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Eastenders Ronnie Mitchell On The Run?

Updated on October 3, 2015
Ronnie abandons Baby
Ronnie abandons Baby
but Jack tracks her down and persuades her to come home.
but Jack tracks her down and persuades her to come home.

What will become of Ronnie after the truth comes out?

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Ronnie has become increasingly unstable in recent weeks and is petrified that her baby swap secret is close to being found out. Her strange behavior is not going unnoticed by Sister Roxy and husband Jack either, who have become both worried and confused by recent events. First we saw Ronnie telling a confused Michael that he must never know what her problem is, making him instantly suspicious. The next day he confronted Ronnie about what she said and Ronnie told him that the reason she doesn't like him is because of Baby Tommy, she then went on to tell him that he should have been there when Kat was grieving the loss of their son. This prompts Michael into telling Ronnie a few home truths.

He tells Ronnie that she has no idea of Kat's pain because she is happily married and still has her baby, he then tells her that she is an insult to Kat's pain which reduces Ronnie to tears. Of course Michael knows nothing of Ronnie's history, and the fact that she has already lost a child, but more importantly he has no idea that it was in fact Baby James that died and not his son Tommy at all. After her show down with Michael, Ronnie cant take anymore and leaves the baby with her sister Roxy and walks away from the square.

Roxy is left desperately worried about Ronnie when she fails to return home from the shop, Jack however does not appear quite so concerned about his wife's whereabouts as he is fed up with Ronnie's bizarre behavior. Later Michael feels extremely guilty when Roxy bursts into tears and tells him that Ronnie has gone missing and has left the baby behind. Michael is genuinely concerned about Ronnie and fears his harsh words could be the reason why she left. A worried Roxy starts searching for her sister and finally tracks her down at Aunt Sal's house but Roxy appears very unstable.

Later Jack arrives to make up with his wife but Roxy is initially concerned that Jacks visit will upset her sister even more, however Jack and Ronnie soon have a real heart to heart. Jack asks Ronnie what he has done to upset her so much, and Ronnie assures him that it is nothing he has done, and that it is something else although she fails to reveal what that something else actually is. However Ronnie does agree to return home with him, but later a concerned Roxy tells Jack that she is still very worried about Ronnie's mental state.

As we know the baby reveal is only a few weeks away. Ronnie will start feeling increasingly suffocated by her own thoughts and the seriousness of what she has done, which leads her to eventually giving Baby Tommy back to his parents. We will then see Ronnie hand herself into the police and be jailed while the matter is investigated. However Ronnie will be let out on bail on the day of Tommy's christening which can only been trouble in the square when Kat finds out.

Alfie will be over the moon to have Tommy back and throws himself into fatherhood, however Kat will struggle to bond with her baby after believing she had lost him to cot death. This will be a very testing time for the popular couple, and it remains to be seen whether or not their marriage can survive it!!!


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