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Dark Knight Rises Review

Updated on February 16, 2013
Dark Knight Riises
Dark Knight Riises


This move started out a bit slow, but quickly reached a crescendo. The action in this movie is good , but I wouldn't call it an action movie. It is a thriller/suspense movie. It is designed to keep you wondering and guessing what is going to happen during the whole thing. Bale does a superb job as as Bruce Wayne. He has become identified with this role, and you believe it really is him. The real master performances in this movie however are Michael Kain's Alfred and Gary Oldman's Gordon. You feel their pain and triumphs more than anyone else's. Joseph-Gordon Levit does a great, understated performance as Blake. You believe the character is real, and you are eager to find out what becomes of him. I think it would have been far more meaningful to comic nerds if his true name had turned to be Grayson, but the true reveal is still very rewarding. Morgan Freeman is also good, but his character has relatively few big moments, other than being generally cool and likable. The villains in this one are no Joker. But then no one is. There is a reason he is Batman's true nemesis. That being said, Bane is very intimidating and enigmatic. The reveals about his past are a core part of the enjoyable parts of the movie. Tom Hardy does a good job of playing him. You absolutely forget that there is anyone actually acting in there. Anne Hathoway does a great acting job as Catwoman, you feel her emotions, but I never honestly believed she was near as hardcore as Selina Kyle is. All the acting, from major to bit parts, are very good and believable. Seeing Cillian Murphy return as Crane another time was a very pleasant surprise, like seeing an old friend again. The same goes for Liam Neeson. The plot is tense an timed well, though the revenge scheme is a little trite. But very true to comic book roots. Revenge schemes make up 80 or so percent of comic book plots. The ending is heartfelt, and realistic. The over all movie leaves you feeling entertained, sad, but also hopeful for the future.

Acting: 10 Dialog: 10 Plot: 8 Suspense: 9 Action: 7 Comedy: 4 Humanity: 7 Romance: 3 Overall: 9


Director: Christopher Nolan

Writers: Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan


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