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25 Simpsons Trivia Questions

Updated on March 2, 2015

With well over 500 episodes of the Simpsons airing since the birth of the show in 1989 until today, there’s a lot to learn about one of America’s favorite dysfunctional families.

With so many episodes will come a plethora of Simpsons trivia questions, which is why you are here!

See just how much you and your friends know about the show by answering these questions. Some are easy and obvious, others may really make you think!


Which one of Bart Simpsons prank call names is your favorite?

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Simpsons Trivia Questions

When reading through these questions, be sure to read all answers before selecting one as it might just trick you! Here’s your Simpsons trivia:

  1. In one of the episodes, Homer forms an emotional attachment to a lobster. What is the name given to the lobster?
    • a. Lobbie
    • b. Pinchy
    • c. Sea Buddy
    • d. Larry
  2. What is the name of the family dog?
    • a. Sparky
    • b. Santa’s Helper
    • c. Santa’s Little Helper
    • d. Santa’s Slave
  3. What is the name of the family cat?
    • a. Fifi
    • b. Felix
    • c. Snowball
    • d. Snowball II
  4. What was the name of the the alcoholic beverage that Homer concocted?
    • a. Flaming Moe
    • b. Flaming Homer
    • c. Flamer Ball
    • d. The Homer Surprise
  5. What are the names of Marge’s twin sisters?
    • a. Thelma and Barbara
    • b. Thelma and Patty
    • c. Selma and Patty
    • d. Selma and Barbara
  6. What advice does Chief Wiggum give Ralph about nosebleeds?
    • a. You’re either picking it too much or not enough
    • b. It means there’s a moon rock in there
    • c. It means you’re having a growth spurt
    • d. It can kill you if you don’t stop it
  7. What is the name of Bart’s teacher in which he has a crush on?
    • a. Edna Krabappel
    • b. Joy Krabappel
    • c. Ethel Krabappel
    • d. Mona Krabappel
  8. What instrument does Lisa play?
    • a. Clarinet
    • b. Trombone
    • c. Trumpet
    • d. Saxophone
  9. Where does Homer work?
    • a. Hazmat building
    • b. Nuclear Power Plant
    • c. Pyrotechnics facility
    • d. Hazardous Waste facility
  10. What is the name of Springfield's neighboring town?
    • a. Shelbyville
    • b. Springstead
    • c. Springfield
    • d. Norfield
  11. Who is the founder of the Simpsons’ town?
    • a. Jeremiah Springfield
    • b. Jebediah Springfield
    • c. Springfield Sommers
    • d. Abraham Springfield
  12. What is Principal Skinner’s first name?
    • a. Seymour
    • b. Gaylord
    • c. Murphy
    • d. Monty
  13. What is the name of the bar that Homer frequents?
    • a. Moe’s Tap Shack
    • b. Moe’s Cavern
    • c. Moe’s Tavern
    • d. Moe’s Bar
  14. What is the name of the music teacher at the elementary school?
    • a. Jazzman
    • b. Bleeding Gums Murphy
    • c. Mr. Musicon
    • d. Mr. Largo
  15. What is Marge’s maiden name?
    • a. Schoonover
    • b. Boucher
    • c. LaRoux
    • d. Bouvier
  16. What does marge use as her handy hiding spot?
    • a. Her cleavage
    • b. Her hair
    • c. Her purse
    • d. Maggie’s Onesie
  17. What is the name of the food mart in town?
    • a. In-n-Out Mart
    • b. Kwik Pix
    • c. Kwik-E-Mart
    • d. Spring Mart
  18. What is the name of the frozen drink sold at the food mart?
    • a. Slurp-E
    • b. Kwikee Squeeze
    • c. Squishee
    • d. Squeezee
  19. What in town was severely defaced and caused a big commotion?
    • a. The statue of the founder
    • b. The town church
    • c. The school
    • d. The monorail
  20. What’s the name of the show Bart likes to watch?
    • a. Tom and Jerry
    • b. The Slime and Slinky Show
    • c. The Itchy and Scratchy Show
    • d. The Itchy, Scratchy Show
  21. Where did the Simpsons find their family dog?
    • a. The animal shelter
    • b. The dog track
    • c. Injured on the side of the road
    • d. He showed up on their doorstep
  22. What is the first name of the owner of Kwik-E-Mart
    1. a. Abu
    2. b. Apu
    3. c. Amir
    4. d. Amil
  23. Mr. Burns has a teddy bear that is near and dear to him. What does he call that bear?
    • a. Bobo
    • b. Teddy
    • c. Fuzzy
    • d. Ted
  24. What is the name of the dolls that Lisa loves?
    • a. Barbie
    • b. Laura Learns-a-lot
    • c. Malibu Stacey
    • d. Cynthia
  25. Who framed Krusty the Clown?
    • a. Groundskeeper Willie
    • b. Seymour Skinner
    • c. Sideshow Bob
    • d. Kent Brockman


Trivia Answers

1.) b Pinchy 2.) c Santa’s Little Helper 3.) d Snowball II 4.) b Flaming Homer 5.) c Selma and Patty 6.) a You’re either picking it too much or not enough 7.) a Edna Krabappel 8.) d Saxophone 9.) b Nuclear Power Plant 10.) a Shelbyville 11.) b Jebediah Springfield 12.) a Seymour 13.) c Moe’s Tavern 14.) d Mr. Largo 15.) d Bouvier 16.) b Her hair 17.) c Kwik-E-Mart 18.) c Squishee 19.) a The statue of the founder 20.) c The Itchy and Scratchy Show 21.) b The dog track 22.) b Apu 23.) a Bobo 24.) c Malibu Stacey 25.) c Sideshow Bob

Most people who have been avid Simpsons fans since the beginning should pass this test with flying colors. If you miss any, then it’s time to brush up on your Simpsons!

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    • Lynn Savitsky profile image

      Lynn Savitzky 3 years ago from New Jersey

      I got all of them right!