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Creighton Fraker Spoilers and Predictions for American Idol 11 (2012)

Updated on January 12, 2012

According to TheIdolPad, Creighton Fraker has made the Top 42 for the 11th season of American Idol. Based on YouTube performances, Creighton seems to have a very powerful voice and a flair for the dramatic. He leans toward a Broadway kind of style instead of the typical pop singer. If Creighton gets through one or two more rounds, he will sing live for the American Idol public vote.

Fraker seems to be a mix of Adam Lambert with UK X Factor's Johnny Robinson. His voice is rather feminine, but his look is not really that feminine at all. Creighton seems to enjoy singing loudly. This is impressive to a degree, but he seems to like doing it just for the sake of doing it instead of as a measured artistic choice.

Creighton will probably have a better chance of lasting longer if he shows a bit more restraint by saving his excellent power notes for key parts of the song. At this point, though, he sounds like a bit of a loose cannon. This was the main problem with Siobhan Magnus, who could belt and hit high notes anytime she wanted but was kind of all over the place otherwise.

Vocal Tone

There's certainly nothing wrong with a guy having a high-pitched, feminine voice. That is not the issue with Creighton. The issue is his tone is kind of like a chipmunk half the time and approaches nails on a chalkboard the other half. It is more of a comical vocal tone than a soulful one. This is a huge problem. Personality wise, he will get attention. But his vocal tone will annoy as many people as those who like it. In the end, it is just going to be difficult for a lot of people to take him seriously. Some people will certainly be entertained for a while cause he is an entertaining guy. But that only goes so far, and how far that goes is likely pretty far short of an American Idol 11 championship.

This is an easy one to predict. Creighton Fraker is an interesting contestant with great vocal power, but he is an unfocused belter at this point. It is hard to teach artistic singing, so that is likely not to change throughout his run on the show. This contestant is entertaining enough to last for a while if given a chance, quite possibly even the Top 12. But Creighton Fraker has neither the vocal style nor tone to win American Idol 11.


TheIdolPad American Idol 11 Spoilers

Creighton Fraker Performance: "What's Going On?"


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    • profile image

      5 years ago

      check out the songs on his website!

    • profile image

      Indigital 5 years ago

      I really didn't like Johnny Robinson, he was basically dragged along like Jedward were.