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Comcast Cable XFINITY Reason to Avoid Them

Updated on April 11, 2011

Comcast Cable XFINITY Bull

Comcast Cable XFINITY Sucks. Looking for ways to entertain your house guests for the holidays, or just to keep the kids busy? Cable TV would be a great way to go with all the upcoming Christmas specials but choosing the right Cable Provider can be really hard these days with all the hidden fees and taxes. However, Comcast Cable should probably be first on your list of Cable Service Providers not to do business with. I’ll tell you why Comcast Cable is a definite no.

Comcast Reels You In Slowly


A friend of mine recently ordered Cable Service from Comcast Cable and her experience was just dreadful.  The order from Comcast Cable Service was for two Cable boxes with high speed internet on one computer. When placing the service call my friend told the Comcast Representative that she would just need the boxes because there were already Comcast wiring throughout her new apartment. The Comcast Representative told her that she needed to pay a deposit or installation charge of one hundred fifty dollars she was never clear on what the money was for but she paid it.

After Obtaining Comcast Service


After paying the fee, Comcast Service Installers were at her apartment first thing Monday morning. The Cable boxes along with the internet modem were dropped off, no installation was needed, no drilling or running wires or anything plus they brought the wrong Cable box for the second television. Upon the Cable Installation men leaving she contacted a Comcast Representative immediately over the phone about being charged the fee for no service work and about the second Cable Box stating her UN happiness with everything. The Comcast Cable representative credited her back seventy five dollars with the extra fifty going towards the first bill. You’d think that would be the end of the problem but it wasn’t. It would take the Comcast Cable Company almost two weeks to send someone out with a Cable Box for the second TV plus on her second bill she spotted new activation charges for having the second Cable Box being brought out, plus a new fifty dollar deposit charge.

Comcast Cable Services Representatives Un Helpful

My friends next move was to contact the Comcast Cable Company for like the seventh time and upon being on hold for almost an hour she got into a shouting match with the Comcast Representative because her new Comcast Cable Bill read a charge of $274 due. She hadn’t even had the service for a month and had already paid a $150 fee before service started plus the package she has is the Xfinity Bundle for $79 dollars. How does that add up to $274 in a month? Something clearly was not right with her bill but the Comcast Cable Services supervisor was saying that it was correct amount. As for the $50 deposit, the Comcast Representative stated that the Comcast Cable Company holds that deposit so that if you decide to move or cancel service the deposit is returned to you. Let’s get this right; Comcast Cable wanted to hold her money just to give it back to her at a later time? Since when is Comcast Cable Company a bank? Does your money build interest? What does this do for you? My friend was really peeved. I think after her experience I will stick with Dish Network or Direct TV because Comcast sounds like dirty business. Many people are having problems with Comcast Cable Services, I blame the government for the problems because if everything hadn’t went digital then people wouldn’t have been forced to buy digital boxes or pay high prices for Cable TV Service that really shows the same movies and shows over and over again.


ComCast Cable XFINITY Experiences

Have you had a bad experience with Comcast Cable Service?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      my first bill is $392.40

    • profile image

      Comcast sucks! 

      6 years ago

      Have been charged $50 deposit, for which Comcast can not explain! And no one will call back!


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