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Downtown Henderson, Nevada in photos

Updated on September 19, 2014

Welcome Back to Las Vegas sign


Henderson in a view

The city of Henderson is just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. The Boulder Strip is lined with casinos that locals most commonly visit. A palm tree border signifies Sunset Boulvard. With it's own city municipality, own mayor, and City Hall, Henderson is much like a country town. At the entrance of Henderson on Boulder stands a sign to Welcome back to Las Vegas from leaving Henderson.

The newest project casino was build around 5 years ago, The Cannery Casino. Just across the street is the long time The LongHorn. Just like on the strip, magazine stands selling time with a female prostitute are just in sight of young children and people who stroll by on their way to the bus stop. Henderson has many benefits of a large town, like the AIDS charity located on Lake Mead and Boulder Hwy. Daily the town fills with people that walk, attend casinos, and work in the city.

Eldorado Casino on Water Street

Palm Tree Border on Boulder Hwy.

Cannery Casino sign

The Line at local area AIDS focused charities for assistance

Pornographic advertisements for prostitution rings

Cannery Casino and Hotel Tower

Downtown complex - City Hall of Henderson on Water St.

Longhorn Casino


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