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Empire -- Things Get Worse For Jamal And Andre

Updated on October 12, 2016

Mariah Carey debuts as Kitty

It seems this season of Empire is going to get political and in more ways than one. Angelo Dubois, Cookie's potential new boyfriend is a politician dedicated to fighting racism, while Andre runs afoul of two white racist cops while moving things out of his and Rhonda's old place.

Baby Killer knocks on Lucious' door. She complains she's like a prisoner in this house. She wants to be appointed the head of A&R. Lucious getting a blow-job as Baby Killer is talking to him.

Lucious tells Cookie he needs five new songs rom her. She taunts him with going out with Angelo.

Andre leaves police headquarters. As he was about to give a statement to the press, he sees Rhonda in the crowd saying none of this would have happened if she was with him.

Jamal goes to a group therapy on PTSD. His therapist says he needs treatment. Jamal wants to blow it off after the first session.

Andre wants to just let this whole thing go, while both Lucious and Cookie tell him they need to fight this. When Andre storms out, Lucious says he's headed for a world of trouble.

Tyrique spying on people who are associated with Lucious trying to find something on him.

Hakeem not happy Tiana is performing with another rapper. Lucious, again, tries to push Jamal to get back on stage and perform when he says he's going back into the studio to record, while he's sweating like a pig. Hakeem even more pissed when the rapper kisses Tiana on stage. Lucious encourages him to take on the rapper.

Cookie introduces Jamal to Kitty who wants Jamal to go on her South American tour with her. Jamal says he's not performing just yet. Cookie says Lucious is right and he needs to get back on stage. Jamal offers Kitty a proposition.

Lucious offers one of Angelo's kid a chance to record a song.

Jamal cuts a deal with Lucious: if he doesn't release his Black and White album, he'll cut a song with Kitty to release on Empire Extreme.

Shine wants Nessa to sing with Hakeem, but she's not on board helping him trash his ex. So Shine puts her in a choke-hold in front of Hakeem and Hakeem is not impressed with him.

Hakeem goes to Lucious about what Shine did. Lucious says it isn't his fight. Lucious actually takes Shine's side. Lucious is all about Hakeem giving him a song.

Leah confronts Baby Killer for not taking care of her baby. Baby Killer gives the eye to a hot delivery guy.

Cookie visits Angelo. Angelo pissed off about Lucious offering one of his kids a singing contract. Angelo says Cookie needs to undo what Lucious did. Cookie almost storms off when Angelo refers to her as a hustler. Angelo gets Cookie to stay and see what he's trying to do.

It's Andre's day in court. Andre thinks this will be a walk in the park. Andre learns he's being accused of assaulting the two cops that assaulted him. It's a culture shock for him when the white judge treats him like a criminal when he just tries to defend himself. Apparently he's going to have to stand trial on the bogus charges.

Me, the white blogger weighing in. I'm finding this story incredibly heavy-handed and unbelievable. How can he be accused of criminal trespass once the cops know it's his apartment he was in.

Andre's lawyer wants him to plead out. Andre refuses to cut a deal. Lucious tells Andre to get in his limo. Lucious takes the boys on a field trip to them show where they grew-up. Lucious says he's made them weak. He says it's kill or be killed on the streets. Lucious says none of them know they're black. He says he didn't prepare them. When Lucious starts trash-talking Rhonda Andre demands to be let out and Jamal follows him, while Hakeem stays with Lucious.

Lucious thrilled when Hakeem records his Tiana trash-talking rap song.

Lucious comes home to see Baby Killer in his office. She returns the favor and has the delivery guy giving her a blow-job at his desk. She's so pathetic, ridiculous and uninteresting.

Baby Killer reminds him that Lucious better understand if he pushes her she'll push him back. Baby Killer claims she doesn't want to be Mrs. Lyon, anymore. Baby Killers says she's going to do what she wants when she wants or they'll both go down in flames.

Jamal goes and visits Frieda. He starts to freak out when she comes near him and flashes back to her shooting him. He tells her she ruined him when she shot him and then takes off.

Andre catches Jamal popping pills before trying to record his song with Kitty. Jamal pops some more pills without anyone seeing him and is able to perform. Let me guess, Jamal is going to become addicted to pills. Oh, great. Lucious realizes Jamal is high as a kite, but Cookie won't believe it.

Lucious tempts Angelo's protege to sign his contract, but Cookie comes in and tears up the contract and tells him to go to college. She tells him to come back in four years if he's still interested in music.

Angelo thanks her for what she did. She tells him he's not better than her. He claims he respects her. He tries to kiss her but she pulls away.

Jamal finds out that Lucious double-crossed him. Cookie also learns that Lucious took all the songs Cookie produced on Jamal's album and removed them. Cookie says this is personal. Lucious says he's retaking control of Empire and she promises him war if he tries to kick her out.

Andre out walking as he's approached by Tyrique. Andre thinks Tyrique is behind all the charges that have been filed against him. He wants Andre to sell out Lucious for dropping the charges. He threatens to use the system to put the screws on Andre.


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