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George Lynch Zoom G2G signature guitar pedal

Updated on August 15, 2010

A great guitar pedal

There are so many guitar pedals out there to produce different sounds,tones,effects, and so on. A lot of famous guitarists will make there own signature pedals. Now some people may be turned off thinking how can I sound exactly like them just with the pedal. Well its not just about producing there tone, but having many features at your exposure. I am talking about a lot of features here. The George Lynch mr.scary G2G guitar effects pedal has many. Even if your not a fan of George Lynch its still very useful and cool. You will find that some pedals cost about 100$ and you only get one effect. For example, I got a holy grail pedal an it cost 100, but it only had 3 different reverb effects. You can get this pedal around the same price and it can do ten times more than that. Wouldn't you rather have a pedal that is very versatile for the price instead of paying a lot more for one effect? I think you know the answer.

For those of you who don't know George Lynch is an 80s guitar player for the band Dokken. It was a 80s metal/hair band. He was known for his unorthodox guitar playing style and very good at tapping(especially with one hand). Him and the singer Dokken often had arguments and they broke up the band and he formed lynch mob. Now a days he has a project with a band called souls of wee. He often plays at guitar clinics and plays Esp guitars. He gets endorsed by esp. He made a famous instrumental called Mr.scary in the 80s and this pedal has sounds to replicate that and other various Dokken songs. The thing is this pedal can be used for anything not replicating George Lynch

Here are the many features of the pedal:

80 Patches

The G2G includes 20 live and 20 studio patches from the brains of George Lynch plus 40 user patches.

16 Virtual Amps and Stomp Boxes

Drawn from the best sounds in the history of the electric guitar it has many sounds where you can produce different tons of amps. This feature is great cause its almost like having more than one amp cause you can produce a lot of original amps that were made.

54 Quality Effects

All the effects you expect, and a few that may surprise you, are packed into the G2. From the basics like chorus, EQ, reverbs, and a selection of delays, to far-out special effects like slow attack and ring modulator.

Quiet Operation

ZOOM's proprietary noise reduction circuit keeps your guitar whisper-quiet when you're not playing.

Built-In Tuner and Drum Machine

Is able to produce different drum beats. Theirs 40 drums beats total. This is great if you want to have some drum rhythm with you 40 Presets

The G2 comes loaded with 40 preset tones

From the greatest players in history, and there are 40 more blank presets waiting for your own homemade creations.

Lightning-Fast Patch

Changes The time it takes to change from one patch to another is only 5 milliseconds, so you don't have to think about it or time it out. You just hit the button when you want the sound.

Poster that comes with pedal above
Poster that comes with pedal above

The verdict

The geoge lynch pedal is great for anyone whether they like him or not. Also for anyone who just wants have a lot of features in one pedal. Its not just for sounding like him. Its experimenting. You have a tone knob, level knob, and gain knob. You can customize 40 user patches way you'd like. The knob on the upper left also has some features. These include control,delay,reverb, drive, wah wah,extra mic eq, and a few more to note.

The drum machine is really nice cause if you have some guitar riffs and want to play along to a drum beat its very easy. You can adjust the temp of 40 different drum beats and volume of them. I think you might be able produce multiple ones that play at different times, but I never figured this out and I'm not sure if you can or not. The drum machine sound really realistic and plays right out of your amp. Its quite amazing. Sounds like someone is actually playing real drums practically.

As with the 40 user patches there is also 40 presets. They have a few that sound pretty close to mr.scary. I think George Lynch tried to make them as accurate as possible. Theirs this one effect that has a VERY STRANGE unorthodox sound. It almost sounds like the guitar produces a machine like sound. I showed this to my friend and he was like what the! It also has some acoustic presets, reverb, and other various presets. Some you may like others you may not. I think some have a real nice soloing sound. Good for tapping,sweeping, and other solo techniques due the crispy "ghost reverb/delay sounds. I also found a good one for rock,metal, and death metal.

What else you get

If you buy this new you will get a George Lynch poster, instruction manual, and booklet of list of different settings for the 16 virtual amps. I myself do not know everything about this pedal. I don't know how to activate upper left knob for use. I know how to use the other 3 knobs for custom sounds, but its easy to do that. I just do not know how to use that knob for customization. Using the drum machine is also very simple. If anyone knows how to use the upper left knob to incorporate into the 40 user patches let me know.

This pedal is definitely worth the price (100-120 mostly) because you get so many features, e.i.user patches,drum machine, and presets. This guitar signature pedal is sort of like having a ton of guitar pedals combined into one. I mean I'm not saying this is all you'll want but its definitely worth to have and worth the price.

George Lynch with his tiger stripes guitar

What do you think of "Signature Pedals" that famous guitar players create?

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    • profile image

      Dave 6 years ago

      George does use it himself, Apparently he relies on it a lot in the studio, also i've seen him using it in a few guest appearances and fairly recent instructional videos.

    • TomC35 profile image

      TomC35 7 years ago from Georgia

      I bet Lynch does not use this pedal himself.

      When a pedal offers that many effects for around $100 it is usually too good to be true. Either you can get individual pedals that are good for that price or can pay much more for a good multi-effects pedal.