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Fairy Tail Characters

Updated on October 15, 2012
(from left to right) Happy, Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfelia
(from left to right) Happy, Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfelia
(from left to right) Erza Scarlet, Natsu Dragneel
(from left to right) Erza Scarlet, Natsu Dragneel

Fairy Tail is an increasingly popular manga and anime series created by Hiro Mashima. It features various adorable characters that every anime fan will surely love. The main story of this exciting anime series happens in a fictional universe regarded as Earthland specifically the Fiore Kingdom where the magic guild Fairy Tail resides. Practicing magic is a profession in this world and those who take jobs where magic is required are called wizards. The series is basically the story of a couple of Fairy Tail members as they venture through thrilling and dangerous quest to improve their magic and achieve their dreams.

Lucy Heartfilia is one of the main Fairy Tail characters. She is a new celestial wizard who recently joined Fairy Tail and met Natsu Dragneel, a Dragon Slayer who is constantly on the road in search for the dragon who took care of him during childhood and Happy, Natsu’s partner. The two of them formed a team with Ezra Scarlet, an S-Class wizard known as the most powerful woman in Fairy Tail who specializes on weapons and armors, Gray Fullbuster, a skillful ice wizard, and Wendy, a Dragon Slayer with her pet Carla. As the series progresses, Natsu and Lucy join forces with other guild members and even friends from outside to accomplish seemingly impossible jobs and fight against dark guilds. The main villain of the series is Zeref, an ancient wizard who possesses a destructive magic enough to annihilate even the strongest wizards who fight for justice and peace.

The guildhall of Fairy Tail experienced various changes throughout the series. It started out as a simple bar-like venue with a pyramidal design in Magnolia with a second floor only intended for wizards who are strong enough to carry out S-Class quests. Their guildhall was destroyed by a dark guild named Phantom Lord. It was rebuilt later on into a much extravagant castle-like building with complete amenities for guild members. Their new guildhall even features a swimming pool, recreation room, café, outdoor gift shop, and a stage where most important announcements are made. Nevertheless, Fairy Tail suffered so much after losing most of its core members during the S-Class examination on Tenrou Island forcing them to re-station in a degraded building even smaller than their original guildhall.

Fairy Tail’s first guild master was Mavis Vermillion. She founded the guild and envisioned it to be a venue were wizards value the true meaning of friendship and unity. But then again, he died at a young age and was succeeded by Purehito. For an unstated reason, Makarov Dreyar took the position as guild master. He was the guild master when the series started but his reign was short lived as he was among the Fairy Tail wizards who went missing during the S-Class wizard examination on Tenrou Island. Macao Conbolt was appointed as guild master but Gildarts Clive, an absurdly strong and dedicated core wizard of Fairly Tail, acquired the position after his return. He then left for another important but overly dangerous quest leaving a note which hails Makarov Dreyar as the next guild master.

Here is a list of characters you'll meet in this highly interesting anime series:

Natsu Dragneel also known as “Salamander” is one the most infamous and powerful wizards of Fairy Tail. He was raised from infancy by Igneel, a fire dragon which taught him ancient dragon slaying magic. As a Fire Dragon slayer, Natsu can breathe fire, eat flames to reimburse his energy, and boost his physical power by wrapping certain body parts with fire. Natsu is strong enough to achieve the best Dragon Slaying magic known as Dragon Force where his physical and magic powers are greatly improved. However, he transforms into a beast-like creature in the process with dragon scales around his eyes and forearm. Natsu’s body is also tortured in this state leaving him badly injured after the spell’s effect depletes.

Throughout the series, Natsu Dragoneel and Gray Fullbuster fights with each other out of even the simplest reason. It’s basically because of their opposing natures and elements but the two of them work perfect with each other if any of their Fairy Tail teammates is in danger. Despite Natsu’s reckless nature, he can be depend upon and is willing to even give his life in protecting or saving a guildmate. It may seem that Natsu lacks a highly planned battle strategy yet he can easily come up with crazy but effective ideas in beating a formidable opponent. Probably the only weakness of this strong Fairy Tail wizard is motion. He can’t stand being on anything mobile like a train or car. The only exception to this rule is Happy which he regards as a friend and not a moving object. With a teeming determination to protect everyone he holds dear and a strong will to defeat those who block his way to find Igneel, Natsu Dragneel is without a doubt one of the strongest wizards of Fairy Tail.

Lucy Heartfelia is the character viewpoint of Fairy Tail. Others consider him the weakest yet it’s evident in the series that here astonishing powers are still untapped. She specializes on summoning celestial spirits to aid her during quests and battles. Lucy possesses a variety of Gate keys and a few rare ones called Zodiacs. Lucy’s first friend in Fairy Tail is Natsu Dragneel who basically likes her because of free food and other selfish reasons. Their first meeting may be a mere coincidence yet the two of them ended up as best friends as the anime series progresses. Lucy’s bashful attitude and pure heart made her one of the most sought-after characters in Fairy Tail.

Before Lucy’s arrival, Happy was the mere travel companion of Natsu Dragneel. This 6-year old flying cat is the only way for Natsu to move at haste without suffering from motion sickness. Happy possesses the magic called Aera which grants him the ability to bring out feathered wings and fly. However, he can only carry one person at a time due to his small size. Cheerful and energetic are two words that best describe Happy. He is also known because of uttering the expression “Aye!” or “Aye sir!”. Happy was found as an egg by Lisanna and was raised by her with the help of Natsu. It’s quite ironic that Happy’s true quest on Earthland was to eliminate Natsu and other Dragon Slayers since they pose a threat to Edolas, Happy’s true origin. In spite of this fact, Happy and Natsu’s friendship remained to bloom and even stronger than ever.

I personally consider Gray Fullbuster as one of the coolest Fairy Tail characters. Gray is Natsu Dragneel’s rival with an unusual habit of undressing without his notice particularly when he is fired up for battle. He got such habit from Ur, the wizard who taught him Ice Make magic. This magic gave him the ability to create stationary objects from ice. The limit is up to his imagination but he usually use ice to form cages, weapons, or huge blocks for shield. As the story progressed, the death of his master was tackled as Gray’s co-student Lyon carried out a plot to awaken Deloria, the monster who killed their master. Lyon’s intention was to defeat the beast for revenge yet Gray insisted that Ur is still alive in the form of ice which presently traps the wicked demon. Gray also clashed with Ultear Milkovich, Ur’s daughter and successfully helped her come to terms with the past.

Erza Scarlet the “Titania” is regarded as the strongest female Fairy Tail Characters who joined the Fairy Tail guild. She is a 19-year old S-Class wizard who specializes in using various types of weapons and armors brought upon by her magic called “The Knight”. Erza is the disciplinarian of their team with Natsu, Gray, and Lucy. Despite her fearsome look among disobedient members, Erza’s heart is nothing but pure. In fact, she will never resort to battle unless there’s no other way towards a conflict’s resolution. It was clearly stated in the series that Natsu Dragoneel and Gray Fullbuster were no match against her which alone proves how potent she is in battle.

The “Priestess of the Sky” Wendy Marvell is another Dragon Slayer like Natsu Dragneel. She is just 12-years old yet her Sky Dragon Slayer magic is not laughable. Though she is still inexperienced in using them, with the right motivation, Wendy can defeat even S-Class dark wizards through vicious winds. Wendy is a very reliable support in battle as she can heal injuries in an instant in the expense of her energy. She can also increase the speed, power, and defense of her team by covering certain parts of their body with magical winds. Like Natsu Dragneel and other Dragon slayers, Wendy has a unique way of replenishing energy which is by eating unpolluted air.

Carla is the love interest of Happy. She is also a 6-year old flying cat which harnesses the magic known as Aera. Carla also has precognition ability which allows her to see future events and locations. She was among the many Exceeds who was sent from Edolas to Earthland to save them from future destruction. They were given a fake mission which is to eliminate Dragon Slayers. Despite being well aware of her directive unlike Happy, Carla still took care of her master Wendy and protected her as much as possible. She is a strict yet sweet pet that will do almost anything just to keep Wendy safe.


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