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Updated on February 28, 2011


Here's some fun stuff that will get you thinking past level one, a few tricks you can pull on your friends and other assorted goodies that might just put a smile on your face. Ya ready?

1…Have you ever considered how deep the ocean would be if it weren’t for all the sponges?

2…A tungsten filament in a light bulb glows white hot while spitting out trillions of photons (visible light) from the surface of the filament. If the electricity was turned off, which would become dark first: (A) The area at the light bulb filament? Or (B) The far side of the room? Remember, the incandescent filament has to cool down.

3…You’re traveling in your car, in space, at the speed of light and you turn on your headlights. Would they come on?

4…You and I are standing next to each other on earth looking out into space where there is a visible cosmic blast wave coming from a supernova, traveling at the speed of light that’s just about ready to reach earth for the first time. I am waiting to see the wave with no optical aid at all, Just my naked eyes. You on the other hand are looking through a high powered set of binoculars. (A) Will I see the wave first? (B) Will you see the wave before me? Or (C) Will we both see the wave reach us at the exact same time? Why? And yeah, I know, how did I know the wave was coming? Let's just say I got a call from a friend I know on Rigel 12.

5…What do you suppose weighs more; A pound of distilled water or 16 ounces of chunky style peanut butter?

6…A rich guy has a blind butler that he asks to go upstairs and get him a matching pair of socks out of his sock draw. In this draw, there are 25 pair of white socks and 25 pair of black socks but they’re all mixed up. What is the minimum amount of individual socks the butler must take in order to insure bringing back a matching pair?

7…A man standing on earth with his arm and pistol barrel parallel to the earth’s axis fires a shot. Does the bullet immediately succumb to earth’s gravity and begin to fall the split second it leaves the gun barrel? Or will the bullet, for a time, follow the parallel axis before it begins to fall inward?

8…If you reverse the polarity of the Energizer Bunnies batteries, will he keep coming and coming and coming?

9…If you eat a pound of pasta and then a pound of antipasta, would you still be hungry?

10...If you deliberately try to fail at doing something and succeed, which have you done?

11…In China, what do they call the “good plates” they bring out for holidays and occasions?

12…If during a conversation, a person claims he’s “speechless”, how is it he manages to state the fact?

13…Is there such a thing as a “male” Ladybug?

14…Why are there braille dots on a “DRIVE IN” ATM machine?

15…If you jog backwards, will you gain weight?

16…Did you know there was a new piece in the old rocks, paper, scissors game? Yeah!…It’s a vagina. IT BEATS EVERYTHING!

17…OK, here’s one you’ll never get. What part of a girl’s body should NEVER move while she’s dancing?.........................slwob reH

18…Here’s a cute one of my favorites…A guy pulls up to a drive in restaurant in a big Caddy. As he gets his food, he reaches into his pocket to get some change and mixed in with the change are a couple of golf tees. The girl on skates asks, “What are those for sir?” He replies: “Oh, I rest my balls on them while I’m driving.” The girl replies: “Geese, how about that! What will the Cadillac people think up next?”

19…This is the very best, all time, pick-up line ever. Works every time. “I got a gun, get in the car.”

20…Some guys are just flat out stupid........ Ring Ring: Husband picks up the phone: “Hello…..No I don’t know, why don’t you call the weather bureau?” Wife asks: “Who was that dear?” Husband: “I don’t know. Some fool wanted to know if the coast was clear.”

21…How many “F’s” are in the following sentence? Bet you get it wrong…………….”Finished files are the results of years of scientific study combined with the experience of years.”……………………………evif naht erom enO

22…Here’s a cool poem: ODE TO CHERNOBLE. "Oh mister cloud, what did you do? Once I had one head, now I have two!”

23…One more phone bit and I’ll let you get back to work. This time, in order to pull it off, on the sly, you use your cell phone to call the house phone and you answer it…Ring Ring “Hello: Police department? You say the body of my mother in law was washed up on the beach with a lobster hanging off each of her big toes and you want to know what to do about it? Well hell! Rush the lobsters down here right-a-way and reset the bait!” Then hang up, be cool, and wait for the reactions.

24…OK OK, one more. Here's a great party trick you can easily do for kids and adults alike. You’ll need a quarter and a dish towel. Let’s say you have ten people you want to pull the trick on. Way before you even mention it, get with one of them and tell him/her what to do. The others won’t know of course. When your ready, line everyone up in a semi-circle and place the quarter in your hand, palm up so everyone can see it. Cover your hand and quarter with the dishtowel then uncover it just to show the quarter is still there. Cover it again and begin letting everyone, one person at a time, feel the quarter under the dishtowel just to make sure it’s still there. Make sure your “helper person” is the last person you pick. As you explained to this person previously, when they get to “feel” the quarter under the towel, they remove it and hide it in their hand. Then you do your hocus pokus gibberish, pull off the towel and the quarter has vanished into thin air. After the ooooh’s and ahhhh’s subside, put the towel back over your hand and let everyone again feel under the towel to prove that the quarter is really gone but make your helper person last again at which time he simply replaces the quarter and you get to do your hokus pokus thing again. It’s a really great trick if you set it up right.

25...Geese I can't quit, I got a ton of them. One more and this is a great trick if you do it right. Save an empty wine bottle and the cork that came with it. Press the cork through the neck and down into the bottle. Let people see you do this so they can see how tight the cork is going through the bottle neck. Now challenge anyone to remove the cork from the bottle intact and without breaking the bottle. This one is virtually impossible unless you know the secret. After they give up, and they will, take a common plastic shopping bag and stuff almost all of it into the bottle leaving the two bag handles sticking out. Shake the bottle until the cork is sitting on top of the bag when the bottle is horizontal. Keep it that way. Get a good grip on the bag and slowly pull the bag out of the bottle and the cork will come with it provided you got a good cork/bag jam at the inside neck while first pulling the bag. You may have to try a couple times but it's easy once you see how it works. And there's always some wannabee Mr. Wizard around willing to bet a few bucks you can't do it at all especially in less than 2 minutes. Don't forget my 10%...

Have fun…


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    • Craig Suits profile image

      Craig Suits 7 years ago from Florida

      Hiya Sueroy...I love practical jokes, always have. makes people smile.I'm 69 now but I still remember the fun stuff we used to do as kids. Here's one that just came to mind. if you smoke and have access to a high rise building where they still have elevator operators, press the up or down button (after you light up). When the door opens the guy will say "going up?" You say, "No just looking for an ash tray," flick your ashes in the box and walk away. Guaranteed you'll learn a few new four letter words.

    • sueroy333 profile image

      Susan Mills 7 years ago from Indiana

      Ohh, I like this a lot! I'm going to print some of these out for my daughter and I to go through. Too cool!

      Just so you know, I found your hub from a link in Tammy L's hub "How to Change a Light Bulb."

      Up and awesome!

    • Craig Suits profile image

      Craig Suits 7 years ago from Florida

      Tnx Fay. It helps to smile once in a while.

    • profile image

      Fay Paxton 7 years ago

      Very clever.

    • Craig Suits profile image

      Craig Suits 7 years ago from Florida

      Thanks Pink Lady. I was a little concerned that some of the stuff was a little off-color for the general public. Try that trick with the quarter. Drives kids nuts.


    • the pink umbrella profile image

      the pink umbrella 7 years ago from the darkened forest deep within me.



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