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Expressive Photographic Images

Updated on August 22, 2016
Little Flirt Copyright Ruth Kongaika
Little Flirt Copyright Ruth Kongaika

Grandchildren are so much fun. I guess because I do not have personal responsibility for their upbringing, I can relax and enjoy them more. I also find I have more time, as a grandparent, to just watch them and be their friend. We have twelve lovely little grandkids, each with their own peculiarities and personalities. Some are definitely divas while others are very modest. This is a fun little hub with a few of the stand-out pictures we have captured throughout the years. Hope you enjoy them.

It is difficult for little children to learn how to wink. This little fellow definitely has it down and wants you to know it! Ready for a little flirting...

Below is a picture of my granddaughter after we went for a walk. We gathered up some beautiful flowers that were on the way. She held them up to her face and gave me a pretty smile. This is the result. I have precious memories of those days.

For the Love of Flowers Copyright Ruth Kongaika
For the Love of Flowers Copyright Ruth Kongaika
Stinkeye Copyright Jacob Kongaika
Stinkeye Copyright Jacob Kongaika

Here in Hawaii, when you don't like something or someone, you give good old "stink eye". You don't really need to say anything, 'cause your expression says it all.

This little granddaughter has it down pretty good! She was born and raised in Hawaii, so she learned young to say it with the eyebrows.

According to the urban dictionary, stink eye is the Hawaiian pidgin term for hard, scornful stare. It is also known as a surfer term for a lingering dirty look.

Half Monkey Copyright Ruth Kongaika
Half Monkey Copyright Ruth Kongaika

We have one grandson who is always climbing - chairs, trees, walls, pretty much anything that he can get a grip on. One day after going out to dinner, I was attempting to put the kids in the car and found him hanging upside down like this. Not too many kids think to hang on the inside of the car, but of course, he did. I think he is half monkey.

In the same family, we have a very studious little gentleman. Before he could really read, he would attempt to write down his own shopping list and take it with him as we would shop around the store. He was very proud of his shopping list - he could even read it, but I couldn't! Maybe you can!

Copyright Jacob Kongaika
Copyright Jacob Kongaika | Source
Let Me Entertain You Copyright Ruth Kongaika
Let Me Entertain You Copyright Ruth Kongaika

One of our favorite things to do is go to the beach. At one point, as a Grandma, I got the idea of buying a ukulele and some Hawaiian costume items to take along in case I could get one of the grandchildren to wear them long enough to take a fun picture. This little granddaughter was more than willing to show her skills in playing and singing for Grandma. Isn't she adorable?

Since I am married to a Tongan, and I am blonde and blue-eyed, we have our own little united nations amongst our grandchildren. We have a couple of blue-eyed ones, and then several middle shade tans with light brown eyes, and a few darker shades with dark brown eyes. Some have straight hair and a few curly hair.

This is deep sand! Copyright Ruth Kongaika
This is deep sand! Copyright Ruth Kongaika

One of the older grandchildren loved playing in the sand. She was so excited one day when the sand was very deep and she left her footprints in the sand and gave me this look of joy.

Humility Copyright Siope Kinikini (son-in-law)
Humility Copyright Siope Kinikini (son-in-law)

One of my granddaughters always reminds us to pray when we eat. She is a sweet, and humble little blessing in my life. Here she is humbly bowing her head and folding her arms in preparation for a prayer.

Then there is my other granddaughter who is so dramatic in most things she does. She is a leader and tries to boss all the rest of the kids around (some follow her, others don't!). Here she is showing off on the rocks at Alligator Pond near our home.

Copyright Ruth Kongaika
Copyright Ruth Kongaika
Don't mess with me! Copyright Ruth Kongaika
Don't mess with me! Copyright Ruth Kongaika

This little grandson is usually pretty mellow, but he can look pretty intimidating, too. He was putting on his best "Don't mess with me" face one day while we were awaiting a show at the Sealife Park. Pretty scarey, I'd say!

Below is our youngest granddaughter with her Grandpa, obviously enthralled with the specimens in the large fish tank.

Fun with Grandpa.   Copyright Ruth Kongaika
Fun with Grandpa. Copyright Ruth Kongaika
Trouble maker   Copyright Ruth Kongaika
Trouble maker Copyright Ruth Kongaika

Of course with siblings and cousins, you always have a bad egg (troublemaker). Here our oldest grandson is showing who is boss by wrenching the fingers of his brother. Love the mischievous look!

Just to show that he isn't "all bad", I added the one below to show his cute dimple. We have a lot of fun together.

All about fun! Copyright Ruth Kongaika
All about fun! Copyright Ruth Kongaika
Usually Bashful Copyright Ruth Kongaika
Usually Bashful Copyright Ruth Kongaika

One of our little grandsons is usually so bashful. He hardly talks or causes trouble, but is always bouncing around on the furniture and has a lot of nervous energy.

Here he is at one of his birthday celebrations with a happy smile.

Silly Sisters Copyright Ruth Kongaika
Silly Sisters Copyright Ruth Kongaika

Here are two silly sisters trying to control their excitement about Christmas - it's not working too well. The holidays are always such a fun time for children.

We are so glad that we will be able to spend Christmas with most of our grandchildren this year. I hope to get some more expressive photographs of them this year.

Below are two of my grandchildren getting along like best friends. My wish is that they will always remain close and loving to one another.

Cousins Copyright Ruth Kongaika
Cousins Copyright Ruth Kongaika
Eyes are the windows to the soul Copyright Ruth Kongaika
Eyes are the windows to the soul Copyright Ruth Kongaika

I love to look into the eyes of my youngest granddaughter. She was born with spina bifida and is unable to walk. Heavenly Father sent her to our family for us to love and care for. She is a very special child, and has a strong will and spirit. She has the prettiest blue eyes. She loves to sing and dance with her arms and upper body. We are learning so much about her and ourselves as we grow together. All children are gifts from God.

Innocence Copyright Ruth Kongaika
Innocence Copyright Ruth Kongaika

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