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Galaxy of Heroes Character Reviews: Letter C Units (Part 2)

Updated on October 15, 2016
Jeremy Gill profile image

Jeremy hopes the Force is with him as he pursues a forensics career in the swamps of Louisiana.

Galaxy of Heroes

A not very long time ago, in mobile gaming devices not too far away..

Free-to-play but hard to master game Galaxy of Heroes has enthralled many throughout the galaxy. Dozens of fighters, heros and villains, appear to prove their worth. But which reign supreme? A young writer desperately attempts to review all characters before confused players fall to the Dark Side..

Today, we're taking a look at the second set of "C" characters (you can find part one here). We'll review their strengths, weaknesses, and various abilities. For a quick explanation of the different ability types, check out the table at the bottom. We'll begin with the villain from Attack of the Clones..

Count Dooku
Count Dooku

Count Dooku

Hindering Press (Basic): Deal damage with a chance to attack again. Against a Jedi, chance to Stun and inflict Ability Block. An amazing basic attack that often hits twice, especially potent against Jedi.

Force Lightning (Special): Deal damage, chance to stun target, chance to stun a random enemy. The primary stun chance increases against a Jedi. A good attack that can potentially stun two foes.

Flawless Riposte (Unique): Count Dooku receives a high counter-attack chance, and he gains Turn Meter whenever he attacks outside his turn. An absolutely incredible passive. At top levels, Dooku always counterattacks, will gain Turn Meter when he does so, and since he uses Hindering Press to counter, there's a chance he'll attack twice and gain twice the Turn Meter.

Master Tactician (Leader): All allies gain extra evasion, and gain Offense Up when they evade an attack. A great leader ability that affects all your combatants, helps them dodge attacks, and boosts their power when they do so.

Overall: 10/10. What can I say? Despite being one of the film's least-liked villains among fans, Dooku is an incredible character in GoH. His counters let him deal tremendous damage and quickly gain Turn Meter, and he has a great Leader ability. Dooku performs even better against Jedi, but handles himself superbly against any foe.

Commander Cody
Commander Cody

CC-2224 "Cody"

Alpha Strike (Basic): Deal damage and gain Turn Meter. Gain extra Turn Meter if the target has more than 50% health, and even more if they have less than 50% Turn Meter. A nice basic that lets Cody attack again soon. Make sure you target the enemy that'll let you gain the most Turn Meter.

AT-TE Mass-Driver Cannon (Special): Deal damage to target, and less damage to other enemies. If the attack lands at least two critical hits, stun the primary target. A powerful special, especially potent when Cody can reliably score criticals (consider using his Leader ability for this).

The 212th Attack (Special): Attacks, calls all Clone allys to assist, and another random assist. The assists deal reduced damage, and the cooldown of this move is reduced whenever an assist lands a critical. If you're using a Clone team, this ability becomes absolutely deadly. Again, consider using Cody's Leader ability to land more criticals and let you use this mighty attack again quickly.

Ghost Company Commander (Leader): Clone allies gain extra critical chance, other allies gain half the amount. Cody gains extra defense for each living Clone ally. An interesting Leader ability in that one of its effects only applies to Cody. For Clone teams, Ghost Company reallys boosts your power, and helps Cody's attacks utilize their secondary critical-only effects.

Overall: X/10.
Like most clones, Cody belongs on a clone team. In one, he'll decimate foes with the 212th attack and his Leader boost, making X a full 10. In non-clone teams, he's not awful, but far less deadly, earning a 4/10.


CT-21-0408 "Echo"

Supporting Fire (Basic): Deal damage and grant Turn Meter to a random ally with less than 50% Turn Meter. The unpredictable nature of this attack, plus the fact that its secondary effect won't work if all allies have above 50% Turn Meter, makes it somewhat subpar.

EMP Grenade (Special): Deal damage to all foes and dispel all positive statuses on them. A great attack that spreads some pain while removing annoying boosts.

By the Book (Unique): Clone allies recover a little health whenever they use a basic ability. This ability can only trigger twice before their next turn, and only applies when Echo is living. A great unique for Clone teams, who heavily rely on assists, making their basic attacks commonly seen. Not much help for non-clone teams.

Follow-Up (Unique): Whenever an ally uses a basic ability on their turn, Echo has a chance to assist, dealing reduced damage. Assist chance doubles when ally is a Clone. Another awesome unique ability, especially for Clone squads.

Overall: X/10
A rare character with two unique abilities, Echo serves as a fearsome support unit in a Clone group, where X will once again be 10. In non-clone teams, he can still dispel enemy boosts with EMP Grenade, making X a 5.


CT-5555 "Fives"

Dual DC-17 Blasters (Basic): Deal damage and inflict Speed Down. Attack again if enemy already has Speed Down. Fives uses his basic attack to great effect, either debuffing an opponent with Speed Down or striking twice if they already have it.

Combined Fire (Special): Deal damage and call an Assist. If the assisting ally is a Clone, both attacks deal extra damage. A decent attack that becomes deadly on a Clone squad.

Veteran Clone Trooper (Leader): Clone allies gain additional Defense, and non-Clones allies gain half the amount. There are far better Leader abilities, for both Clone and non-Clone teams. Choose another hero as your Leader.

Tactical Awareness (Unique): Fives has a chance to counter and deals extra counter damage. Fives will absolutely destroy your foes with his high counter chance and damage. Very useful.

Overall: 9/10
Despite a lame Leader ability and the average Combined Fire attack, Fives has incredible defense that keeps him alive long enough to decimate many a squad with counter damage. Throw in the fact that he'll be slowing your opponents along the way, and you have an excellent unit for any team.


CT-7567 "Rex"

Impeding Shot (Basic): Deal damage and remove Turn Meter from target. An average basic strike that automatically removes Turn Meter, though not much.

Squad Discipline (Special): Dispels all negative status effects on allies, and grant them Tenacity Up. Clone allies gain extra Turn Meter, and other allies gain half the amount. This is one of the best abilities in the game, bar-none. Rex liberates your entire squad from debuffs, helps them ward off future debuffs with Tenacity Up, and then hastens them by granting Turn Meter. Yikes.

Subdue (Special): Deal damage with bonus damage equal to a portion of the target's max health. A strong attack, though it doesn't grant any boosts or debuff foes, limiting its usefulness.

Brothers-In-Arms (Leader): Clone allies gain extra maximum health. They also gain extra Turn Meter whenever one suffers a Critical Hit. Non-clones gain half the health and Turn Meter. A powerful boost for Clone squads, but you can likely find better for non-Clone teams.

Overall: 8/10.
Rex wouldn't particularly stand out without his Squad Discipline ability. With it, he becomes absolutely essential to Clone teams, and pretty darn useful even for non-Clones. His other attacks are comparatively disappointing, but Squad Discipline alone sculpts him into a worthy investment.

Chief Nedbit
Chief Nedbit

Chief Nebit

Sheltering Shot (Basic): Deal damage with a chance to grant Protection Up to a random ally who is not stealthed. Interesting, but overall lackluster. Protection Up is a rare effect, but the chance to grant it is lower than you might expect, and it won't take effect if all your allies happen to be stealthed.

Distracting Negotiations (Special): Nebit Taunts, gains Health Up, and reduces the cooldown of Jawa and Droid abilites by 1. An awesome taunt that will simultaneously provide Nebit with healing over the next few turns. Deadly when used in conjuction with Droids and Jawas.

Desert Ambush (Special): Attack and call an Assist who deals reduced damage. If the Assist is a Droid or Jawa, call another Assist. All assisting Jawa gain Stealth. Without Droid or Jawa allies, this attack isn't noteworthy, but with them, calling two assists means you get three attacks for the price of one. Potentially lethal.

Raiding Parties (Leader): Jawa and Droid allies gain extra Critical Chance and inflict Critical Chance Down when they score a Critical. An excellent ability, but only for Jawa/Droid mixed teams.

Overall: X/10
Here we have a unit who rates a measly 3/10 when not paired with his synergies. However, combine Nebit with Droids and other Jawas, and his two Special abilities (as well as his Leader) become amazing, changing X to 9.

Which unit is your favorite?

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Further Reviews

Alright, we made it through the "C" Units. Feel free to vote for your favorite, and look forward to future Galaxy of Heroes character reviews!


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