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Mediacom Cable TV hub Service Providers

Updated on December 2, 2010

Choosing the Right Cable Providers


If you are fed up with your cable TV provider chances are you have landed here because you have an interest in finding new cable TV providers which can be hard when the prices are all seemingly skyrocketing.  Ever since the announcement of the plan to convert everyone’s home TV to digital through converter boxes these cable companies have been making a killing from consumers pockets. Consumers figure it would be better to purchase cable TV for the household rather than run out and buy about six converter boxes for their homes shelling out hundreds for the same stations they had when TVs were not digital.  Right now all the cable companies and there are very few still are competing for your business, the best choices seem hard to obtain because they are sometimes not offered in a particular area.  Mediacom Cable TV would be my first choice, actually it was because I had heard they offer better service, more channels, better pricing with a better TV lineup meaning more of the things you want to see and less of the channels you skip right pass because they are pointless.  The package I had chosen before I found out it was not available in my area was the Mediacom cable TV family package consisting of over 135 top of the line channels including Showtime, Starz, Encore, and internet for $88.95 per month for 12 months but they also had the VIP package for $89.95 per month for 24 months with different services included along with phone. 

Next I tried Direct TV they are known for running specials but the specials only last from 2 to 5 months, I had their service once before and let me tell you it didn’t get rave review with me. First the cable would be up then it would be down and this happened even when it wasn’t raining outside. Maybe the service has changed since then but right now they also have a special, you get over 265 channel for $59.95 which includes all premium movie channels, the catch is its only for 5 months but after that its back up to $109 plus taxes.  You must also have a credit card to get service with them, a debit card will not do any good so this excludes all who can afford it but do not have a credit card.  I think they would get a lot more business if they changed the credit card requirement.

Comcast is the cable TV service I ended up choosing in the end.  I have not had any problems with the cable but have experienced problems with the internet as they had to send a repair man to switch my modem at least 4 times now.   I have a great package but right now it’s a 12 month special so I’m paying around $60 a month and not quite sure what it will be when the 12 months are over because the internet service seems a bit high as well.  Either way if you can afford it all you really have to watch out for with these guys are the faulty modems and extra charges they might try to throw in, if you see something on your bill that doesn’t belong there I recommend not letting it go because you’d probably be right.   

So the question is that with everyone getting cable while most can’t even afford to pay their rent, when the promotions are over how will half the world view televisions without cable TV or digital converter boxes?  I’m sure many have thought about this, it seems as though the cable companies have the world in their pockets right now.  Did the government plan for that to happen?


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    • profile image

      I_HATE_Mediacomm 7 years ago

      MCisajoke is right, and this is typical of mediacomm. Techs are never on time, and seldom competent, not even able to read a signal level meter. Picture quality is horrid, sound quality and volume levels are erratic, and reliability is horrendous. Mediacomm can only compete where they have government enforced monopolies, and I have NEVER, experienced such terrible customer service. Not only are these people consistently rude and incompetent, but they are complete liars, and this is promoted and pushed form the top down. I was given a job offer to be a top level engineer in the NOC, so was able to see a little that goes on on top, and realized I was not that desperate.

    • profile image

      MCisajoke 8 years ago

      May I just say what a joke my MediaCom service is? In the last 2 weeks that i have had their service, BOTH techs were late for service appointments (meaning I waited 4 hours before they came). My download speed is 4.5 mbs and my phone does not work. The earliest they can send a tech is NEXT WEEK. BUT, since they have a MONOPOLY on the area -- I have no choice, right? SO frustrated.