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Our Relationship of Weight with Scale..

Updated on February 6, 2012

What is weight?

Weight is a BIG issue all over the world. Statistics show that approximately 63% of American adults were considered overweight and that 31% are obese. Of severely obese people, 3.8 million Americans weigh over 300 pounds. Of those weighing over 400 pounds, most are men and total over 400,000 Americans.

We do not like being overweight, but circumstances have made us head in that direction. STRESS, is the main key to the above issue and we are exposed to it in all arenas of our life.

Overweight has resulted in many diseases amongst our human population and the rise of medical bills. This is a chain reaction where being overweight has resulted in diseases and diseases has resulted in bills and stress and with stress one tends to eat more which then leads to increase in our weight. Being weight conscious is the key to physical and emotional well being!

Ever wonder how much TOTAL weight or pressure we are putting on this planet of ours? Boy, I can imagine how overwhelmed our planet must be feeling with all this mass walking on it's surface!

Barbergirl28, is determined to get into shape and has been sharing her fitness secret with us.

Check out the link below; if followed it will take to on a tour of fitness and regime starting from Day 1 to Day 46 and still going strong...

Looks Matter!

We all believe in looks and try to wear all fancy wear and do fancy stuff to our self in order to make us look cool. Once, we are able to shed those extra pounds around us. It will be a treat to invest in good clothing and look cool.

Check out a hub below which talks about how cool can we be...

Our Relationship with a Weighing Scale

To wear trendy clothes, one has to keep a check on our weight. A Weighing scale is such a device which is loved by all weight conscious people. If, this weighing scale is found in anyone's restroom or any other room; girls tend to jump on it to check their weight. Although, they must be doing that very often in the privacy of their own homes but, reliability becomes an issue and with the pretext that not all weighing scales are accurate. They want to weigh themselves.

We all have a love and hate relationship with our weighing scale. If the scale shows the weight we want to see; we love it and are happy. But, if the scale shows numbers which are way off then we hate that scale and are sad.

However, experts say that a weighing scale should be trashed since our numbers on the scale do not indicate whether we are fit or not. Our clothes are our guide and not the numbers on the scale since the scale tends to vary every now and then. Clothes alert us whether we have lost or gained weight. A scale does not consider our healthy weight range. We should get a complete physical done by our doctor to determine how healthy we are.

For some, who can keep a check on their emotions; a scale is helpful. For others, it could make them depress. We have to make a choice depending on our personality and either keep the scale or trash it.

Choice is ours!


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