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Funny Moments From Red vs. Blue

Updated on March 8, 2015

A Different Series

RWBY was one of the various web series created by Rooster Teeth. It had awesome music, there were some interesting weapons, and it was a generally fun series to watch. While this show was awesome in its own right, viewers should not forgot one of Rooster Teeth's original series. Premiering in 2003, Red vs. Blue was a comedic parody of the Halo franchise. Having already made thirteen seasons, Red vs Blue has evolved into a series that can be both funny and serious at the same time. Starring characters who were organized as Red Team and Blue Team, both teams got into some hilarious shenanigans despite being based on the Halo franchise, which was anything but hilarious. Most of the jokes came from various aspects about Halo, like the naming of different vehicles, the Capture the Flag multiplayer mode that was similar in premise to the Red vs. Blue series, and the use of Artificial Intelligence that became an important part of Halo's story. During the first season, the entire episode dealt with the naming of various modes of transportation that was available in the first Halo game and some of the alternatives that might have been used instead. Another episode dealt with two characters from both the Red and Blue teams watching a game of Capture the Flag being played by people who reflected people who played the Halo games online. One of the later seasons even revealed that one of the characters was really a form of Artificial Intelligence, but in a way that was both awesome and hilarious.

Don't know why this was called the Warthog. It doesn't even look like a pig.
Don't know why this was called the Warthog. It doesn't even look like a pig. | Source

The Warthog

One of the many vehicles in the Halo franchise was the Warthog. The version talked about in the Red vs. Blue series was a more offensive variant compared to the normal model. In the second episode of the first season titled Red Gets a Delivery, the Red Team of Red vs. Blue received their own Warthog to use against the Blue Team. In this episode Sarge, the leader of the Red Team, called for the other members of the Red Team to meet him. When everyone was gathered, Sarge asked them why he called the meeting in the first place. Grif, the rebellious soldier, joked that the war was over. Sarge was quick to say that the war was not over and the Grif should be quiet or Simmons, the more loyal soldier, would slit his throat. Simmons, of course, agreed to this idea. After complimenting Simmons on his loyalty, Sarge then reported about their team receiving a new recruit. Then Sarge began talking about receiving some new equipment. Lopez, another Red Team member, then arrived driving a Warthog. When Sarge began describing the vehicle, he described it as a light reconnaissance vehicle with 4 inch armored plating, suspension, a mounted machine gun, and seating for three. Sarge liked to call it a Warthog. When asked by Simmons why Sarge liked to call it a Warthog, Sarge justified his choice by saying that its military name was too long. Then Grif eventually suggested calling the vehicle a Puma. Soon the episode descended into all three members thinking up different names for the vehicle and thinking all of the animals Grif named were fictional. Red Gets a Delivery then ends with Sarge making fun of Grif by using actual fictional creatures as possible names for the Warthog.

They took Capture the Flag very seriously.
They took Capture the Flag very seriously. | Source

Capture the Flag

The interesting thing about Red vs. Blue was that the initial scenario was that the Red and Blue Team were basically in a glorified Capture the Flag scenario, just with more militarization and ammunition. However, due to science fiction shenanigans, both teams never got to face each other in a decisive match. Fortunately, those shenanigans also provided references to actual content from the Halo franchise. In the first episode of season 3 of Red vs. Blue, titled The Best Laid Plans, Sarge and Caboose, a member of the Blue Team, were stranded in some stranded area by themselves in an area referred to as Battle Creek. For people who played the original Halo game would be familiar with this location because it was one of the optional areas to play a game of Capture the Flag in multiplayer. So it was not that much of a shock when Sarge and Caboose came across numerous dead red and blue armored soldiers lying all over the place. Mostly because, almost immediately, Sarge, Caboose, and the viewer got to see the formerly dead soldiers spring back to life and start an actual game of Capture the Flag. As for meta-commentary, these soldiers only desired to kill the other soldiers who wore the opposite color of armor. They also talked like stereotypical gamers who played multiplayer. They insulted each other when someone was defeated, everyone wanted the capture the opponent's flag and treated it like it was some holy object, and even used gamer slang against each other. An even funnier aspect about this moment came during the second episode Visiting Old Friends when Sarge and Caboose stole both the red and blue flags. What could have been a calm, diplomatic situation soon turned into more ceaseless carnage until Caboose became angry and ended the conflict by killing everybody except Sarge. At the end of the episode it was even implied that the soldiers were actual players when one had to stop fighting to go take out the trash.

This looked genuinely awesome.
This looked genuinely awesome. | Source

A.I. Characters

While Red vs. Blue was a more comedic interpretation of the Halo franchise, there were moments and entire seasons where the series could become more serious in tone. In the nineteenth episode of the seventh season one of the plot twists about one of the Red vs. Blue cast was the fact that Church, the leader of the Blue team, was really a form of Artificial Intelligence referred to as Epsilon. In an earlier episode Caboose decided to put Epsilon into a Monitor, or a kind of drone, from the Halo franchise. In the Recreation chapter, the episode Think You Know Someone the hilarious parts came from an epic chase scene that Sarge, Simmons, and Grif of the Red Team, along with Tucker and Caboose from the Blue Team had to team-up to stop a thief from stealing ancient alien artifacts. In the ensuing chase sequence had funny scenes like Sarge and Grif fighting about who had to do a certain job while the chase scene was going on, Tucker acting somewhat awesome with a laser sword and an alien motorcycle, and an exploding Warthog. And when it looked like Tucker was cornered, out came Church, now in full control of the Monitor unit Caboose put him in. Shocking the guy who was about to hurt Tucker, Church fired his laser and said, "I am not a thing. My name is Leonard Church... and you will fear my LASER FACE"! This scene was awesome in that Church just killed a guy with a laser beam, which looked visually stunning with Red vs. Blue's improved graphics. It was also funny because in Church's body at this time, a laser face was all he had.

The logo for Red vs. Blue.
The logo for Red vs. Blue. | Source

Funny War Games

Red vs. Blue was funny. Red vs. Blue was serious. But the comedy that this show made could blend with the seriousness that viewers could still laugh at even the most hectic moments.

the current cast and characters of Red vs. Blue.
the current cast and characters of Red vs. Blue. | Source


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    • Jeremy Gill profile image

      Jeremy Gill 3 years ago from Louisiana

      Nice hub, Jake. I enjoy both RWBY and Red Vs Blue, and Monty Oum's (creator of RWBY) recent death is certainly a tragedy.

    • Jake Peralta profile image

      Jake Michael Peralta 3 years ago from Indio, California

      Well the games and web series run separately enough that you can enjoy either one.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 3 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Jake, I don't know about this game but I have to admit I enjoyed my peek at it here in your hub.