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Eastenders Pat Evans Dies

Updated on October 22, 2014

Pat Evans is taken to hospital after she collapses, but before her test results can be revealed to her, she discharges herself, telling her family that she received the all clear. Meanwhile Bianca storms into 'Butchers Joints' and lets rip at Janine, for putting pressure on Pat when she is so ill.

However Janine believes that Pat is just faking her illness, so she has more time to come up with the loan repayment. Janine is annoyed at Bianca's outburst and informs her family, that she is bringing the repayment deadline the following afternoon. Later Pat goes back to the hospital where she is told that she has terminal Cancer.

When Pats family hear the tragic news, they all rally round to comfort her. A seriously ill Pat, asks if her son David has been in touch, but when she is told that he hasn't, she pretends that it is ok. Later the family talk amongst themselves about what they can do for Pat and who they need to contact, while Bianca desperately tries to get hold of David.

Later, Max and Tanya along with Dot and Derek, arrive to say their goodbyes to Pat. However a wicked Derek starts winding Pat up over her illness and laughing at her for being close to death. Tanya hears Derek's jibes and is disgusted with his insensitive comments. But when Tanya calls Derek a freak, he responds by goading Tanya about her own Cancer Battle, resulting in an angry Max falling out with him.

Dot is next to pay her respects to a dying Pat, and as the two dear friends reminisce about the good old days, and people past, Pat vows not to take her illness lying down. But as she attempts to get out of bed, she soon has to be helped back into it, when the pain becomes unbearable.

Later Ian turns up to visit Pat, and as he sits at her bedside they reflect on their years of friendship, and Ians late Mum Kath who was Pats best friend for many years. Meanwhile Bianca has noticed the tense atmosphere between Mandy and Ricky, and is instantly suspicious. As Ian is returning from his emotional visit with Pat, he overhears Bianca confronting the guilty pair. Later Ian confronts Mandy with what he over heard earlier, and she confesses that her and Ricky slept together, and just to add insult to injury she tells Ian "it felt brilliant".

After days of trying to get David Wicks to come and say Goodbye to his Mum before it's to late, Bianca is relieved when he suddenly makes an appearance. However Davids first encounter with his dying Mum doesn't go very well. But as Pat nears the end, her and David finaly make their peace. Another person who had a frosty relationship with Pat, is her step daughter Janine. Janine is shocked when she discovers that Pat is genuinely ill, and struggles to cope with the knowledge that her step Mum is going to die.

Janine goes round to Pat's house and is shocked to hear that Pat will probably not be alive by morning, she goes into Pat and makes peace with her. Janine cant understand why Pat is being so nice to her, but Pat tells affectionately tells her, that she is the only little girl she ever had. It is no secret that Pat and Janine have never seen eye to eye, but Pat is the only Mum that Janine has ever known, since her own Mother died when she was just four years old. Janine comes across as a hard hearted cow, but in reality she just wants to be loved, and despite their grievances, Pat has always loved Janine, and Janine will wish she treated her better while she still had the chance.

New Years Day And Onwards

Everyone is heartbroken when Pat sadly passes away, but a lot of the tears we see are genuine. Pam St Clement played the role of Pat Evans for 25 years, and will be sorely missed by all the cast and crew. Although she is now known as Pat Evans, most EE fans will still fondly remember her as 'Pat Butcher' with the trade mark earrings and the outrageous dress sense. Pam says "Pats death is going to be a very powerful moment in the history of the soap."

The residents are all in mourning following Pats death, they all leave their curtains shut as a mark of respect. The local businesses are also shut due to bereavement, although Alfie later opens The Vic and raises a toast to Pat. While David Wicks is in the pub mourning the loss of his Mum, Derek comes over to issue him with a warning, but David is a stronger man since leaving the square, and tells Derek that he is not going anywhere. However a few days later, Derek tries winding up David, when he tells him about the argument he started with his dying Mother. Derek then warns David, that he's coming after him as soon as Pat is buried.

Friday The 13th

See funeral spoilers

At the end of New Years 70 minute episode, there will be a new version of the ending theme tune, in tribute to Pat Evans last episode. It will be called 'Pats Theme'. The New Years episode will also have another visible change, fans of the show will see the Olympic Park included in the opening title sequence for the first time, to mark London hosting 'The 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics'.

See BBC Trailer Below!!

Will Pat Butcher be missed in Eastenders?

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New Years Day

Pat & Frank Butcher


Pat Butcher's Life in Eastenders

Most people have heard of Pat Butcher, and although her married name was Pat Evans at the time of her death, she will always be known as Pat Butcher to most of her fans.

Pat was a lively character, known for her loud outfits and iconic huge earrings. Pat was a bubbly woman who was never afraid to say what she thinks. She would also be the person many Walford residents turned to in times of crisis.

Pat was extremely unlucky in love, mainly because she could never get over her one true love Frank Butcher. She always had a full house, and despite being a Mother figure to many, she didn't have a very good relationship with her own children Simon and David Wickes.

Patricia Louise Harris was born in Walford in 1942, she became best friends with 'Little Mo' who went on to marry her brother.

Pat first met Frank when she became Miss Butlins at the age of 16. Pat and Frank were instantly attracted to each other, however Frank's then girlfriend June revealed she was pregnant so Frank married her, breaking Pats heart in the process.

While trying to get in to the modelling world, Pat got caught up in prostitution and began working for Gangster Johnny Allen.

In the 60's after a string of affairs with the likes of Den Watts and Kenny Beale, Pat settled down and married Kenny's younger brother Pete Beale (Ian Beale's Dad). Pat went on to have two Sons, Simon and David.

Pat and Pete divorced shortly after as Pat had been having yet another affair with Brian Wicks. Pat and Brian ended up getting married and they left the square in 1976 after her son David had got 15yr old Carol Branning (AKA Carol Jackson) pregnant.

Pat returns to Walford on the 12th June 1986 to confess to Pete Beale that Simon is not his Son. Initially Lou Beale (Pete's Mum) talks Pat out of revealing the truth and breaking Pete's heart, but in true Eastenders fashion, Pete's sister Pauline ends up telling him the truth.

Pat ends up going back to prostitution until 1987 when she was viciously assaulted by the 'Walford Attacker.' The same year, Frank Butcher arrives with his three children in toe (Diane, Ricky and Janine). Pat and Frank get together and end up running the Queen Victoria Pub.

In 1989, Pat and Frank are officially married, they move to the B&B across the road. Pat runs the B&B while Frank opens a car lot. In 1992 they begin to have financial difficulties, prompting Pat to start her own cab business 'Pat Cabs.'

The new venture seems to be going well, until Christmas eve after having a few drinks, Pat accepts a cab fare and ends up driving in to a young girl, a week later the girl dies from her injuries. Pat is devastated that she has caused the death of a child. She ends up serving six months in prison.

In 1994, Frank abandons Pat and his children and leaves the square. Frank had previously paid Phil Mitchell to burn down the car lot in a bid to claim back on the insurance, however the scam went horribly wrong when a young homeless boy who was sleeping inside was burnt to death. Frank can not live with the guilt and after a break down he walks away from everyone that he loves.

Pat soon meets her next husband Roy Evans, things seem to be going well between the unlikely pair, until Frank returns to the square wanting his family back. However Pat is still angry at Frank for abandoning her and the kids when they needed him, so decides to marry Roy. Meanwhile Frank marries Peggy Mitchell.

It is not long before Pat and Frank are drawn together again, but with them both now married to different people, they have to sneak around. A memorable scene on the soap was when Frank turned up on Pat's doorstep wearing nothing but a spinning bow tie.

The pair are soon rumbled by Peggy, who publically humiliates them before giving them a slap in the face. Frank leaves, and Roy gives Pat a second chance before kicking her out again, then asking her to come back before kicking her out once again.

Roy later dies from a heart attack, leaving Pat alone and pot less.

In the time that follows, Pat has an affair with Patrick Trueman, lies to get her step Daughter Janine sent down for murder, discovers her beloved Frank has died, nearly dies herself at the hands of her Grandson Stephen, works for Gangster Andy Hunter resulting in her inheriting his house and ends up having a heart attack.

Towards the end of her time on Eastenders Pat is living with her Granddaughter Bianca and her great Grandchildren. Pat begins to have chest pains and upon visiting the hospital she discovers she has Pancreatic Cancer that has sadly spread.

It is Pat's wish to spend her final weeks at home surrounded by her loved ones, there are some touching scenes between Pat and Janine, as well as Pat and her Son David.

Pat dies in her bed on New Years day, she will be sadly missed by all.


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    • zoey24 profile image

      Zoey 6 years ago from South England

      @Linda Knight, it was very sad when Pat passed away, and the square seems a lot quieter now without her. The funeral is just as sad, but she gets a traditional east end send off :)

    • zoey24 profile image

      Zoey 6 years ago from South England

      @mmcruicky, it would be nice to have Peggy back behind the bar, maybe she will return one day :)

    • profile image

      Linda knight 6 years ago

      Will EE ever be the same now that Pats gone, amazing acting so real I still have a headache from crying. Here in Australia we haven't had the funeral I'm bracing myself for that.

    • profile image

      mmcruicky 6 years ago

      well i cant see why she had to go but maybe she wants to have a good life because maybe Pam thinks that she has only a few years left.I really want to see Peggy again because she to was a very great character in Eastenders.

      RIP Pat Evans :( we will all miss you xx

    • zoey24 profile image

      Zoey 6 years ago from South England

      Hiya Declan. The funeral is Friday the 13th :)

    • profile image

      Declan 6 years ago

      When is pats funarl ??? today :)

    • zoey24 profile image

      Zoey 6 years ago from South England

      Thank you for stopping by Lady_E. It was a really emotional episode as well. It's sad that Pam has left Eastenders after 25 years, she is certainly a character that will be missed :(

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 6 years ago from London, UK

      Aaawh.... this was emotional to read. I always record them on BT Vision so haven't seen her die yet... but I knew she would. Lovely Actress - I will miss her earrings.

      Ps. Eastenders have brilliant storylines.


    • MarshFish profile image

      Marshall Fish 6 years ago

      Charlotte and Aysha,

      Pat was an interesting character over the years on EastEnders, and Pam St. Clement was great in the role. The character was different when she first came on the program, when Pat and her ex-husband Pete Beale weren't seeing eye to eye. Then when her former love Frank Butcher came back into her life,and they were running the Vic, her character changed to the Pat we all liked over the years.

    • profile image

      friends your aysha 6 years ago

      i miss you patEvna at eastenders

    • profile image

      charlotte 6 years ago

      am very sad

    • zoey24 profile image

      Zoey 6 years ago from South England

      Hello MarshFish,

      Happy New Year to you too. I think Pam St Clement deserves the recognition award at this years Soap Awards. I thought it was a very fitting end to her 25 years on the soap and she played the part extremely well :)

    • MarshFish profile image

      Marshall Fish 6 years ago

      Hi Zoey.

      Happy new year to you and all the other Hubbers!

      I just saw Pat's last EastEnders scenes. That was some tremendous acting by Pam St. Clement (Pat) and Michael French (David Wicks), too.


    • zoey24 profile image

      Zoey 6 years ago from South England

      Hiya MarshFish,

      Yes it was rumoured that Simon Wicks would be coming back for the funeral, but he is not writen in for any of the upcoming story lines. Neither does he appear at the funeral. Maybe the producers were hoping he would return, but he declined their offer.

    • MarshFish profile image

      Marshall Fish 6 years ago

      Hi Zoey,

      I didn't see Nick Berry (Simon Wicks) mentioned in your update or in the photos. I thought he was supposed to be joining Michael French (David Wicks) for these episodes. Any word on this?