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DISH Removes AMC Networks Channels from its Packages

Updated on October 22, 2012

Many have been talking about it for weeks, but the day has finally come. As of June 30th, DISH will remove AMC Networks channels, which include AMC, Independent Film Channel (IFC), and Women’s Entertainment (WE), from its offerings. Sundance, another AMC Networks channel, was removed earlier this month when its contract expired.

Why the drop?

According to DISH, AMC Networks was notified earlier in the year of DISH’s plan to drop their programming, claiming that the viewership of AMC channels was low in comparison to their high rates. A DISH press release adds that the availability of the “handful” of popular AMC shows on iTunes, Netflix, and further diminishes the worth of these shows and makes it unfair for DISH customers to pay increased costs for programming that’s available within a few days of its broadcast for a few dollars.

While AMC Networks insists that the issue stems from recent unrelated litigation between the two companies, DISH is apparently not alone in dropping these channels from their lineups. AT&T is potentially following suit for the same reason and has notified its customers of its intention to do so.

UPDATE: AMC returned to Dish Network programming packages as part of a long-term agreement on October 21, 2012. We TV, IFC, and Sundance CHannel will resume on DISH on November 1, 2012, as well as Fuse, which was dropped from DISH in 2010.

DISH offers replacement channel suggestions

In place of AMC, IFC, and WE, DISH offers a few channel suggestions:

· Instead of AMC, customers can find commercial-free, uncut movies and sneak peeks at upcoming feature movies on HDNet Movies (channel 130).

· As a substitute for IFC, DISH suggests HDNet, which offers a wide variety of popular shows such as live music, sitcoms, documentaries, news, and other programming, all of which is available only in HD (channel 131). However, HDNet is currently making the transition to AXS TV (pronounced “access”), a brand new channel that will include behind-the-scenes programming on live concerts, red carpet events, celebrity interviews, award shows, and other entertainment shows along with sporting events such as HDNet Fights (MMA) and current events with Dan Rather Reports.

· DISH suggests Style Network (channel 128) to women who previously enjoyed WE, as it is entirely devoted to fashion, beauty, home, and women’s entertainment in general.

DISH is offering free previews of movie channels through July

Additionally, DISH will be giving all customers a free preview of Indieplex and several movies on Encore throughout the month of July. The programming that will be available to customers during this free preview is all available on DISH’s Blockbuster @Home service, which can be added to any package for $10 per month.

Is DISH dropping AMC a big deal?

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