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Fringe: Subject 9

Updated on May 26, 2012




Just in time for Halloween Peter is haunting the Fringe team. Walter finds out he is being considered for re-institutionalization. It is assumed the the children of the cortexephan studies are psychically linked and one is trying to astroproject to Olivia. Walter wonders outside of his lab to prove his sanity but only proves how dependent he is. He has a melt down in the hotel room.

Cameron was also experimented on like Olivia. And Walter must face the Karma of what he did to those children in Jacksonville. Cameron attempts to kill Peter's ghost and in doing so he brings back Peter. And Peter's memory is completely intact.

Fringe Trailer


Really quite touching how the characters interact without Peter and Anna Torv and the other actors are doing a splendid job. But it is good to have Joshua Jackson back with the cast. It will be interesting how he interacts with all of them given he remembers his former existence with all of them and they don't remember him.

Code word: RESET


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