ends up back in the medieval times and kills a horrible creature with his boomstick and then realises he's stuck there forever, such a classic movie moment, even though Bruce Campbell plays it slightly comical.

Next time you watch a horror films ending, wonder about if it's cliched and too overly cliche and then let us know of it by leaving your comments below about the offending film.

Horror Film Ending Cliches

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