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Dancing With The Stars -- Season 14 Finale

Updated on May 23, 2012

The best freestyle won

I haven't watched all season, and only watched a couple of result shows when the shows I usually watch wrapped for the season. So, I can only really judge who should win on the finale.

After Cheryl and William did the Cha-Cha, which was really the best Cha-Cha I've seen done on this show [and I used to be a regular viewer on this show every year since season one until the shenanigans and biases of the judges just wore me out] I figured they'd be a shoo-in to win. I also thought it would be nice for Cheryl to win, again. She hasn't won since the Wonder Twins aka Derek Hough and Mark Ballas came on the show.

Unfortunately, the dances went downhill after that. Hate to agree with Len, but there were times during the freestyle when William looked like all he was doing is just standing there and shaking his butt cheeks. After the winning freestyle Chery and Drew Lachey pulled off it was pretty disappointing. He basically just seemed to run out of steam; like he'd put everything he had to give in the Cha-Cha which was phenomenal.

I wasn't really impressed by Katherine Jenkins. That could have a lot to do with Mark Ballas who irritates the crap out of me, and I know that's not fair. I also think she's taking this contest a little too seriously. She acts like it's life and death when it's just to win a stupid mirror ball trophy.

I wasn't really impressed with either of her dances. There was an awkward feel about her freestyle, even though she got perfect scores for both dances. The judges pretty much played it safe, like they do every finale, and there was only one point separating Jenkins from William and Cheryl and Donald and Peta.

And then Donald Driver did his freestyle and it was all over. It was easily the best freestyle of the night. Generally, the one who dances the best freestyle is the person that usually wins. The judges even requested it as the encore dance. Strangely, I didn't think it was as good as the first time they danced it. It seemed to lack energy. That could have been due by the all-nighter all the dancers had to put in to prepare for the final dance. To be honest the other three dances the three finalists did never touched that freestyle so it was all over once Donald pulled off a phenomenal freestyle.

The Finale/Final Results Show was a two hour show that had me wondering when the finally three were ever going to do their final dance. Didn't much care for any of the dances the returning celebs did. Had had three irreverent thoughts during this portion of the show:

1. Half Pint looks like she's had major work done on her face and the guy she hired wasn't the best in his field. A good plastic surgeon makes your face look natural so you can't tell you've had work done on your face. Someone needs to kidnap Joan Collins and find out who her doctor is, because her face doesn't look like she's looking at herself in a Funhouse Mirror. I really don't understand why these actresses think having big puffy lips improves their looks. Is it so you'll be too focused on the grotesque pair of lips staring you in the face to notice the lines on their forehead or at the corners of their eyes?

2. Jack Wagner is really starting to show his age.

3. I thought Gladys Knight looked really great in the black dress she was wearing. And then I looked over at Brooke Burke and I was like, "See, Brooke Burke, you can look nice without putting your boobs on display."

There was one moment when they were replaying Katherine's dances and I swear it sounded like Bruno yelled to her, "Don't mess it up, Katherine." It was right before she was going to do the freestyle and that was edited out during the Monday night show. For one thing, it's highly unprofessional [yeah, Bruno and professional don't really belond in the same sentence] for a judge to yell something like that to a contestant, and secondly, great way to psyche someone out to yell that at them right before they're supposed to perform in front of a live audience. If it was Bruno that yelled that, it may explain why there felt like there was an awkwardness in her freestyle. That comment probably psyched her out when she should have only been thinking of dancing and not hearing someone yelling at her to not mess it up.

If it was Bruno that yelled that to Katherine Jenkins, you can credit him for why she didn't win. That negative comment may have negatively affected her performance.

The scoring for the final dances went along the same line as the previous night. Only one point separating Katherine from Donald and William. In short, it was left in the hands of the viewers to decide who should win and they got it right.

William was the first to get eliminated. You can't win on one dance, especially if the dance isn't the freestyle. Next to be eliminated was Katherine, with Donald being crowned the latest winner. Donald's freestyle just eclipsed all the other dances and if you think of one dance from the nine dances danced, it's the dance you think of and you remember.

I've seen some Katherine fans online expressing their sour grapes by declaring that Donald only won because he's a football player and it just isn't so. Donald danced the best dance of the night and he deserved to win.

Congratulations, Donald Driver. And congratulations, Peta, for being the first new pro-dancer to win the award in a long time.


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