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My Favourite Songs From Korean Dramas (2012)

Updated on October 1, 2014

Lyn - Turn Back Time (The Moon That Embraces the Sun OST)

This song is an obvious choice. It is a favourite of many Korean drama viewers as even after the drama had ended, the song remained on Korean song charts for a long time. Indeed, the lyrics, the melody and Lyn's voice combines to make this song a heart-wrenching and memorable OST.

Besides the main theme by Lyn, Kim Soo Hyun, the lead actor also contributes 2 songs to the soundtrack, "Only You" and "Another Way". It is not his first time singing as he has sung on Dream High previously, the show that introduced the viewers to this young, brilliant actor.

Lyn - Turn Back Time (The Moon That Embraces the Sun OST)

Taeyeon - Missing You Like Crazy (King2Hearts OST)

Besides being the leader of popular girl band, Girl's Generation, Taeyeon is also a frequent contributor to OSTs. With this song, her voice really captures the heartbreak between Prince Jaeha and Hang Ah throughout this drama. Particularly when the couple is separated due to politics and sabotage by the villain.

Noel - To Live (Padam Padam OST)

This drama is beautifully shot and features lots of scenes outdoors, close to nature. Noel's soulful voices gel together to give us this song. In this drama, you can also 'hear' the heartbreak in a song called "You Fool" by Je-A of Brown Eyed Girls.

Noel - To Live (Padam Padam OST)

Lee Teuk featuring Key from SHINee - Bravo (History of Salaryman OST)

Just like the drama which is fast-paced and keeps you excited to know what will happen next, this fast-paced song is also extremely catchy. Unlike the Super Junior K.R.Y. members (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung), Lee Teuk does not feature much on soundtracks. Instead he is more well-known as a TV host or radio DJ. However, he proves to be effective in bringing this song to life. It is such a fun song. I look forward to hearing him more often on OSTs.

Lee Teuk featuring Key from SHINee - Bravo (History of Salaryman OST)

Sung Joon - Jaywalking (Shut Up: Flower Boy Band OST)

This was a surprise favourite for me. I started watching it because I heard Lee Min Ki had a cameo. But wow! the music choices are really good. I love the songs which are performed by the band, Eye Candy, led by Sung Joon's character. The song is not the typical pop song but I fell in love with it. Towards the end of the drama, the band releases another Single, "Wake Up". Another great song in this drama is the duet between Inifinite's L and Kim Ye Rim, "Love U, Like U".

Sung Joon - Jaywalking (Shut Up: Flower Boy Band OST)

8Eight - One Person (A Thousand Days' Promise OST)

This drama was not a huge hit when it first came out end of last year. However, the love story touches my heart. It is not an easy watch especially towards the end when the female character's illness worsens. This song really matches the main gist of the drama which is loving one person only.

Lee Jong Hyun (CN Blue) - My Love (Gentleman's Dignity OST)

I did not fall in love with this song the very first time I heard it. Instead, it is the type of song which slowly grows on me. This is the first time I have heard him sing for one full song as Jung Yong Hwa is the lead vocals for CN Blue.

Lee Jong Hyun - My Love (Gentleman's Dignity OST)

Tiffany - Because It's You (Love Rain OST)

It would be hard to resist comparing all the 3 Taetiseo girls who have recently sung for Korean dramas. For me, besides Taeyeon's lovely song for King2Hearts, I also like Tiffany's contribution to the drama, Love Rain. It is not a song which stands out immediately to me. Instead, I love it more and more as I listen to it during the drama.

Just like in the drama, "You're Beautiful", Jang Geun Suk also contributes a song to the soundtrack. Here, the first character he plays is a talented musician who also composes songs. His song is a tribute to his first love.

Taeyeon - Closer (To The Beautiful You OST)

I cannot help it but include her twice on my list here. I love this ballad from this remake of the Japanese AND Taiwanese drama which was originally based on a manga, best known as Hana Kimi. The drama may not rank very highly among my favourites but this song stands out for me.

Taeyeon - Closer (To The Beautiful OST)

Ali - Injury (Rooftop Prince OST)

Rooftop Prince has a great soundtrack too. My favourite is "Injury" by Ali, who gained fame through her weekly appearance on the Korean reality show, Immortal Song 2. As always, Baek Ji Young performs another heartfelt ballad for this drama.

Park Ji Yoon - I Do (I Do, I Do OST)

In the same league as Baek Ji Young, is another female singer, Park Ji Yoon. I have not heard from here for a long, long time. However, this time she sings "I Do" for the romantic comedy, I Do, I Do starring Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo.

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