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20 Family Guy Trivia Questions

Updated on February 25, 2015

Family Guy trivia might perhaps be the very hardest trivia game even for the most avid fan. Reason being that each episode is so random from start to finish that any answer can truly be a possibility on the show!

If you have seen all of the episodes, then chances are, you’ve probably watched them multiple times so you might actually do well on Family Guy trivia! See just how much you know (or don’t know) about the Griffins in this fun and silly Family Guy trivia!


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Family Guy Trivia Questions

  1. What is Peter Griffin’s IQ?
    • a. 48
    • b. 86
    • c. IQ was never revealed but Peter was deemed mentally retarded following an IQ test.
    • d. The show never specifies anything about an IQ
  2. What are the names of the two new anchors for the local news station?
    • a. Ron Burgundy and Lisa Simon
    • b. Timothy Tucker and Diane Goff
    • c. Tom Tucker and Diane Simmons
    • d. John Borgen and Deedee Tucker
  3. What is the name of the news bit that Peter Griffin once had on the local news station?
    • a. That really blows my whistle
    • b. That strokes me wrong
    • c. That really grinds my gears
    • d. What really grinds my gears
  4. What is the name of the town in which the Griffins reside?
    • a. Quahog
    • b. Cohog
    • c. Quohog
    • d. Cohaug
  5. All of these are true about Stewie’s future self, except
    • a. He is a virgin at the age of 35
    • b. He has another dog named Brian
    • c. He has premature balding
    • d. He works in retail for an electronics store
  6. What color car does Peter Griffin drive?
    • a. Red
    • b. Blue
    • c. Pink
    • d. Beige
  7. What is the name of the perverted old man who always seems interested in Chris Griffin?
    • a. Harry
    • b. Herbert
    • c. Sherwin
    • d. Hubert
  8. What is the name of the town mayor?
    • a. Alan West
    • b. Adam Wise
    • c. Alan Wise
    • d. Adam West
  9. After opening a can of ale, a genie appears to Peter. What was the name of this ale?
    • a. Patriot Beer
    • b. Patriot Act Ale
    • c. Pawtucket Patriot Ale
    • d. Peter Schmidt Ale
  10. All of the below were wishes that Peter made, except
    • a. To have personal theme music
    • b. To have a personal, human back and butt scratcher
    • c. To see what Kelly Ripa looks like off the camera
    • d. To have not a bone in his body
  11. Brian passes away in one of the episodes, how did he die?
    • a. Complications from an secret STD
    • b. He was shot in a barfight
    • c. Stewie’s invention misfired hitting Brian in the chest
    • d. Complications from being struck by a car
  12. After Brian dies, the Griffins get another talking dog. What is his name?
    • a. Vinny
    • b. Vito
    • c. Tito
    • d. Donny
  13. Chris joins a metal band after they discovered he could scream. What is the name of the band?
    • a. Spit
    • b. Swallow
    • c. Splash Log
    • d. Slasher
  14. What is Brian’s drink of choice?
    • a. Margarita
    • b. Martini
    • c. Scotch on the rocks
    • d. Sex on the beach
  15. What is the name of the bar Peter and the guys like to frequent?
    • a. The Barstool
    • b. Hot and Clammy
    • c. The Drunken Clam
    • d. Dunkin’ Clams
  16. What is Lois Griffin’s maiden name?
    • a. Pewterschmidt
    • b. Peterson
    • c. Patterson
    • d. Pewterson
  17. When Peter has a stroke, what part of his body does he love control of?
    • a. His left side
    • b. His right side
    • c. His arms
    • d. His legs
  18. What did Lois go to prison for?
    • a. Cheating taxes
    • b. Theft
    • c. Kidnapping
    • d. Assault
  19. Peter has had many strange jobs. Which one of these was not one of them?
    • a. A glass eye
    • b. a personal blanket
    • c. A knight at a medieval fair
    • d. President of a lemonade stand
  20. Peter was in a big fight with a chicken. What was the chicken’s name?
    • a. Bert
    • b. Bertie
    • c. Ernie
    • d. Ernest


Answer Key:

1.) c IQ was never revealed but Peter was deemed mentally retarded following an IQ test. 2.) c Tom Tucker and Diane Simmons 3.) d What really grinds my gears 4.) a Quahog 5.) b He has another dog named Brian 6.) a Beige 7.) b Herbert 8.) d Adam West 9.) c Pawtucket Patriot Ale 10.) b To have a personal, human back and butt scratcher 11.) d Complications from being struck by a car 12.) a Vinny 13.) c Splash Log 14.) b Martini 15.) c The Drunken Clam 16.) a Pewterschmidt 17.) a His left side 18.) b Theft 19.) d President of a lemonade stand 20.) c Ernie

If you got a few wrong, you may be itching to rewatch some of the episodes! It goes to show you just how important it can be to pay attention to the fine details.

The Best of Family Guy


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