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Glee Discriminates Against Persons with Autism

Updated on January 17, 2012

Goodbye Glee


Glee Discriminates Against Autism

For the most part Glee is an up lifting fun show which preaches inclusion and the strength of diversity. My son who has Autism has been a big fan of Glee for years. And as a parent I felt good about showing my son who has Autism a television show which showed love and tolerance for a mentally ill person, for homosexuals, for women with curves, for a child who is in a wheel chair and people of religious and cultural diversity.

Last night when Glee premiered my son and I sat on the couch and watched the show with great anticipation. And while this show is sac rid it turned exceptionally sour when they showed a negative stereo type of a person with Autism. My son with Autism was quite upset that Autism was displayed in the media with such a negative connotation. I had to turn the show off.

I consoled my son by explaining to him that in the 1970(s) it was the same for black people on television. African Americans were only portrayed as criminals on television. It wasn't of much consolation to my son because he really didn't believe me. He loves Barack Obama and wishes he were black.

But my son and I celebrated gay rights and the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” yesterday only to watch a television show which is very pro gay rights portray individuals with Autism in a negative stereo type.

I doubt the writers of Glee could provide any sustentative information about individuals with Autism now that they have taken such a low road with this particular population.

Does the shows producers and writers realize they have characters that do not sing nor dance in the Glee club who are from various minorities groups but couldn’t find a way to have an autistic child in the Glee club? My son aptly expressed the autistic person could arrange all of the music for the entire Glee class better then the teacher.

It was a real divisive moment when my son and I celebrated who celebrate Gay Rights and supported Glee for all these years only to find out Glee and the Gay Community do not support individuals with Autism. Never let it be said that we have made any progress.

Because of the Season 3 premiere of Glee negatively portray Individuals with Autism we can no longer watch this show or believe there is any support for individuals with Autism in the United States. So Goodbye Glee!!


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