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Die Hard Cast

Updated on October 16, 2012

Die Hard Cast

Die Hard Movies
Die Hard Movies

Die Hard Cast

The Die Hard cast is often thought of being Bruce Willis, a dirty white singlet, and reducing levels of hair. No doubt, the series relies heavily on Willis’ charisma as the wise-cracking anti-hero, John McClane. However, much of Die Hard’s success can be attributed to chemistry between Willis and members of the Die Hard cast. For example, his interactions with villains Alan Rickman’s Hans Gruber and Jeremy Irons’ Simon Gruber. There was of course his banter with Sgt. Al Powell, played by Reginald VelJohnson. Of course, probably the most successful Die Hard casting was Samuel L. Jackson, playing Zeus Carver who formed an unforgettable duo with Willis in Die Hard with a Vengeance.

Memorably chemistry aside, Bruce Willis is the only actor to appear as a Die Hard cast member in every Die Hard movie; no other actor even comes close. Bonnie Bedelia appeared as Holly McClane in the first two movies, while Reginald VelJohnson played Sgt. Al Powell in the first two films as well. Hans Gruber, played by Alan Rickman, featured in the first movie, but only appeared again in flashback form.

Perhaps part of the reason there is no consistency with the Die Hard cast is the long period between movies. Multiple actors returned in the two year gap between Die Hard and Die Hard 2. However, there was another five year wait for Die Hard with a Vengeance, and an eternal 12 years before Die Hard 4.0. Another sequel is scheduled for 2013. However, that will be six years between films so we are unlikely to see many of the Die Hard 4.0 Cast cast return.

This hub features the cast of the four Die Hard movies. Click on the links below to view each movie’s cast. You can also view the movie posters and trailers from each Die Hard film next to the cast list.

Die Hard Cast Table of Contents:

Die Hard Movie Poster

Die Hard Cast
Die Hard Cast

Die Hard Trailer

Die Hard Cast

Cast from the 1988 movie Die Hard

  • Officer John McClane … played by Bruce Willis
  • Holly Gennaro McClane … played by Bonnie Bedelia
  • Sgt. Al Powell … played by Reginald VelJohnson
  • Deputy Police Chief Dwayne T. Robinson … played by Paul Gleason
  • Richard Thornburg … played by William Atherton
  • Harry Ellis … played by Hart Bochner
  • Joseph Yoshinobu Takagi … played by James Shigeta
  • Hans Gruber … played by Alan Rickman
  • Karl … played by Alexander Godunov
  • Franco … played by Bruno Doyon
  • Argyle … played by De'voreaux White
  • Tony … played by Andreas Wisniewski
  • Theo … played by Clarence Gilyard Jr.
  • Alexander … played by Joey Plewa
  • Marco … played by Lorenzo Caccialanza
  • Kristoff … played by Gérard Bonn
  • Eddie … played by Dennis Hayden
  • Uli … played by Al Leong
  • Heinrich … played by Gary Roberts
  • Fritz … played by Hans Buhringer
  • James … played by Wilhelm von Homburg
  • FBI Special Agent Big Johnson … played by Robert Davi
  • FBI Agent Little Johnson … played by Grand L. Bush

Die Hard 2 Movie Poster

Die Hard 2: Die Harder Movie Poster
Die Hard 2: Die Harder Movie Poster

Die Hard 2 Cast

Cast from the 1990 movie Die Hard 2

  • Lt. John McClane … played by Bruce Willis
  • Holly McClane … played by Bonnie Bedelia
  • Richard Thornburg … played by William Atherton
  • Sgt. Al Powell … played by Reginald VelJohnson
  • Gen. Ramon Esperanza … played by Franco Nero
  • Col. Stuart … played by William Sadler
  • Maj. Grant … played by John Amos
  • Capt. Carmine Lorenzo … played by Dennis Franz
  • Leslie Barnes … played by Art Evans
  • Trudeau … played by Fred Dalton Thompson
  • Marvin … played by Tom Bower
  • Samantha 'Sam' Coleman … played by Sheila McCarthy
  • Garber … played by Don Harvey
  • Baker … played by Tony Ganios
  • Thompson … played by Peter Nelson
  • O'Reilly … played by Robert Patrick
  • Sheldon … played by Mick Cunningham
  • Burke … played by John Leguizamo
  • Kahn … played by Tom Verica
  • Sgt. Oswald Cochrane … played by John Costelloe

Die Hard with a Vengeance Poster

Die Hard with a Vengeance Movie Poster
Die Hard with a Vengeance Movie Poster

Die Hard with a Vengeance

Die Hard 3 Trailer

Die Hard with a Vengeance Cast

Cast from the 1995 movie, Die Hard with a Vengeance

  • John McClane … played by Bruce Willis
  • Simon Gruber … played by Jeremy Irons
  • Zeus Carver … played by Samuel L. Jackson
  • Joe Lambert … played by Graham Greene
  • Connie Kowalski … played by Colleen Camp
  • Insp. Walter Cobb … played by Larry Bryggman
  • Ricky Walsh … played by Anthony Peck
  • Mathias Targo … played by Nicholas Wyman
  • Katya … played by Sam Phillips
  • Charles Weiss … played by Kevin Chamberlin
  • Officer Jane … played by Sharon Washington
  • Dr. Fred Schiller … played by Stephen Pearlman
  • Dexter … played by Michael Alexander Jackson
  • Raymond … played by Aldis Hodge
  • Mischa … played by Mischa Hausserman
  • Dexter's Friend … played by Edwin Hodge
  • Rolf … played by Robert Sedgwick
  • Roman … played by Tony Halme
  • Ivan … played by Bill Christ

Die Hard 4.0 Poster

Die Hard 4.0 - Live Free or Die Hard Poster
Die Hard 4.0 - Live Free or Die Hard Poster

Die Hard 4.0 Trailer

Die Hard 4.0 - Live Free or Die Hard

Cast from the 2007 Die Hard 4.0

  • John McClane … played by Bruce Willis
  • Thomas Gabriel … played by Timothy Olyphant
  • Matthew 'Matt' Farrell … played by Justin Long
  • Mai Linh … played by Maggie Q
  • FBI Deputy Director Miguel Bowman … played by Cliff Curtis
  • Trey … played by Jonathan Sadowski
  • Casper … played by Andrew Friedman
  • Frederick 'Warlock' Kaludis … played by Kevin Smith
  • Russo … played by Yorgo Constantine
  • Rand … played by Cyril Raffaelli
  • Del … played by Chris Palermo
  • Lucy Gennaro McClane … played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  • Raj … played by Sung Kang
  • Agent Molina … played by Zeljko Ivanek
  • Taylor … played by Christina Chang
  • Jim … played by Jake McDorman
  • Mrs. Kaludis … played by Rosemary Knower
  • Hoover Agent … played by Gerald Downey
  • Goatee … played by Allen Maldonado

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