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Deceptive Commercials, Television Shows: Don't Believe Everything You See

Updated on December 3, 2016
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Predictive Programming

The All-Star Athlete: Not!

So I saw yet another one of those subliminals during an NBA game between Miami Heat and what was the name of the other team in the finals? That's right mind manipulation at it's finest--focus on the team that is predicted to win and forget about the other. So how do they do this? Well just like during the NFL season, subliminals are used to prepare your mind of a certain team's win even if they didn't earn the right to win.

You may have saw the travels not being called by refs, questioned a call or two, but hey it's the usual with you. However, what if that was your son who was being unfairly mistreated, huh!? You would be upset ready to tell someone off, right? But who cares, these players make far too much money--well then again bettors care, don't they, about those so-called bad calls?

Okay, so this time the subliminal used was a quick shot of Lebron holding the championship trophy. Wait a minute, the season isn't over right? Of course not, but that particular night it was a close game and what do you know, Miami Heat won soon after the commercial was aired, hmm. The mind was subliminally prepared for a Miami Heat win even if you thought the Mavericks had a chance.

Game one between the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat brought on one of the best TV ratings since 2004 during game one of the Lakers and Pistons. Reporters contribute the ratings success on key player Lebron James (even though there was also Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki playing in that game.)

There is much video on the Internet circulating of James paying allegiance to his elite affiliations. Conduct research and you will see him performing a number of hand signs (not gang related) during his days playing with Cleveland and more recently at different events.

I challenge readers to question the actions of the teacher's pets, I mean, star athletes on many of these teams. It's fraternal, baby--not your kid's basketball game.

What one will do for the brotherhood?

Sports Scripted? Say it Ain't So...

Come on now, you didn't know? The bad calls, the "out of the blue" team that comes up from behind and suddenly makes it to the playoffs, and the players who have more spotlights on them then a singer on a stage--you didn't know.

Well you and I need to know. We need to answer the "why" questions when we see them in plain site! You see, the reporters aren't going "there." They aren't going to follow up with a question that will d*mn any star athlete, because they know it's far too easy to get fired when one deviates from his editor's script. "What were you thinking when you made that play? What were you looking at when you missed that catch? What did your coach say to you on the sidelines? Do you think the refs missed the call on purpose just so your team could get the unfair lead?" Everything was going good until that last question, some rouge journalist getting suspended or worse fired.

The seasoned sports journalist will let the teacher's pet (I mean star athlete) say whatever he feels like saying with no follow up. "It just happens sometimes...I don't know...It was my bad ankle...well you know I just had knee surgery." Come on now, really? You sure it wasn't because the script was changed--you know your coach gave you "the signal" the one you two discussed in your last meeting? What!?

I recalled many sports athletes and others in the entertainment industry performing some interesting handshakes and hand-signs as if part of some fraternal order, hmmm?! But I guess my eyes deceive sometime. Look up mason handshakes and Illuminati symbolism when you get a chance. Anyway...

Fans can't handle the truth! They don't want anyone digging deep to uncover anything about anything especially when it comes to their beloved sports teams. Start that "conspiracy" talk about football, basketball and other sports scripted with over-paid athletes acting out their parts, and the fire-breathing fan will shut you up with, "You don't know what you are talking was just a mistake...the refs make bad calls all the time!" But why? Why do refs still make so many bad calls even with television replay nowadays? Why do athletes get paid so much money? Why don't they serve time in jail like any ordinary person? How is it that they can come back to a team even when they have done wrong? Why don't people question the outside affiliations of those who run the different sports leagues?" We could go on and on with the questions, but for one person I know, it made her "head hurt to think."

Money, money, money is what motivates the story-lines these days in sports. It was easy to point the finger at WWE and talk about how "fake" it is, but don't you dare talk about American football and other sports. It's easy to point the finger at "those other countries rigging sports," but don't you dare look at what goes on in our own backyards.

Diversions and plenty of them occur on football fields everywhere to keep your eyes looking at whatever it is that the men at the top (those higher than the owners) want you to see. The camera zooms in on the man down, but overlooks the hit another player took that should have been called. Viewers may read a few lips here and there in the VIP booth or on the sidelines that they shouldn't be seeing, uh oh, better get some action on the field to cover up the cover up.

We can debate all day long why donkeys fly and why Santa is real, but seriously folks do you really want to go there? Let's head on over to places like YouTube and see what folks have uploaded when it comes to sports being rigged and let's check out a great book on this topic called, The Fix is In and then while we are getting our head wrapped around the question of "Is sports rigged?" Let's visit a few forums. It seems that there are some people who know more about the industry than we do, spent an awful lot of man hours researching it, and have some ears on the inside that know the truth. I'm always interested in learning more, what about you?

After the smoke has cleared from all our research, when our delicate emotions subside, and the head stops aching from all the evidence that is floating around the Internet about this subject, we should then teach our children the truth and try to stay calm when a favorite team doesn't win--"it was all in the script," we should remind ourselves.

I can't help but think of all the women who got violently beaten, because their men couldn't handle their teams losing along with the fact that they lost all their hard-earned money betting on them. I can't put the thought out of my mind that many black boys from the ghetto are being treated like new age slaves being told they will be "like Mike" (their ancestors served master on the cotton fields and now they are serving master on the artificial field.) I think of all the families that have to "be quiet and just watch the game" this holiday season never really getting the opportunity to enjoy one another (not to mention celebrate Christ's birth.) I feel sick to my stomach when I see yet another child wearing a player's number on his back. I am sadden for the many relationships that were "meant to be" only ended up being "meant to not," because someone just couldn't shut off the fr**king TV!

Maybe if we can look at the truth from this angle; instead of through the lens that the elite power structures give us, then we won't be so offended when more and more voices come out and confirm, "sports are scripted" and besides it won't keep too many people from watching, you see how long daytime soaps have lasted? So, why bother to take television sports so seriously, life goes on with or without the game?

Commercial Prepared Us For Packers Win

Just before the fourth quarter during Super Bowl 2011, there was a commercial that had been put together with a combination of television programs where actors and cartoons were preparing for Super Bowl events. Most scenes showed someone answering a door and guests coming over to watch the game, snacks, TV watching, and joyous celebrations over a team win. You see many football teams that didn't make it to the Super Bowl. But if you paid careful attention, at the end of all the spliced shows, the last scene you see is the Fonz holding up a hand sign that reads, "Packers #1" and behind him there is Packer fan stuff like a helmet and other green and yellow stuff.

Now what is interesting to me is that something similar happened when I watched games in the past. Just before the last quarter there was subliminal messaging used in commercials letting you know who was going to win in advance. In the commercial previously mentioned, there was no Steeler symbolism. So I told the person I was watching the game with, "Oh no the Steelers aren't going to win! Did you see it? They just prepared us subliminally for the loss!"

Interesting enough, if anyone took the time to research, prior to the Packers Super Bowl win, you will notice that both overtly and covertly we were being told the Steelers weren't going to win. But diehard Steeler fans didn't want to hear it. How many times did we see Ben's past issues resurface before, during and even after the game? There were even reports that Ben was the most disliked player in the Super Bowl.

Here's a word of advice: when you want to pick a winner for any game, never go with the obvious -- you know the information you are presented with in plain view. Rather, pay attention to the subliminal messages in your commercials, television interviews, and shows. Listen to rogue commentators with inside information and excellent research skills. Avoid the "manufactured" commentators in mainstream media--they are well polished to throw you off.

Excellent radio interview with author from the "Fix is In"

Old Re-Runs in Black and White

Your favorite movie from the 90s appears on TV for almost a week. The lead actor has a marathon of movies that run back-to-back over the weekend and then, lo and behold, he just so happens to be marketing a new movie on various talk show circuits. Looks like someone was preparing you for what was to come and he needs your charitable contribution--"Go to the movies dummy and see my movie! I need you to help me meet my expensive car note, my high price mortgage and help me pay for my plastic surgery to keep me looking better than you! Oh by the way, thanks."

Now flashback to some of those old black and white movies complete with racial insults, anger, racial and gender oppression, and brainwashing like a disdain for "dem dar foreigners!" How might these old TV series impact society in a positive way by repeating them on a daily basis on a cable television network?

Re-runs there are those television shows and movies we simply love and others we wish were never written! Oftentimes we are so caught up in the moment of seeing an old movie we hadn't seen in years that we overlook the hidden meaning. Ask yourself, "Why would this movie be on at this particular time on this particular day?" I recall a few Christmas movies were being repeated quite frequently on one cable station as early as July and then again sometime around Halloween. The motive: to put one's subconscious mind (more like a particular buyer's market) in the mood to buy in large amounts around Xmas time.

Re-runs tell a story of the past, a time where certain societal highs or lows had occurred which impacted individuals for good or bad, but somewhere a group benefited. What better way then to use the power of TV to recreate history?! Therefore, manipulate people's minds into going back to a time where they were most familiar in order to get them to react once again to a particular group of people, a certain agenda, politicians, religion, education, etc.--you name it! Add a little music, colorful pictures, nice quotes and other things to make the message palatable. Oh those good ole days are here again--not! History only repeats itself.

Fake News Coverage For Real?

Take a look at some of the tactics some so-called legitimate news sources will do to convince you that coverage is real!  Beware of the new age journalist, he or she is only acting like a journalist! In journalism 101, you report the news, you ask the five Ws and the H, you don't attack or belittle the person you are interviewing -- you seek the truth and when you don't get it, you don't digress, you keep asking in as many different ways you can think!  The new age journalist is putting his or her facial expressions, reactions and opinion in the news.  He/she is asking dumb questions, accepting any answer the journalist is told by superiors to accept, avoiding the infamous follow up, and most of all more interested in friendship and connections then truth!  So-called journalists are "acting the part" complete with colorful distractions and backdrops. Here's one example:

Reality Shows, Movies are Similar to Commercials

If you have ever spent time watching the scenes and the products beyond the characters in reality shows and commercials, then you know you are being subtly programmed to buy the products and services showcased or verbally mentioned. How many people will research a website discussed or blatantly promoted on a show? How many will get some ideas on what to buy next because a celebrity is talking about a particular cell phone, outfit, handbag, shoes, etc.? What a great way to market for top designers, hair stylists, and more--use a TV show? If the celebrity draws attention to something on his or her body or surroundings, most likely the poor, broke, busted and disgusted public will look into it.

When you are feeling down, unappreciated and money is low, what do you do? You tend to your fleshly desires. You eat, you shop, and do the kind of things that make you feel better. So when someone who looks nice and stands amongst a pretty setting with other attractive looking people, you are motivated to think and act differently. For some people, if they watch certain programs long enough they begin to talk like the characters and will go so far as to change their way of life because so and so did this or that.

A couple years ago I wrote an entry for this site about a few reality shows. What is interesting is those who got their own television shows were entertainers that hadn't done anything significant in recent years. Others did well on other shows and so the production company thought it would be smart to tap into the entertainer's market base for their project. At the same time, communicating various messages to move the public to assist with this agenda and that one. For instance, Chilli's show was used to sow a seed in many black women's minds about dating white men. We saw repeated messages elsewhere in magazines, movies and more around that time. Basketball Wives was used to encourage women to, on a subconscious level, watch more basketball; therefore increasing viewer ratings. More women have watched NFL football games over the years then ever before so it would make sense that the NBA would try different strategies to grow their audiences. Then there was Brandy and Ray J's show which provided a myriad of messages including: how the entertainment industry has grown dark and what you have to do to get ahead (basically sell-out). In an interesting way, this show was kind of a motivation for blacks, that is if they could look beyond the deception to buy things like jewelry and cars, to start their own businesses and push our young people to home in on their talents.

If one can look beyond the materialism found in many reality shows and movies, one can get ahead by seeking the meaning behind the message and going down an opposite path that isn't about filling elite organizations' pockets. Rather than thinking about being the next best actor, rapper, singer, etc. or dressing or talking like them, a young person might consider looking at other industries. Hopefully, instead of being workers all their lives, they can formulate their own organizations and be owners of businesses and draw masses to their companies. In time, overthrowing the small group of families at the top who own most of media. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Then maybe, just maybe, we will see more positive shows without so much greed, drama, mayhem, and evil.

Ray J, Brandy, Chilli, & Basketball Wives: What is Really Going on?

Reality shows gone wild when it comes to family and relationship drama. Beginning with Ray J and Brandy, what is really the purpose of such a show? Think: a weekly commercial advertising two talented or talentless entertainers (depending on who you talk to) who need money and lots of it to pay the people who need them back out there in the spotlight. The typical over-the-top manager mother (or father) who markets his or her children for that most coveted life of retirement is evident. Yet, what makes this show interesting is the children are now grown-ups who want to take control over their own careers, but at the same time are still very much children themselves. So what's wrong with the show you might ask? Nothing really until you delve deep and realize that Brandy who is now Bran Nu is really doing just another Beyonce/ Sasha Fierce move, and a good girl gone bad Rihanna and Britanny Spears move. Ms. Brandy and the family have sold out just like all the rest! The same elite power behind Jay-Z, Beyonce, Keri Hilson, R Kelly, and any other multi-million dollar recording artist is behind this show too and all its scripted mess! Where is the pyramid and devil horns, you might ask? Coming soon...

Ms. Sonja represents the old school when things weren't as "dark" as they are now not to say it didn't exist, because the devil has always been around propositioning new artist to do the unthinkable for a few dollars, a house, car, money and more. The "dark" side which Sonja referred to the entertainment industry as such has claimed her daughter and son, mom has just grown tired of having to roll with the punches and besides she wouldn't make a good fit since she doesn't like to do as the Romans do anyway. Sonja wants to walk away from it all, so she says (retire), but really? Her actions in the show these days seem to say, "I am still your mother," it won't be so easy when the role as mom and manager keep colliding. In various episodes, I noticed the presence of an unholy connection is definitely in the midst with Ray J.

Besides drinking and partying, the suttle expression like wearing his sunglasses indoors when conversing about business (deceiving the public with one story by letting those in power know he is following with whatever their plan is) then removing his shades when he is done deceiving viewers. (You will see more of this in upcoming episodes. Don't believe what is being said, do your research.) For example, the kitchen scene where he is trying to explain why his mother is upset choosing to stay up in her room and not be around the family. He gives reasons related to the unwelcome visit of the stripper, the way his friends behaved, and Brandy and the father seeming to go along with the conduct in the office. However, the truth is this mother is upset with Brand Nu, who is selling her soul for more money and fame to get back into the business by coming hard (without mommy.) This mother saw the days she created a Brandy that was innocent, likeable, sweet, and kind, but these days the elite says that's not making us money. If Sonja hadn't played such a heavy part in creating Brandy, she probably wouldn't take it so personal. In addition, throw in the fact that mother/manager won't be getting a cut out of her children's money one day soon. However, what really hurts this mother more than we know is she is aware that the very industry she brought her babies into is going to make slaves out of them. The very industry that she played is now playing her babies -- what mother wouldn't stay up in her room and mourn?

Mr. Ray J, who deceptively spoke with those dark shades, let his elite know, "I am just deceiving the public right now, because I will not tell what's really going on." Good job, Ray J. Otherwise, you know the consequences if you open your mouth. Bran Nu is not anyone's friend. She isn't the one who would sing, "whenever I'm down I call on you my friend to help me make it through in my time of need..." Ray J! Rather she would sing this part only, "friends may come and friends may go..." Bran Nu doesn't have our back or your back Ray, it isn't automatic. You should know this man! These were words that the innocent Brandy with braids in her hair sang in her heyday back in the 90s made her millions, but what is Bran Nu going to do? Kill, steal and destroy just like Sasha Fierce shaking her body all over the tv screen, just like Rihanna walking with her booty cheeks hanging out -- that's right cry Sonja!

The things people will sell to make a come back. God's watching Brandy and I know you know God. Oh and did I mention that Bran Nu paraded around stage with a style very similar to Rihanna's Umbrella video and Sasha Fierce's Put A Ring On It video. In both videos, the women are showing off their thighs looks like sexuality is an allegiance to the powers that be -- evil men who own them and who also serve recognize the baphomet. Ray J mentioned in the stripper episode when he was talking to the office assistant and friend of the family, that "I am the business" and "I set this whole thing up!" You sure did Ray J, you sold out.

So let's talk Chilli. With TBoz looking older and not so healthy in the face these days and Left Eye Lopez gone, what will we do for a man and/or career? How about we do both? We make our comeback by seeking a man (unlike the biblical scripture that says a man is supposed to find you, Chilli, better stop worrying over pork and get back to your spiritual roots) while getting some TV time to drop a future solo album, huh? I see just another weekly television commercial with this one too. Someone or group selling pretty, young-looking Chilli to stay employed. I wonder who is her master? The same one TLC was all too familiar with back when they sold their millions. I recently thought about what Left Eye could have been thinking about the day she was driving so fast and wrecked. She wasn't interested in any reunions prior to her death.

As for Basketball Wives, well can I just say that no one really thought carefully before releasing this show, because if they did, they would have realized that at some point an athlete or athletes would be putting one's business out in the street. Therefore, the wives would find out and run off the mouth they would go! We see one wife's mouth is already muzzled, Shaunie, Shaquille ONeil's wife. She was legally reprimanded by her husband's legal team not to make reference of him in the show. So if you were wondering, "What happened to Shaunie and how come she doesn't talk about her marriage?" Because Shaquille silenced her legally that's why. So this show really isn't much of a show if we don't see every other episode with a wife approaching a groupie about a rumor or a fact, but how long will that keep viewers watching? I don't know about you, but I want some inside scoop, truth, not some reality hocus pocus.

All of these shows are scripted by their masters and will play out the way their masters see fit. If a scene is too dull or boring, they will spice it up a bit. For example, the glass of water being thrown on the groupie in Basketball Wives, the stripper being sent up into Ray J's office in Brandy and Ray J's show or the interference of Chilli's coach when she was talking to her white suitor "...kiss her" -- interracial romances still aren't that accepting on TV and from Chilli's reaction she wasn't giving the white guy a chance either. All of these scripted scenes just to keep us entertained and also to throw us off track in case we see flaws in the storyline, the cast, or simply get bored and turn the channel.

These reality shows are being run by elite organizations who could care less about African American image, culture, slavery etc. As far as their concerned, blacks should be happy they even got a show! The more drama the better! I guess its better than another black comedy show that's here today and gone tomorrow. Stay tuned...

The Latest Old Spice Commercial

Funny black man directs your attention to object now back to him now back to object now back to him. He stands with no shirt on in the shower, on a boat, riding a white horse wearing white pants and talks proper. A good laugh to say the least, but will product sales increase? Who knows?

I didn't find anything deceitful about this commercial, just foolish especially since there is a sexual subliminal message with a slightly exaggerated part of the male anatomy poking up on of all things a black man sitting on a horse, can we say stereotypical? LOL Look closely.

Old Spice Commercial

Superbowl Commercials

It is the biggest audience of the year seated in front of the television, Super Bowl viewers. Companies spend huge amounts of money for their commercial spots. Because they know the bigger the audience, the more likely people will buy their product or buy into their truth or false teaching whichever makes the most money.

Is it just me or does every company that markets during the Super Bowl have some kind of agenda?

During the 2010 Super Bowl, we saw many commercials promoting different things, some had common themes such as men walking around in underwear or none at all and people being physically violent toward one another. Definitely not a family oriented message! I wonder how many children will be disciplined during the week following the Super Bowl because they insist on hitting one another in the back of the head, tackling the elderly, or taking their pants down and walking through the hallways of school in their underwear?

Viewers also saw the strangely popular, yet entertaining, commercials like the babies seated in the airplane chit-chatting by way of an adult male voice-over. We also saw car commercials with big messages causing an upset for some men and women online. I wonder how many couples went to bed angry at one another because the commercials triggered some tense emotions? She recalls, he bought a car with the joint bank account, because he felt he deserved it or she will go out and buy one for him, because she feels he deserves it until he messes up. The Dodge Charger commercial messages at times fueled battles between sexes online, because the voice-over in the commercial listed the demands that women and society have placed on men, but when all is said and done, according to the commercials, a man has one thing, complete control over his car!

So what is the problem? None I don't guess. It all depends on who you talk to. But I do wonder if those who support the gay agenda had something to do with all the sexual innuendos in the Bud Light commercials and a hint of lesbianism in the Go Daddy ad with Danica Patrick. Viewers also took notice of the commercial ad from Focus on the Family regarding abortion. It didn't come across as controversial as some of the media hyped it up to be prior to its airing.

People who simply want to be entertained, nothing more nothing less, won't think deeply about what they see, but their subconscious mind will. Those who understand decepetive advertising and the psychology behind the power of suggestion, know that the creator(s) always have a reason for why they do what they do. Throw in the Beyonce ad with all its sci-fi, futuristic, robotic looking sceneries and you got yourself another agenda -- a future of robotic humans compliments from those who have been working diligently on a New World Order.

Stay tuned...

Prescription Drug Commercials

You have watched them in between your favorite shows, drug advertisements. The depressed woman, the man in agony, or the smiling people walking along a busy street. The name of the drug is displayed a few times or more while music plays. Toward the end someone is warning you in a rapidly speaking voice of all the side effects. The message is in very fine print and flashes quickly before your eyes.

You look over at your partner or relative after the commercial is over, "Now what was that for?" He or she has no idea, but they do remember the pretty scenery or attractive looking man or woman.

Anyone who is stressed by various life circumstances or is in constant pain wants to feel better. For some people God just isn't moving fast enough, so off they go asking the doctor about that commercial they saw for a drug that made people feel good again.

There's just one problem, what about those side effects? Unless you do extensive research especially under the term "class action lawsuit" along with the name of the drug, you just don't know how the pills will impact the rest of your body. For some people they unfortunately discovered strange tumors, weird sensations, rapid heartbeats, and other peculiar things happening in their bodies when it was far too late. Now deceased, their families are fighting with drug companies.

I use to work for a pharmaceutical company that tested new drugs on real people not animals. I was responsible for tabulating the results of the tests I received from the nurses in databases. The nurses would monitor the subjects' behavior while on the test drug. I can tell you that some of the people had dangerously low heart rates, others had breathing problems, dizziness, stomach aches, and a host of other issues while taking the drugs. In some cases, ambulances had to be called to the scene.

These people who participated in these tests were desperate for cash. Homeless people, students, stay-at-home mothers, the unemployed, retirees, and people just looking for some extra cash walked through the doors only to be told, "Don't worry. This is a controlled-study. We will take good care of you. You will have to stay overnight, so bring an overnight bag. We will feed you. You can play games, watch movies or socialize with other participants."

These people were usually low-income. Some would repeatedly come each week looking for another study to participate in. Their lives meant nothing when it came to the $25 for the topical cream studies up to $400 for studies that required them to leave and return after taking a certain pill or receiving a shot. Some stayed for the weekend while others stayed for just a night.

So when you hear in a prescription drug commercial a voice talk about all the side effects, remember there were real people who took the drug and complained about all those things, that's why they are revealed to you.  Also consider this, someone died for the money and supposedly to help us while staff told them that they would monitor him or her.

If you don't have to take a prescription drug, don't. Ask yor doctor or find a professional who will support your decision to take a vitamin or herbal supplement instead or share with you what you will have to do to recover.

God bless.

Deceptive Advertising of Food & Drink

 Most of us fall for the old mouthwatering picture trick!  The water dripping ever so slowly down the side of a favorite soda (or pop) can.  The sandwhich so juicy, so fresh looking!  WOW!  Doesn't the image make you want to go to the restaurant that night especially if you know you don't have anything that even looks a little bit like what you just saw on TV.

How do they do it?  From adding various things to the milk to make it look more white and thick to spraying the burger with a little bit of water, advertisers know just what to do to make a product look more appealing.  How do they know?  Because they interview you first.

You will notice that many sites online offer opportunities for you to take surveys.  This is so that they know what to say and do to please you in the future (sounds like a man chasing after a woman, huh?)  Meanwhile, you are watching the commercial thinking, "I could sure use that..."  Gotcha!

Now there is nothing wrong with trying to get any one of us to buy a product, but where the fine line of right and wrong is crossed is when you go to the establishment and find that the burger isn't as big as they claim, the product doesn't look as fresh as the commercial, and the drink doesn't taste as good as the actor suggests.  It would be nice if some people would get together and start suing some of these companies.

I don't know about you, but I don't like anyone lying to me.

Deceptive Televangelists

You are flipping through the television channels one day and notice a minister speaking a word over your life that is compelling. You feel like God was definitely using that man or woman to talk to you. Most likely he was, at least for that moment; however many don't understand that just because the television minister was used on Tuesday is not a clear and definite sign you should be sitting in front of the television every night listening to this flawed man or woman until Sunday when you are headed to church.

There are many outward and hidden signs that tell you whether or not a certain televangelist is someone you should be following. You will definitely need to start opening your Bible to see if what they are doing, not so much what they are saying, is godly.

Let's begin with the prosperity message. If you are unfamiliar with this message it is one that is very popular amongst many television ministers. It is one that tells you to believe in God's word, usually the minister twists it around so that it fits his or her message, do as it says (only providing you with a very small excerpt of the scripture,) and most of all "send us some money" so that God can bless you. Sometimes the minister gives you a particular amount and proclaims something like this, "God told me that those of you who are watching will receive your blessing today if you just send $77.77 cents." So you do and nothing happens or you do and something does happen. Consider this, was it something that you had already set in motion BEFORE the minister said send in the money? Most likely it was, so your blessing was on its way whether you sent that money in to the ministry or not. Some ministers will say, "Well the money you let go of released God's hand to move on your situation." Really? The God of Moses, Abraham, Job, David, Daniel, Mary, Sara, Ester, Hannah and many other saints of the Bible just doesn't operate that way. Instead, he would more likely prompt you and I to make a sacrifice of some sort like give up certain sins than our money! Galatians 5

Another message ministers tend to preach about besides money, even though they always find a way back to it by the end of the broadcast, is all the wonderful and beautiful things God does for us even in our sin. That's all well and good, but the truth of the matter is that anyone who chooses to sincerely walk with God will find out quickly that he isn't interested in making us feel good all the time especially if we are outside of his will. We learn quickly that if we break promises, swear at God, mock him, or do malicious things to others, he will smack us back into reality by presenting us with some of the most challenging situations. They can be so overwhelming that we have no choice but to fall on our needs and cry, "I give up Lord...I'm sorry." If you need an example of God allowing people to suffer as a result of something they did or said that upset his order, hurt others or worse yet put them out of God's will, read the book of Psalms, the book of Job, and the old testament is full of disobedient believers for starters. David was a man after God's own heart, but it didn't keep him from falling by the wayside and experiencing God's wrath for his sins.

There are many other messages, but I would like to end this hub page with the televangelists' speeches that purposely leave out hell and what you can do to get there. Not a popular message and it doesn't win anyone to church like it use to. Rather the minister purposely leaves hell out of his message or softens it so that it has no effect on your spirit. He or she may even avoid all topics related to Lucifer (also knwn as Satan, devil, demon etc.) so as not to offend. Doing this, makes people, especially those who don't read their Bible, think that they are naturally a good person because they now tune into TV church or have joined "a Bible believing church near you." But those who read their Bible know that no one is good but the Father. We have all fallen short. Drawing near to God doesn't make you and I little gods, it makes you and I in need of a Savior.

Now that I have shared these false messages with you, I would like to say that just as these ministers can sugarcoat the truth, tell lies and do other things to lead God's people astray. They can also participate in activities outside of the church that have nothing to do with God, even though certain groups would like to make you and I think differently. What might these groups be? You might ask. Well for starters, I found some interesting photos on the web. These photos weren't "doctored up." They were legitimate photos of ministers posing in ways that are affiliated with Freemasonry. Now why would popular ministers pose with folded hands below the belt line or clasp hands in awkward ways on the cover of books? Could it be that some powerful group affiliated with demonic activity is funding their church? Some of these same ministers will shake hands the way that Masons do when greeting their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. They would only do these things unless they were connected.

As I performed research on the Internet I uncovered more and more information that led me to believe that many, if not all of them, are affiliated with very powerful groups (that aren't Christian.) These groups are responsible for orchestrating the television ministers marketing campaigns and appearances, his or her business connections and functions, and other things that keep their puppet strings pulled on television. The truth really shows up nearing a presidential campaign. The hand signs and symbolism fly on the television screen while you look at the ministers strange disposition and say to yourself, "Why is acting like that? Why is he shaking that man's hand so weak like that? Why is his wife making that hand sign?"

Strange as it may seem, but behind the scenes just like secular celebrities, these television ministers want to maintain their following and stay in favor with those who are willing to keep financing their ministry. The newcomers are hoping to get huge congregations as well not realizing that their mentors sold their souls to the devil a long time ago!

Now I don't want to use this Hub to name any names; rather, I will direct you to some websites and videos I think you might find interesting.

Freemason Ministers

False Teachers, False Prophets

Please note: Some television ministers have ordered damning videos be taken down due to copyright issues. Although true, the videos were uploaded by users of video sites like YouTube without permission, this move doesn't take away from the truth, that these ministers are twisting scripture to gain more church members; therefore creating more wealth for self, staff and ultimately the elite.

Many of these ministers, especially televangelists, also have Freemasonry or Eastern Star ties which requires them to stay true to the brotherhood or sisterhood. As those of us who are believers know, you cannot be a part of any secret or public organization that requires you to lie, manipulate, kill, steal or do anything else for your brother. Nor can you serve idols especially one known as the Baphomet and call yourself a child of God!

When a Fast Food Commercial was Simple

Deceptive Superbowl Ads

Commercials are not Harmless, They can be Harmful If You're Not Discerning

When you pay for cable, you can't help but pay for commercials too. They are there to persuade you--to get you to do as your told. If I have a product I want you to buy then I have to convince you why you need it. However, sometimes it isn't about the product so much as the message behind it. Maybe you have been reacting to media messages in such a way via news that isn't good for my business; therefore, I have to come up with a way to get you to listen to my message. What better way then a commercial? But it has to be entertaining, I have to move your mind, body and spirit. A little music, a strange act, an alluring color, a seductive voice--oh what will it take? Well if you aren't so moved, your child will be...heck even your dog!

Welcome to a page that unveils the truth behind the advertising that you, that's right you help the wicked gods brainwash you with. A systematic way the evil one--Satan/Lucifer/Prince of Air uses what appears to be harmless commercials to kill you ultimately with the side effects from harmful pharmaceuticals to violent media to destroy your relationship with your Creator by appeasing your flesh at least temporarily (until you are called back into reality by your attention-starved family wondering when you are going to stop watching TV long enough to tend to them. Then of course, Satan's worshipers steal our money with yet another good-for-nothing product.

Awake! Don't be lulled to sleep by deceptive advertising, evil messages, and corrupt philosophies via commercials. Those jingles and beautiful people have a way of doing just that!


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