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Easy Ways To Make More Money At Your Next Live Show

Updated on June 13, 2013

You do shows because you like them, you get a rush from the crowd and it is a way to make a few more bucks. Here's how you get even more from a single gig.

1. Merchandise

Merchandise is the dead give away for making additional money at a gig. Your fans are already out to support you but what you may be overlooking is the fact that they are there not solely because of your music. Yes they may play your entire album from beginning to end but the big reason they are likely there and not at home or somewhere else is for the experience.

When you talk about your favorite concert to you talk exclusively about the music, chances are that never happens. The same is true of your fans and supporters. They want to see the way you walk across a stage, the lights, and anything else you've got to give them. They are there for the feeling you give them, otherwise they could have just played your music on their CD or computer. Give them something from that experience to walk away with. Offer them something to buy! Have merchandise available for them!

2. Record the Show

Just because a fan is not there does not mean it was by choice. Maybe they had something else scheduled that they could not get out of that night like they were called into work or maybe they were just broke because of an unexpected expense and had to sit this show out. Give them a chance to experience it by recording your performance. The live experience can still be great if people are not there in the flesh as long as they can hear it and if you can video tape it, even better!

Have it available for purchase online after the show. That way the people who were there can tell the rest of their friends that missed you to make sure they come out to your next show as well as your fans and supporters.

3. Think Outside of The Box

You know what your fans like better than any other musician or writer. After all, they liked your music for a reason, because it's you! Think about the things that you like. Do you want to have a kissing booth set up after your set or would you like to make one audience member dinner or do you want to raffle off a chance to go rock climbing with you? The options are as vast as your imagination. If all else fails, ask your fans what they would like to purchase from you. You will likely get some very good and fun answers!


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    • msLarayne profile image

      msLarayne 4 years ago from New York, NY

      @Angela lol yes, I just wrote whatever came to my mind there. I don't think I would have a kissing booth but it was intended for people to think of what their audience would appreciate and to not be afraid to take chances. And I do like the advice you just shared! Keep sharing my friend!

    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 4 years ago from Central Texas

      Excellent writing -- enjoyed this Hub immensely. After 50+ years in the music business, both as an entertainer and in management of an internationally recognized singer/songwriter -- must admit, have yet to see the kissing booth in operation after a show. Interesting suggestion! Perhaps the best music career advice I've ever heard given was "Don't let fame take you where character can't keep you" -- works every time. Again, very enjoyable read and thanks! Best/Sis