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Dancing With The Stars – Season 9, Episode 17 – Week 8 Results Show

Updated on November 10, 2009

Week 8 Performance Show

Tonight’s repeat performance was Joanna & Derek’s Futuristic Paso Doble.  YAY!  Hugh Hefner, who was in the audience, seemed to really enjoy it too.

First Bit of Randomness

They showed the couples in reverse order of ranking discussing last night with some clips of their performances.

First Round of Results – First Safe Couple

Joanna & Derek

Musical Performance

First up tonight was Michael Buble.  I am not familiar with his work at all, but I really liked whatever he sang tonight.  Performing with him were Maksim, Jonathan, Anna and Cheryl.  They did some really fun dancing.

Second Round of Results – Next Safe Couple

Mya & Dmitry

Second Bit of Randomness

Dance Center.  Kenny Mayne was joined by Jerry Rise, Len Goodman, and Stacey Keibler.  They gave their opinions on who they think will make it.  Their clips of Joanna’s laugh were quite funny.  Then there was a bit with Donny and Bruno that totally creeped me out! 

Macy’s Stars of Dance

Tonight was the Design-a-Dance performance.  Mark Ballas was the winning pro…I am sure his girlfriend LOVED that.  They performed a Paso Doble to “Eye of the Tiger” in viewer designed costumes that were orange and black with tiger stripes on the orange part.  The costumes were too distracting for me.  I thought the performance was pretty good, though I think she was better when she was on the show.

Musical Performance

Next up, was more Michael Buble.  He sang Feeling Good and it was fabulous!  I think I may need to download it!  Performing with him was a guest Ballroom couple that I really liked.  Tom said their names, but I understood him less than Bruno!

Final Round of Results

Donny & Kym – Safe

Kelly & Louis – Bottom 2

Aaron & Karina – Bottom 2

Musical Performance

Last up was Susan Boyle, singing “I Dreamed a Dream,” and I cried.  I love her voice, and I love this song.  I am a big mush!!  Accompanying her were Chelsie and Tony doing a really beautiful dance.

Third Bit of Randomness

More of Dance Center.


Eliminated tonight—Aaron & Karina (I believe that this is how it should be, and I am so excited to see Kelly go on to the Semi-Finals, it has been beautiful to see her growth as a dancer and as a person.)


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