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How to stay motivated for the beginner guitar player

Updated on September 2, 2011

The beginner guitar player

   Picking up any instrument for the first time can be very hard to learn it. You must practice a lot and get very coordinated with it. You will find that in time however you can learn how to play at an intermediate level on guitar in time. Giving up will result in nothing. I have learned from experience that you will learn the most in the first couple months of playing guitar then any other time. This is because there is so much to learn from it. There are many techniques to learn and your fingers will also get more coordinated on the guitar scale. Eventually you will barely have to think and your finger muscle memory will have increased. The hardest time of playing guitar is at the beginning since your muscle memory and knowledge is non existent or is very limited. Look at all the famous rock stars such as Eric Clapton,val Halen, Joe satriana, and many more. They all started at one point. We all have a starting point and it is the most important time.

Muscle memory

When you first start playing guitar your fingers will have to get used to the fretboard. You have to realize that all your fingers are important so don't think "well, I don't need the pinkey finger" as this is not the right state of mind. If you want to perform scales and reach frets that are farther away using all your fingers are important. Try stretching your fingers out every once in a while and practice finger exercises on the guitar. Youtube can be very useful to find information for beginners and experts alike. Your fingers will need to get stretched out a bit and get feeling in them. Once you get enough feeling in them it will be easier to go faster and perform riffs since you have more feeling in your fingers. Here is an example of a finger exercise to get memory and more skillful at moving down the scale quickly. You can also invent your own and try and make riffs with them. Experimentation is vital.

Beginning guitar techniques

Learning the basics is very important for learning riffs such as "iron man", crazy train, and other various popular riffs. You can find tabs in guitar stores and on the internet. Find beginner songs to play and practice them. Their are a few basic techniques that are used when playing rock,metal, or whatever genre you want to play. Some of these include:

Power cords- A common basic guitar skill. Punk bands use them a lot though and you can perform rhythm with power cords and use them anywhere on the scale.

Palm mute- This is used a lot in between use of power cords and other riffs to add rhythm to the song.

Hammer ons and pull offs- Techniques used in soloing and some riffs. These are vital for playing fast.

Other techniques include tremolo picking, alternative picking, and bars.

These are all beginner basics that you can learn from guitar lessons, on the internet, or find out for yourself. You don't exactly need guitar lessons, but may learn basics easier with them. if you have a friend its good to consult him/her for advise. Once you get these techniques down you can start making your own riffs and etc. Other advanced techniques include sweeping which is very difficult and recommended for experienced players.

Practice, practice, and more practice

Practice makes perfect. This is so true when it comes to playing guitar. Try and practice 30-60 minutes a day or more if you wish. Try mixing things up such as palm mutes in between bars or power cords. Try moving up and down the scale as fast as you can can with different note combination. Write down any combination you think of for future reference. Make your own riffs and practice them. Look up beginner songs on the internet or buy books from guitar stores. Get comfortable with the pic and try different picking methods. Don't give up. Just remember its you who has to learn and the muscle memory that you will acquire from practice. Learn songs and make riffs. You will find it easier as time goes on.

Music theory is important to know such as learning what notes make songs sound better. Just remember you can experiment your self and make your own stuff and also learn from musical theory such as blues scales and such. Some people think you have to know music theory and others say you don't need it. In my opinion, I think using your own experience and learning from others is important. Look at what famous rock musicians do, but do not base your playing on one thing. Practice, experiment, research, and more practice. Set some time each day and learn techniques and make your own stuff and get inspiration from others to learn more. You can learn a lot just do not give up.


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