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Coffee with RealHouseWife

Updated on August 31, 2012

Ever heard about Instant Connection?

I have had in many cases and even though I have not had the opportunity to meet my connections, I have been able to communicate with them in this big wide world. Thanks to the Internet.

Amongst many such Instant Connections that I have felt, one of them is Kelly aka RealHouseWife.

She is a multi-talented lady who wears many feathers on her cap. She is a mom to 3 beautiful girls, a devoted wife, and a successful career woman.

She has been seen juggling around the 3 most time consuming jobs efficiently and is yet a perfection personified lady, who is always gracious to acknowledge others.

Amazing huh!

I thought such people have ceased living on our planet.

But, that explains how she has attained the Hubpages Elite title. Her magnetic persona has made her friends with many pen pals of our hubpages community.

I got an opportunity to contact some of the prolific writers and get views about this magnificent lady.


Just Ask Susan aka Susan has quoted her as:-

Austinstar aka Lela recalls going on a fun trip with Kelly and has quoted the below for her.

"Kelly is fun and exciting and the excellent housewife. She is down to earth, beautiful and a genuinely nice person, but she has a lot of common sense too and she uses it. She's an absolute blast for going on trips with! I can't think of a better travel companion than Kelly U. She loves life and everything in it."

Barbergirl28 aka Stacy reminiscences about her friendship with Realhousewife

" Kelly is the Real deal. I should know - I have met her in person. She is one of the sweetest and kindest people I have known. And even before I met her... there was never a shortage of items to talk about. She truly makes me think outside the box and I am so glad our lives have crossed paths."

I managed to sit virtually with the woman of the hour with her favorite cup of espresso and cream and asked her a few questions.

  1. What made you give yourself the title, “realhousewife” on hubpages?

I wanted to describe myself in a word. I think more than anything I am a housewife, but I am a real one. I am not one of those fancy wives on television. I think I represent the housewife of the 21st century. I am living proof that a woman can be a wife, mother and business owner. The ladies now days are educated, resourceful, fun!

2. I see you are a queen of many careers such as a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist, and have your own real estate business besides being an active writer/commenter on hubpages. ALL are time consuming so, how do you manage to squeeze in the hours working towards them and then still manage to be a real housewife? What’s your secret for time management?

Time management is so tricky. I really can’t plan my life more than a day in advance. I try – it just never seems to work out. I no longer work in the sleep lab. I opened the business in 2005 and by 2006 I no longer needed to work outside of the home for financial reasons. I did love my job but it seemed selfish to keep going there. I was needed here. My husband took the business over and works more than full time and I have less and less involvement there. I micro manage it now. I just check all the emails and make sure all the clients are happy or help out when Dave asks for help.

Dave and I work together – he isn’t too proud to do housework and I will make his coffee.

The kids all have jobs. We all work together to make a happy family. We all do our parts to contribute. I feel super lucky!

Dave and I are also both addicted to work. He works downstairs in his office until 12 a.m., 1 or 2 a.m. and I work upstairs until he is done. This is the time I use to research and write.

3. I see your hubs are very educational, informational, and some are debatable. How do you come around choosing the topic for your hubs? What inspires you do so?

Oh I write about all kinds of stuff. I get ideas from everywhere. Usually I write about things that make me laugh or piss me off. I write about things I hope other people are interested in. I write a lot about personality, communication, linguistics, codes

4. What/Who is your inspiration behind writing?

That is a hard question to answer. I think writing just came naturally to me. I have always had it in my blood – even as a child. I wrote all my thoughts and observations down on paper. I had an English teacher, Mrs. Dickinson, in 8th grade and she told me I should try to get my work published. That was very encouraging for me. My husband loves reading my work – he is a huge support.

5. Besides, Humans you have many souls living in your home sweet home. How do you manage to look after them in spite of your tight schedule?

I do have many pets! The African Grey is my assistant. He keeps the dogs in line. I love all of my animals. Everyone helps take care of them. The girls feed the dogs; Dave is currently on bird duty. I do the floors! I think the girls learn a lot from having the animals. They know that there is another living thing that depends on them

6. What are your hobbies besides writing, coloring within the lines?

I love to travel. I have a hard time staying still. On the weekends, my husband and I spend as much time together with the kids as possible. This weekend we hope to take the girls to see all the historic sights in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri.

I also love photography though I am not very good at it. I love summer time, floating and camping. Ok well, to be fair, I camp lady-style. That means I float on the river, hang out and then check into Holiday Inn. I love being outdoors but I don’t want to live outside!

7. Do you have a favorite track that you usually hum while working?

No, I don’t even have one favorite song. I love music and my taste is varied. I appreciate musical instruments. I go to concerts a lot. There are several terrific concerts venues near me but my favorite ones to go to are the outdoor concerts. Verizon has a theater about 15 minutes from me – I go there a lot.

8. In one of your hubs you mention that it takes 2 dysfunctional people to make a marriage work? How is that possible? Care to share your secret?

Yeah I think everyone has issues. We are all flawed. My oldest girl is 23. I always tell her to pick a guy that has issues she can live with and settle down. My husband is very quiet and more conservative. I am very outspoken and I have a horrible temper. We balance each other out.

I do think the secret to a good marriage or relationship is to be a team. That means you work together and you share common goals. If you have a problem you don’t focus on the problem – focus on solutions. I think having a sense of humor is vital…we laugh together a lot. My husband likes that I am a straight shooter. For some reason he is very amused by my hot temper.

Not too awful long ago – I was really irritated and Dave was being his normal rational self. “I don’t know why you are so annoyed!” he was saying in that quiet, cautious voice you might use if you were talking someone down off of a ledge. I looked at him and said, “God, I want to punch you in the face SO bad right now!” Then we both burst out laughing. Now, every time I get annoyed with him I can hear him muttering, “I bet you want to punch me in the face real bad right now!”

Then we both start laughing again. We work really well together. If we were alike we would surely have gouged each others eyes out by now.

9.You have been hubbing around for 15 months and made many friends who share your interest. Any comments towards the social networking sites, which have made distances, seem smaller for you in connecting with your pen pals?

I love having HP as a resource. Not only have I made some really cool friends, I have an encyclopedia at my fingertips. There are some writers that I like being able to chat with outside of hub. We do have a FB group where we get to know each other better. I have a blast popping on there to see what is happening. It makes my day more fun. There are some hub people I chat with daily. We help each other, bounce ideas off each other and support each other. I love it!

10. What is the dream of your life? Are you living it at present?

I really am living my dream life. I roll out of bed when I feel like it. I do what I want and don’t answer to anyone. If I feel like flying to Argentina tomorrow I could and no one would be surprised if I did something like that really. I am in control of my life and I live it the way I want.

My kids are very independent. I am positive they could take care of themselves if they had to. My oldest is in college and working full time and living a fun life. The two younger girls are both always honor roll and have sports they are really active in. I am in a very happy place.

11. If a genie could grant you two wishes. What would they be?

Only two wishes? Well…in that case I would have to wish that I was Jeannie from I dream of Jeannie! Then I could just bob my head and get whatever I want! That annoying neighbor? No problem! I’d just bob my head and shazam, she’d be gone! Those pesky dirty floors? A cinch!

My second wish would be to find Jimmy Hoffa!

Wow, now is'nt she the happiest girl in the whole of USA?

Happiness comes from within. IF we are happy and satisfied with whatever life has offered and take it graciously. We all can be one happy souls!

Kelly is a caring mom, a loving wife and a good citizen. Style and Woman always blend well and she has proved it.

Realhousewife, it was a pleasure to know you and I am sure the readers will also understand you more beneath that smile that you wear all the time...Cheers!


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