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DWTS -- Results -- Week 3

Updated on April 12, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust

The Solid Gold Dancers...I mean, the DWTS Dance Troupe dance as David Garrett plays Walk This Way on the violin.

Brooke is wearing purple Tarzana style dress. It's knee-length. Has purple ruffle at shoulder. She has his hair pulled back in a ponytail. The boys are put away for the night. Yes, I know this is bordering on the ridiculous, but she's just so blah. The most interesting thing about her is whether she's got the boys on display. If only they could find a female Tom Begeron who has personality and is witty.

The first three couples to learn their fate are:

  • Chelsea and Mark
  • Hines and Kim
  • Ralph and Karina.
Ralph and Karina are told they're safe, first, followed by Kym and Hines. I got my wish and Chelsea and Mark are in jeopardy.
Len seems to back off from his criticism of Mark and Chelsea not dancing the dance they were told to dance. Says Chelsea is the best dancer on the show. Then Len announces that Chelsea and Mark get the encore dance, because it was the best dance of thing night. Sorry, not by a longshot.
Next up, Len gets to dress up like General Patton or MacArthur. In honor of Patriot's Day that's going to be the theme, next week. Oh, great, now we'll really get some inappropriate dance music. Somehow will probably have to do the tango to God Bless America. The celebs are dressed in fatigues as Lt. Len whips them into shape. I have one word for this segment. LAME.
Jennifer Hudson sings, "I remember me." Louis and Karina dance while she sings. Jennifer is wearing a purple dress. It's all shiny like plastic or the kind of material rain coats are made out of. It's also super short. When the song ends, confetti lands on Jen's lip.
Next up, Chelsie and Romeo,  Petra and Dmitry and Chris and Cheryl are interviewed by the Brookester. Then they go out on stage to learn their fate.
  • Chris and Cheryl are safe
  • Romeo and Chelsie are safe
  • Petra and Dmitry are in jeopardy

Next, the Brooke interviews the three lowest scoring couples. She asks Kirstie about losing her shoe. They show a clip about how upset Kirstie was she lost her shoe. I can't even recall what Brooke asked Sugar Ray. I can, however recall perfectly what Kendra said. She's claiming it was that time of the monty and that's why she behaved the way she did the night before. They show a clip of an angry Louis who is ticked off by Kendra saying she's doesn't care about being elegant.
More filler about the pros explaining what inspires them in their choreography. You know, these filler pieces used to be somewhat entertaining, but the last two weeks they've really scraped the bottom of the barrel for them. What happened to creative skits like Jimmy Kimmel did or Dance Center?
More filler comes in the form of the Macy's Stars of Dance. They do a dance from Swan Lake. Probably a salute to Natalie Portman's movie, The Black Swan.
Jennifer Hudson back to sing "Feeling Good". She's still wearing her purple vinyl dress. At the end it looks like she's trying to pull it down in the back.
And now, the next star in jeopardy is Sugar Ray and Anna. I was hoping it would be Kendra and Louis.
So the bottom three are:
  • Mark and Chelsea
  • Petra and Dmitry
  • Sugar Ray and Anna

And the next star eliminated is Sugar Ray and Anna.
Tom claims Mark and Chelsea might not be in the bottom. If they weren't among the bottom three vote getters, then why claim they were in jeopardy. I was actually hoping Mark and Chelsea would get the boot. Wonder if almost being eliminated we get Marky-Mark to quit his garbage and do the dances he's assigned to do. It seems now that Derek Hough isn't on this season Mark is trying to show he's The Choreographer of the show with all his artsy-fartsy dances. Unfortunately, what he's doing isn't fair to his celeb partner. He wants to continue to do his high concept dances, he needs to take his butt over to So You Think You Can Dance.
On another cheery note, as bad as this results show was, it's only going to get worse as more and more celebs are eliminated more and more filler will be added. Let's just hope they can come up with some creative filler, opposed to the duds they put out the past two weeks. 


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