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Gone Girl: Dark and Sumptuous

Updated on November 5, 2014


Gone Girl like any David Fincher movie is dark and marked with cold humor. David Fincher is in the prime of his movie making with Gone Girl following the suit and wearing the attire that was tailored for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Social Network and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button to some extent. The movie lives up to all the hype and expectations even if you have a friend who has given you the spoiler. For someone who knows nothing and has to guess, it will be an absolute delight. The acting is the soul of the movie and though the movie is pretty long, it does not feel stretched and we feel every scene breathe in peace stopping right where it is necessary. All and all, worth a watch !


The movie begins with the introduction highlighting the complexity and yet the irrefutable charm of Amy Dunne(Rosamund Pike) in the words of her husband, Nick Dunne(Ben Affleck). It starts with the present day, the day Amy Dunne, a celebrated author goes missing under suspicious circumstances when her husband is out for a drink with his twin sister Margo Dunne(Carrie Coon) on their marriage anniversay. Given the celebrated position of Amy Dunne(Thanks to her series of books known as Amazing Amy), a quick succession of events starts where investigators take over lead by Detective Rhonda Byrne(Kim Dickens) who is suspicious of the husband in question(Like any detective would be).

What follows then are a series of press conferences and a media circus where Nick Dunne is slowly shown in darker light. Slowly through the movie, the underbelly of the marriage starts getting visible and the suspicions arise of a possible homicide. In parallel, Amy Dunne has left a series of clues which serve the purpose both as their anniversary tradition for treasure hunt and also as we find in due course mean a little more than that. The real breakthrough comes halfway down the movie when we are about to make up our mind about the situation.

The whole movie, thanks to an excellent screenplay goes in flashback highlighting the important moments in the life of Dunne couple. From the time they met till the time she disappeared. This narration is done by Amy herself in form of a diary which she has kept and this diary and narration are the things that keep us attached to the character of Amy.

Worthy of mention are also the roles of Tyler Perry(lawyer of Nick Dunne) and Neil Patrick Harris(former lover of Amy Dunne who still cares for her) whose characters are not possible to discuss without giving a spoiler.

Highlights and more highlights !

Purely out of respect for what I have witnessed, let me take a bow to brilliant acting of Rosemund Pike! David Fincher has yet again done an excellent adaptation of an already acclaimed book, so all credits to him. Also he does always manage to bring out the best in actors and it is needless to say what a good actor Ben Affleck is. But the girl from Die Another Day will now have a new identity. All the other actors are just perfect and bring a charm. The screenplay again is just perfect and an Oscar for it won't be so surprising. Also yet again, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have pulled off a masterpiece with craft and the soundtrack resonate with the story like a heartbeat. I love this team !

All the other aspects of movie making are right the way they should be. Oh wait ! I am surprised I have still not mentioned the one person that is impossible to ignore in the movie. The personification of hotness Emily Ratajkowski. The Blurred Lines girl will still be a Blurred Lines girl but you will love her in the movie. At least the boys will. And sadly, Barney Stinson will always be Barney Stinson for us. People in cinema were laughing when he was on screen even when he was enunciating serious lines. Who can blame, his character too is filthy rich and wearing a suit ! I guess that is the director's attempt at humor and he does get it right.

The movie reminded me of the movie Dog Day Afternoon and makes us wonder the influence of media in our lives. Also the aspects of mass hysteria and gullibility are mocked at and it is amusing as often we are a part of the same. Sadly I am unable to write so many things purely out of the fear of giving away the plot so I will better shut up.

Who should see

Anyone with a healthy appetite for a good movie and toleration for lengthy movies will love it as there is very very little to complain. It is not going in the list of favorite movies but it is a lovely one time watch. So yes, everyone should watch, especially couples. Who knows, it might as well spice up your romantic life ! By the end of the movie, we are left with a pleasant feeling of ridicule and smiling at the circus that we live in. And as the tagline goes, we realize, every story has its versions of truth.

Gone Girl Movie Trailer


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