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Football Bloopers

Updated on February 18, 2008

Football Bloopers

Surprisingly enough there are football bloopers. I thought I was going on a limb with this idea, but apparently, there are some really funny bloopers of football mishaps.

Of course, most of the bloopers that I was able to find were more along the lines of strategy plans gone wrong, but that wasn't quite what I was looking for. I mean, that's not really funny. Instead, I wanted something a little more along the line of a chuckle to a laugh. Because face it, there's not too many funny things in regards to football, a vicious, contact sport that can result in some pretty serious injuries.

But, anyway, I was able to find a few videos that lightened the sport a little. One is based on NFL bloopers, one a mascot mishap, and one about the non- American football. I'd love it if you left your comments in the "comment box" at the end of the page.

Funny Football Bloopers

This is a nice conglomeration of football bloopers. Each video, on its own, was pretty funny, or at least good enough for a chuckle. I wasn't expecting half of the things that happened to happen. Ha. The guy who does the commentary on the short clip made for the best part of the video, in my opinion.

You finally get to see the perfect plays gone a little wrong.

NCAA Football Bloopers

Wow, it's hard enough being a mascot. I mean, it's a hot and heavy outfit. They get made fun of enough, as it is, and now, they are getting tackled, too! How sad....

Football bloopers

Ok, well, although this one isn't American football, it's still football, non- the- less. These football videos are so funny! There's definitely a lot of grass eating in this video, which isn't funny, but the background music surely doesn't help the situation... The music alone is funny in combination with the shots.


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    • Hazok profile image

      Hazok 10 years ago from Malaysia

      makes me laugh always. Good one.

    • Theter profile image

      Theter 10 years ago

      HAHAHA..MY GOD! The Football bloopers video was hilarious. I mean it sure is painful for those involved but it's funny how our funny bone gets tickled when watching these mishaps.

      I was unable to watch the mascot video but anyhow great effort Whitney for finding these videos for a hearty laugh