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Doctor Who: Series One Review

Updated on October 30, 2009

Doctor Who: The First Series

Doctor Who: An Introduction Of The Story So Far

When the new doctor who came back on to our screens in 2005, it brought with it a set of updates to the story arc of the doctors adventures which came previous.

The story doesn't pick up after a previous time lord it just shifts into a new era, where there had been a time war and all the rest of the timelords died aswell as most of the Daleks and other aliens involved in the war.

The obvious change I seemed to notice was that there was no reference to a limited life span of thirteen lives with which a timelord has, so that was a good move I suppose, but it sort of makes all the other regenerations slightly lessened in the impact of the life threatening stories as back then his life span was limited and he was getting more closer to death.

So the last surviving Time Lord, originally from the planet Gallifrey which is now destroyed back from the time war events that are mentioned throughout the first series, The doctor travels through time and space in the TARDIS (Which of course stands for - Time And Relative Dimension In Space), which appears in the form of a police call box from the 1950's but is actually far larger on the inside. when his current form dies, he regenerates into a new physical form...which is a great idea to keep the show going forever, so long as there is decent stories being supplied, since it means that anyone can play the character.

The doctors ninth incarnation was played by Christopher Eccleston and with it brought a real sense of imagination and character back to bring the doctor back for a new generation, although it was short lived, I thought that it was just fantastic and of course the special effects really brought the show up to the level of other american shows out there.

One of the best things about the newly revitalised series is that it grounded itself in the current era of real life, (much like all the previous doctors before!), what with council estates and certain elements of current and past events weaved into the storyline.

I'll admit at first the prominent phrase that appeared consistently throughout "Bad Wolf" I did not really notice that much as I was in awe of the new series of doctor who and was just taken in by the stories, although by the third series I did take notice of the obvious signs "Vote Saxon" which were plastered throughout and that was the return of the Master which I didn't see coming which was another example of the great way the doctor who story writers wrote the series so that you wouldn't guess that the Master would return yet.

The first episode set up the story of the doctor for anyone not in the know, but also gave lots of references to people who knew the show quite well from years ago.

This opening episode featured the Autons, which appeared early in the 70's, and it is the introduction to the characters of Rose and the supporting cast that follow right the way through the first series and along the way we see old favourites such as the Daleks, aswell as new alien nasties with a bad case of wind, the Slitheen causing trouble for the doctor and the first series sees the mythology getting slight re-writes and the future of Doctor who seeing such characters as Captain Jack becoming a prominent character in future episodes.

Coming up next, The Christmas Invasion Christmas Special reviewed.

The Doctor

The Doctor. Image photo copyright the BBC 2009.
The Doctor. Image photo copyright the BBC 2009.

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