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Adam Lambert the Real American Idol? Was Adam Lambert Robbed?

Updated on August 15, 2019
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Born in the 1950s in Yorkshire where she still lives this English woman has a keen interest in politics, travel, music and animal welfare

He sure was

The American Idol finale, for 2009, showcased both Adam and Kris's talents. Overall the judges, and most like minded people, were left in no doubt that Adam Lambert was the Star and Kris Allen was the also ran.However the Idol crown went to Kris. Whatever feelings viewers may have had about Adam's sometimes over the top performances and often high pitched falsetto there is no denying that he is talented. He was the winner in all but name.

American Idol

Well Season 8 of American Idol has just finished for another year. As a UK viewer, I watch American Idol slightly later than American audiences. In the UK each weeks show is aired on a Thursday evening and the elimination show is shown on a Friday.

The weekends are full of repeats of each episode which can become annoying. However on the whole I love Idol and never tire of watching it. 2009s competition had early leaders but of course, just like life, the competition did not go to plan.

In the last couple of weeks I have not been able to wait for Friday's show and have checked the Internet to see who has survived and who has been eliminated. So Finale week has seen me sneaking a look online. I have to say that although I was disappointed I was not surprised. When Third Place Danny Gokey was sent home last week it seemed clear that Kris Allen was going to win.

Kris is a great singer, entertainer and performer but is not in the same league as Adam Lambert. One can only conclude that Idol and America was not ready for a controversial winner, who may be gay as well as extrovert, but instead opted for the safe choice. After all Kris Allen is a pretty boy with a nice voice, whereas Adam Lambert is quirky but he does has the makings of a Star. His consistently brilliant performances have proved his worth already.


Giving it his all on Idol
Giving it his all on Idol

Adam Lambert

From Adam Lambert's first appearances on our televisions in the American Idol auditions he has had the WOW factor. Whatever song he has performed has had the Adam Lambert touch. A special twist. Adam has never gone for the safe option but has turned classic songs upside down and inside out in an attempt to make them relevant, exciting and to show his individualistic approach.

With jet black hair and looks to die for Adam has morphed himself to fit different styles. We have seen him look like a punk, rock and pop performer and have also seem him dressed almost for the office in smart suit. However he has kept his modern style and usually still worn black nail varnish, earrings and more.

One thing for sure though is that he has been the stand out performer of Idol from day one. When Slash did Idol's master class a few weeks ago Adam Lambert did not look or sound out of place alongside such a well established and legendary artist.

I truly believe that Adam Lambert is destined for great things and perhaps is more likely to fulfill his potential as a runner up in the Idol race than as a winner. Such titles can be the kiss death of to a credible performers career long term.

The Future

Adam Lambert could wear many hats, as they say. He would be perfect in a band, as Velvet Revolver's front man for example, as a solo performer, as a rock god or even as the star of certain Broadway Musicals. The world is Adam's oyster just now and I hope he takes his time deciding what is best for him.

I think the Gay slurs and images that have been paraded on the Internet harmed Adam's Idol chances but the world is a big place and opinions are not so prissy in many quarters. Adam should be true ti himself personally and musically and I know he will flourish. Go Adam.

Its a Mad World

The True Winner?

Who should have won American Idol 2009?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2009 Ethel Smith


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