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Crocodile VS Toshiro

Updated on March 28, 2014


Rumors regarding mass murders spread easily all over Soul Society. This alarmed even the 13 Protection Squad. They decide to conduct an investigation about this unusual phenomenon. A team was formed lead by Toshiro Hitsugaya. Kurusaki Ichigo on the other hand was away for another mission so Toshiro found himself alone to deal with the problem on earth. His investigation went deep to the point where he found out that only one man is held responsible for thousands of deaths in less than a week. While on his way to report what he found out, Toshiro suddenly felt a strong presence from behind, it was coming so fast that he barely dodged the sneak attack. He was surprised to find a tall guy with a hook on his left arm as the one who initiated it. Before he can utter a word, the stranger proceeded on his offensive maneuvers. Toshiro was somehow amazed about his opponent's skills. However, the fearsome prince of ice won't back down on a fight easily.


Occupation: Shichibukai (Former), Baroque Works President (Former)

Affiliations: None

Age: 46

Birthday: September 5

Hieght: 253cm

Famous Quote: None


Strength: Crocodile is probably one of the strongest adversary of Monkey D. Luffy. He ate the Suna Suna no Mi devil fruit which gave him the powers of a sand man where his right arm can be used to dramatically increasing the aging process of anything that it touches while the left has a hook which can release poison. Crocodile is a Logia Devil fruit user so his fluid body made him impossible to deal with using a gun or even a plain sword. Only one who knows haki can put up a fight with him. The most surprising fact is that Crocodile is also very wise in making decisions. He was the former president of the Baroque works for nothing.

Weakness: Like any other devil fruit user, Crocodile will drown in the sea. In addition, Monkey D. Luffy was able to beat him with the use of water. His sand powers won't be effective if his enemy is all wet. This is one of the greatest weaknesses of Crocodile that only a few know. He also tends to let his emotions rule encouraging him to make reckless decisions.

Fighting Techniques: His first attack often involves choking his enemy by forming a lump of sand around his victims neck. Hi enemy eventually turns into dust afterward. He also uses the fluidity of his body to attack several enemies at once and decaying each one of them. His hook on the other hand is also used as his main weapon against swords. It is almost impossible to break since the hook is made out of pure gold. The poison on his hook was used online once in the series but it's definitely an effective weapon for a surprise attack.


Occupation: Shinigami

Affiliations: Gotei 13, Soul Society

Age: None

Birthday: December 20

Hieght: 133 cm

Famous Quote: "Great Roaring Coldly Shining Moon"


Strength: Toshiro's sword can control both ice and water. Even his shikai form is strong enough to defeat most of his enemies. Much more, his bankai form can provide him with more versatility and a pair of wings. His ice attacks are devastating. Anything on the path of his slice will instantly freeze. One hit from him could drastically lessen the mobility of any enemy. Nevertheless, his main strength is not just concentrated on his sword, Toshiro fights for justice and honor. Toshiro is very similar to Kurosaki Ichigo in many ways. He won't give up especially if fighting means protecting his subordinates and friends.

Weakness: Toshiro lacks battle experience unlike other captains. Although he does not consider it as a weakness, it's undeniable that Captains with better battle experience finds it easier to read enemy's movement and strategies. His compassion for his fellow shinigamis is also a very big disadvantage. You can find several episodes in the series where he sacrificed his own safety just for the sake of his friends.

Fighting Techniques: Toshiro's battle style is very straightforward. He usually uses his shikai form and shoots ice dragons toward his enemy as he slashes the air with his sword. He can also control the weather of a certain area giving him a clear advantage. If all his shikai attacks on work, he resorts in suing his bankai form. Although his bankai form is incomplete due to his young age, it still boosts his spiritual power. Moreover, with a pair of ice wings, he can fly straight to the enemy and launch his attacks with great speed and power.


Toshiro was threatened by the power of his foe so he immediately proceed to his bankai form. Crocodile on the other hand was amazed. Nevertheless, fear is an expression that Crocodile does not know so he rushed an attack using his indestructible hook. Toshiro guarded using solely his right arm and uses the other to cast a destruction art. Crocodile was thrown in a distant with the impact. Dust and falling debris cover the area where Crocodile landed. Toshiro was getting ready for a rush attack but none came. He lowered his bankai form due to exhaustion but Crocodile suddenly jumped out of the blue! Toshiro was greatly surprised and he never got the chance to react. The former Shichibukai hit Toshiro with his hook and poisoned him badly. Crocodile was about the land the finishing blow when Ukitake came and rescued Toshiro just in the neck of time.

The Final Verdict:


Who should have won?

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    • profile image

      MundaneMondays 5 years ago

      That wasn't the weakness, Luffy beat Crocodile, cause any liquid reacts against his sand, remember ? luffy didn't just use water he used his blood as well.

      In addition, Diamond Jozu faced Aokiji equally, in that same breath Diamond Jozu also knocked Crocodile senseless, Croc even stated how fast and powerful he was. We can measure what that fight would be like by that moment there.

      Crocodile is sick, i love him, but vs anyone with Haki ? he's useless.. Sand dosent make him invincible. Even without Reatsu, Toshiro still has kido and shikai as well as bankai.

      and im not taking the side of bleach, i was just saying who i think would win you know ?

      before we end this convo

      what do you think Crocodile would do to win ?

      By the way i like your knowledge it's pretty good

    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 5 years ago from Philippines

      Good point. Crocodile lost to Luffy because he share the same weakness like any other devil fruit user. Crocodile was a former shichibukai for a reason. You're referring to the general right? He's strong but they never faced each other yet so we can't really if Crocodile won't stand a chance. Swords are also ineffective against crocodile since slicing him is useless. He has no spiritual pressure because he's not a shinigami so it's not fair to say that Toshiro has the advantage because of that.

      By the way, I just guessed you are a Bleach fan coz you favored bleach characters on your two previous comments. Hmp! Inoue is my favorite bleach character and she's strong! Though not as a fighter but a healer..hehe..

      Have a blessed day..^^

    • profile image

      MundaneMondays 5 years ago

      I'm not a bleach fan at all actually,it's really unfair of you to call me a black fan cause i gave an opinion of who i thought would win, but that's cool. I actually think One Piece is the better anime and manga. When Toshiro cut his fellow shimigami he was under "Complete Hypnosis" By Sosuke Aizen.

      If you know Bleach you would know, no one can trump complete hypnosis, but Ichigo Kurosaki, seeing as Aizen's Zan has been seen by everyone but him. So that's not being careless.

      Crocodile is great, but he lost to a non-haki user, in addition if were pinning them vs each other it wouldn't make any sense, but since we are we have to take all abilities into consideration.

      Toshiro has ....


      Spiritual Pressure that can overwhelm,

      as well as great swordsmanship and Hyoten Hyakkaso, which is a snow storm. Have you heard of Aokiji ? he's an ice user in One Piece and i doubt croc could touch him either

      Nevertheless i like this hub a lot, but i think that any bleach character could take him, unless it's Orhimme or someone who sucks

    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 5 years ago from Philippines


      A bleach fan I see. Hmmm....Toshiro can't freeze Crocodile since he is sand which is a major disadvantage. Unless crocodile is soak in water. Another thing, Crocodile's power is quite tricky. If Toshiro is careless (and sad to say he usually is), he'll be in big trouble. Remember a bleach episode when Toshiro sliced her fellow shinigami as he thought it was Aizen? I really hated him for that. Careless kid. hehe..Anyways, thank you for dropping by.

      God bless!



    • profile image

      MundaneMondays 5 years ago

      Toshiro has an ice based Zan, how could Corodile even touch him ?

    • iamageniuster profile image

      iamageniuster 6 years ago

      I watch both Bleach and One Piece. Since Crocodile is weak against water, he may also be weak against ice. I think Toshiro will win in a fight. Good explanation of their skills btw.


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