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Do We Really Want Another New Batman Movie Reboot?

Updated on April 4, 2013

With the onslaught of comic book films becoming Hollywood's new goldmine and films like The Avengers breaking new ground in the world of cinema, it seems like we moviegoers and comic book fans will have a steady stream of superhero and comic book movies to entertain us for the next several years. But you know that old saying...

"Too much of a good thing is never a good thing!"

Which brings me to the title and discussion of this topic - Do we really want another Batman movie reboot? I've been talking about this subject for about two months now with my fellow comic geeks and the answers have all varied.

Yes, I have my own opinions on it, which I'm sure will piss off a lot of die-hard DC Comic fans, and that's surely understandable. Then again, some fans thought Christopher Nolan's latest Batman trilogy ventured too far from the comics, but that's a whole other debate.

Here are some the questions and concerns about a Batman reboot that I've gotten a chance to discuss with fellow comic book fanboys!

Will It Be Any Good?

Reboot! Reboot! Reboot! Reboot! Now don't get me wrong here. I don't mind a reboot, as long as it's better or stacks up to the original or previous movie franchise. It's like a sequel - why do it if it's not going to be better or on par with the first film.

Now, a lot of people can argue about not being able to compare Tim Burton's or Christopher Nolan's Batman movies because they're two different beasts, but I have always said that's hogwash.

That's like saying you can't compare the original Lethal Weapon movie series to whatever their doing with the rebooted series. Don't compare Total Recall with the reboot! If were not suppose to compare them then why bother rebooting it in the first place?

Christopher Nolan's reboot was great. If you don't think it was better than Tim Burton's Batman flicks then you at least have to admit that Nolan's Batman wasn't far off in terms of being good. Actually, many believe that Nolan raised the bar on the Batman franchise.

I happened to like Nolan's vision much better than Burton's, but I won't lie. I did geek out on Burton's Batman in 1989 as well. Many I've discussed this with liked both franchises, but when pressed, most did favor Nolan's more realistic vision better.

New Batman To Be Rebooted In Justice League Movie?

Now, if Warner Bros. does decide to make the Justice League movie first and then spin off all their characters into solo movies, this could be an interesting concept. It could also head our Caped Crusader in a different direction on film as well.

It's true that many comic fans have questioned doing a Justice League movie first and then tying in the further adventures of it's members, including Batman. Many don't see it as plausible, and I'm pretty certain that Warner Bros. is scratching their heads on this one.

I don't doubt that Warner Bros. will do another Batman reboot. It's their golden goose of comic book movies and seems to be the only one they've been able to reap massive profits from! Superman Returns was considered a disappointment by the movie studio, and they're banking on Man of Steel to do great at the box office this summer in order for them to precede with a Justice League film.

That doesn't seem like they're very confident in Man of Steel, but so far early screenings of the film have been positive! I sure hope so!

How Much Is Too Much?

Amongst the rack of comics and action figures hanging on the wall, I started a debate on this subject amongst the owner, an employee, and a few die hard regular customers that could be fixtures at my local comic shop. Of course, some were interesting in seeing what Warner Bros. does with a Batman reboot, but that question of how much is too much still permeated the discussion.

After I noted that I've already seen Batman's origin in Burton's and Nolan's versions and could care less to see another variant on the Batman origin story in yet another film, a regular customer chimed in that he agreed. Although almost everyone in the room were interested in what direction they would take the Batman reboot, they also agreed that they were more excited to see something different in Warner's roster of heroes.

One even went as far as saying, "They're gonna beat their prized horse until it's dead." Superman is on it's second reboot already, and Batman will soon catch up. However, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and other popular DC Comic characters haven't even seen the light of day on the silver screen.

While discussing how us comic fans wanted to see some DC's other comic characters get their due on screen, the employee defended Warner Bros by mentioning that it was better to hold off until they were certain they could get it right with the other characters. Of course, the Green Lantern movie was used as an example.

That's true, but isn't it also true that a Batman reboot could be mediocre at best compared to the Burton and Nolan movies? And wouldn't it be even harder to produce a Batman reboot that could rival or at least be on par with its predecessors? Putting out another Batman reboot simply because the studio knows Batman works with audiences isn't that great either.

After all, it may not be the majority of fan's frame of mind just yet, but we do tend to get bored of the same old same old. When the excitement for Batman finally wains then what?

In Conclusion!

Sure, we'd all love to see a Batman reboot in the future, but so close after the last Batman reboot?

While Marvel set a clear vision of how they wanted their cinema continuity to introduce fresh characters and overlap each other by taking risks, Warner Bros. seems at a loss about what they want to do with their DC Comics cinematic universe. Well, they're certain about on thing, and that's waiting on how Man of Steel performs before they decide on future plans.

Can you really blame them? They took risks on Jonah Hex, and it bombed. They took risks on Green Lantern and it bombed. Are DC's other characters really that far-fetched to get on the screen rather than Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy or Ant-man, or do they just lacked the artistic vision to make it happen for their roster of legendary comic characters?

Whatever the case, it seems we are looking towards another Batman reboot, and if Man of Steel doesn't do as expected, it could be a lot sooner than us fans think.


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    • rabbit75 profile image

      rabbit75 5 years ago

      Heya Stevennix, long time and good to hear from ya. As for DC/Warner, I've lost complete confidence in them when it comes to their comic book movie properties. It seems they are extremely wishy-washy concerning what they want to do, and I don't trust anymore whatever non-sense they talk about in the media.

      What I don't understand is them rehiring writers to pen a script after they wrote a comic movie for them that bombed, ie rehiring one of the Green Lantern script writers to pen a possible Wonder Woman movie. That just doesn't make sense.

      I believe that Wonder Woman is a highly workable character. If people still enjoy going to see movies about Greek mythology, then Wonder Woman is workable. Just keep the main story in WW's mythological Hellenic roots, and keep the plot in her homeland of Themyscira.

      The story could even encompass Steve Trevor's intrusion on the hidden island during World War II, and go through princess Diana's competition to earn the right of being Wonder Woman and become the representative of Paradise Island.

      Of course, they can even bring in the Naxi element in the original golden age comics, and have the Naxi's follow Steve Trevor's plane crash and invade the city of Themyscira. The story is already laid out from the comics. All they need to do is figure out how to twist it a bit to give it a semi-modern feel.

      I hope Man of Steel is good also, though Supes isn't really my favorite of superheroes. I do have faith in Snyder though. You're right, however, we'll just have to wait and see. Thanks for chiming in and always good to hear your opinions and comments.

    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 5 years ago

      I don't know if you watch AMC News on youtube or not, but they were saying how it's rumored around WB's studios that even if the "Man of Steel" is a hit, then WB might just round it off to a trilogy, while scraping the "Justice League" movie because earlier reports claim that the script was terrible.

      However, if the film bombs, then it's rumored the WB's efforts will go into solely rebooting the Batman franchise, and keeping that going for a while ala "James Bond" style.

      Granted, this is all rumors though, but at this point, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it were true, as WB rarely ever wants to take risks with their DC properties because all of them outside of Batman and Superman typically bomb. Heck, you mentioned that yourself.

      Sure, a lot of that has to do with them getting filmmakers behind them that honestly don't understand the character, as even Ryan Reynolds admitted that many of the people that worked on "Green Lantern" didn't understand the character at all; hence that's his explanation on why it flopped.

      However, it'll be interesting to see where this goes. All I know is that I hope the "Man of Steel" is as great as I hope will be. I don't know if that means this'll lead to a part 2 or an inevitable "Justice League", but as long as the "Man of Steel" is good, then we'll see. Anyways, great job as always. cheers.