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Cool And Interesting Bulgarian Hard Rock And Metal Bands - A List Of The Best Original New Metal To Come From Bulgaria

Updated on October 4, 2012

Bulgaria is not really a country that is famous with its music exports and especially with its extreme scene but there are a few hard rock, metal and hardcore Bulgarian bands that are worth checking out and who are currently leading the local scene. Most of them might not have international recognition and might not even sing in an international language, but they are loved by the Bulgarian fans and have in one way or another managed to earn a respectable name for themselves. I personally believe the bands on this list deserve their fair share of attention, so don't hesitate to watch their videos and listen to their songs. The order is more or less random.



Let's start with the most professional and modern sounding extreme band hailing from Bulgaria. ODD CREW are dedicated extreme and with every new release are getting closer to finding their true own voice. Their main influence on older releases was Pantera, but their last album has expanded into a more modern metalcore sound. Everything about the band is top level and this is by far the most popular extreme act in the country and one of the few local bands succeeding to regularly tour outside other parts of Europe as well.

Check ODD CREW's work out!



Now KIKIMORA is the newest band on the list. It plays classic hard rock with a modern touch and all the lyrics of the band are in Bulgarian. It was established in the end of 2011, but they are by no means newbies. The founder of the band is Nikolo Kotzev, who is famous with his rock operas Nostradamus and Draconia, with his project Brazen Abbot and with being Robin Gibb's live musical director and guitarist. And the other members of the band are all familiar faces from the local metal scene that have proven themselves with their previous work. Despite its short existence the band has recorded a number of songs that have catapulted them into a leading position and have earned them mainstream media attention, which is a pleasant surprise having in mind the band is actually heavy.

Check KIKIMORA's work out!



AHAT (AXAT) is Bulgarian heavy metal band that was established in 1986 and has attained a local heavy metal icon status. The band hasn't been very productive after their debut album recorded soon after the band's formation, but they are currently an active live act with a TV show of their own. Their first single Cherna Ovca (The Black Sheep) is to this day the most iconic Bulgarian heavy metal song and the band has no other choice but to close every show with it. One of the reasons for the band's lack of creativity is the fact that the mastermind behind their debut album and their biggest hits off it has chosen to become a priest and have abbondoned heavy metal and the band.

AHAT's most classic hard rock anthem


Last Hope is one of the veterans of the Bulgarian hardcore scene and is still the biggest powerhouse of an act in the country. Besides attaining and managing to keep a cult status in the Bulgarian underground community, the band has crafted memorable songs and has toured Europe with established hardcore acts including Hatebreed. Some people might say that this is the most successful extreme band to hail from Bulgaria.

Check LAST HOPE's work out!


The Revenge Project

The Revenge Project is Bulgaria's biggest melodic death metal band that has already cimented their place as leaders in the extreme scene with solid performances and regular releases. The band has been very active both in the studio and live, having underground headline shows and supporting renouned international acts. Their local following is dedicated and constantly growing.

Check THE REVENGE PROJECT's work out!



Pantommind is one of Bulgaria's best progressive metal band and is surely the most successful from the pack. They have released their albums internationally and despite the fact that they don't play live that often, they seem to draw a large number of dedicated supporters, appreciating their music and musicanship, needed for every progressive metal band.

Check PANTOMMIND's work out!


Demenzia is a new Bulgarian melodic death metal band with one official release behind their backs and a lot of promise for the quality of their upcoming album. The first single for it (Faces) that showed a very promising shift in the sound was released a few years ago, but the album has not yet become reality. There is the chance that the band who used to tour the whole region and be very active to have disbanded in the mean time or that they are currently on hiatus. The keyboard player and vocalist is currently active with the band Kikimora and the drummer is currently active with the bands Ciroza and Rampart. Hopefully the band will someday release the new material and support it live.

Check DEMENZIA's work out!

Past Redemption

Past Redemtion are probably the most established Bulgarian death metal band. They have been active for years and despite some line up shuffles have also managed to record a few albums. Despite the fact that the band hasn't really gone out of Bulgaria much, they have made a name for themselves locally, have supported a multitute of international acts and have been very active live.

Check PAST REDEMPTION's work out!


Project Arcadia

Project Arcadia is a new progressive band with a lot of promise that works with a lot of dedication. They have already proven themselves on stage and have recorded their debut. They have also been a supporting act for international bands coming to play in Bulgaria and their last video was directed by Firewind's Bob Katsionis. The singer that you see on the video bellow has recently quit the band and is currently the lead singer of another Bulgarian band mentioned on the list - Kikimora.

Check PROJECT ARCADIA's work out!


Let Them Die are a very interesting metalcore band from the new generation and the thing that you notice first about them is the fact that they are fronted by a lady. The music is high quality and the band is very interesting, but it hasn't really attained the attention and the status they deserve. Hopefully with time and with more hard work they are going to rise to the hight of their potential noticed by their small but dedicated following.

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