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Do You Know Your Gift

Updated on January 29, 2010

Do You Know Your Gift

Knowing Your Gift


Do You Know Your Gift

     Everyone that has ever been born was born with a unique gift within you.  As we grow and develop in life; we all should know what our gift is.  Do you have the gift to sing, dance or play an instrument, or is it that you have not yet discovered your gift.  I hope after reading this article, that you would explore your heart and mind to find out what you are really good at.


     Did you know that once you have discovered your gift, that it is very possible that your gift could make you lots of money, No one on this earth should be poor, because God put a gift down in us where we should be making lots money to help sustain us while living here on earth.  Let’s take a look a Mrs. Fields, yes the woman that is famous for baking cookies, what helped Mrs. Fields to be rich, if you don’t know, it was her mind and her hands that made her rich, she first had to use her mind in order to have the idea to bake cookies, she then had to use her hands to actually make the cookies.  Let’s look at professional basketball players, what do you think made them rich? if you guessed that it is their hands and feet, you are absolutely correct. These players use their feet to run up and down the basketball court, and they use their hands, to shoot the ball in the basket, they make millions of dollars just by using something that God created in them and on them.


     I hope you’re getting the picture.  What we need to do is, see what it is that we are good at, is it an idea, or what can you do with your hands and your feet. You could even use your mouth to make money.  There are many motivational speakers today making millions of dollars, just from using their mouth. Believe me when I tell you that no one can make money without using something within themselves, or using some part of their body, so once again I ask you, what is your gift? If you have discovered it, then you can use it to make money.


    Discover what your gift is, and move forward to use it. The gift within you will lie dormant until you put it to use.   We that are writing blogs, or articles, we use our minds and our hands, to think and write, so let us get busy and start making money using our gift.


Do You Know Your Gift

Do You Know Your Gift

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      Chosen 5 years ago

      Knowing my gift has been a hard thing to me.