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Creating Webtoons Comic Using Tilt Brush VR Painter

Updated on June 18, 2019
stevenho128 profile image

I love how new tech like virtual reality can add a new spin on establish forms of creativity like painting.

You will Fall in love with Webtoons

Webtoons is currently one of the most hip and popular online comic services. You can read them comics either from your web browser or from Webtoons phone apps.

I enjoy reading the broad selection of comics from simply drawn everyday stories to action fueled superhero. There are tons of content in Webtoons comics, from comedy to horror scares, from kiddo cartoon to more serious graphic novel type offerings.

Just browse through any of the webtoons comic and you'll see that entire reading experience is very different from traditional comic offerings. Webtoons user interface is optimised for a scrolling reading experience. With a fast and consistent interface across desktop & phone browser as well as phone apps. The short episodes with more frequent updates (usually every 3-5 days) also helps with the readers community engagement.

There's even a creator program where you can submit your own comics to share with other like minded people.


Why Use VR to create Comics?

3D Computer Graphics have long been used in creating animation and is gaining greater acceptance among anime fans. The VR painter software Tilt Brush is a sort of hybrid of between animated 3D models and traditional Cel Shaded animations. In fact I think it is able to effective combine the precision and volumetric effect of 3D models with the artistic flair of hand painted art.

By creating modular characters, I can then create once and use asset like character & scenes in different permutations, with minimal rework required. That frees me and any creator using this method to focus on the story telling aspect. It also makes that much easier to update a new mini-episode every 3 days which seems to be the norm for webtoons.

Early Attempts Learning To Re-Create My Favorite Tilt Brush Artworks
Early Attempts Learning To Re-Create My Favorite Tilt Brush Artworks

The Versatility of Tilt Brush VR

Its official (hmmm I think), Tilt Brush is the first killer app for VR. You can think of it as the MS Paint of windows, but for Virtual Reality. Tilt Brush is the VR app that is really easy to pickup while still having real depth in what it can do. It is really the killer VR app that keeps me coming back while other VR games collects digital dust.

Its user interface in terms of intuitive usage of both hands is a work of art in itself. The range of imaginative brushes from traditional to animated ones fuels my imagination. While the unconstraint 3D canvas free your mind and lets my (use to be limited) imagination soar. When you load other peoples scenes from within VR you can actually choose to see how the individual brush strokes becomes the final artwork. Here's a collage of some of my favorites that I learn from.

Trying out different Poses using Posa Mannequins in VR
Trying out different Poses using Posa Mannequins in VR

Adapting 2D Illustrator Techniques to 3D

I quickly realized that the basics of more traditional 2D tecniques still applies mostly top VR's 3D environment. Things like construction lines, and using larger motion for smooth brushstrokes.

Just as most beginner comics artist use some form of physical pose mannequin. I discovered a VR version created by someone in VR.

Back to the Basics. Learning to Draw with a Pencil in 2D
Back to the Basics. Learning to Draw with a Pencil in 2D


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