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Republican Govenor Rick Scott Sued over Discrimination

Updated on August 10, 2014

Rick Scott


R-Scott Sued For Discriminating Against Disabled Children and Their Families.

Not that Obama is any better to the disabled but Rick Scott is being sued by Disability Rights Advocates and 5 families who have been on the mediwaiver list for more than 5 years. Sadly there are over 19,000 families on the list in the state of Florida alone.

It saddens me to read this article since the majority of the comments want disabled children institutionalized. It has been against the law since the 1970(s) to segregate and isolate such individuals and yet with a black president in office he can not summon the strength to order Florida's Governor Rick Scott to provide funding for the weakest individuals in our society. There is a paradigm shift in this thought process. Does Barack not know he and Rick Scott will become weak and need assistance in their lives? I think Barack Obama is completely dependent on Secret Service to provide everything including driving him from pillar to post. Are we gong to get rid of all the elderly as well in this country? Better watch out Ms. Robinson. Why are we moving to a Nazi regime?

Having a cosntitutional law professor for President hasn't paid off so well for anyone especially those with special needs. Justice doesn't exist. But field is soured for would be presidential hopefully JEB by this suit. I will put a link in to a news source. I have verified it several different ways. You can do your own research on it as well.

What Scott Has Threatened To Do a To Those Receiving a Services

Republicans pay a political price?

Do you think Rick Scott has cost the Republicans the Election in 2012 by not funding children on Medwaiver?

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Where's Barack for the Disabled?

Do you think Barack has advanced the right of disabled people?

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The Hard Questions.

We don't have much of a country if we can't ask the hard questions. I have admitted that I am asking the hard questions. What kind of country are we if we abandoned the disabled? There is a possibility to create 19,000 jobs by funding these families. We have no honor if we do that. It is Nazi Germany all over again with institutionalization and then euthanasia. I am not big on the Holocaust. I am certain that is going to cost me readership but think of it as an economic disaster in Germany and then understanding the organizational structure of Germany's horrific over efficiency. I should point out I have relatives in Germany that were interred in Special Camps during WWII for sticking up for the Jews/German people.

If we are free and enlightened in this country why can't we care for our own before paying interest payments to China during war. The President has it in his authority to suspend payments to the Chinese. War Time powers should be used for good once and a while before we move to a parlimentary system in this country.

I don't want to hear arguments about the disabled not being able to fight. Retarded people were sent to die in Iraq. Military takes all kinds including the disabled so why aren't they funded?

I will entertain alot as far as comments go but when you are sending disable people in combat and then to death row we have to ask ourselves why they are not fundIng them before we take their lives? No one picks on veterans or would be veterans on my hub.

Disabled People in Combat

Did you know the USA has and continues to send Disabled Americans into Combat?

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Rights of Disabled Americans

Do you believe Americans with Disabilities should eb fully funded since they have and continue to serve in the Military in Combat roles.

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Since I have written this hub Rick Scott has taken on the slogan families first but gas but every single social program he could for children and families. This is perhaps the most anti-social Governor we have ever had and that us saying a lot since we had JEB.

There were 23,000 children on the Medwaiver list and to avoid litigation again where he would have to take the fifth amendment he appropriated monies to clear the Mediwaiver list. Hurray right? All those families who have been struggling for so long are finally going to get the services they have been waiting for over a decade, right? Well actually no! Rick Scott significantly reduced the amount of services a child on the Medwaiver list could receive. The is right!!!

I have been told by an inside source that Rick Scott is intentionally withholding the letters denying services to these families until after the election. This is VOTER FRAUD and is a violation of THE 1964 CIVIL RIGHTS ACT! Eric Holder and the FBI as well as DHS should have Scott in jail.

Further not only has he manipulated 23,000 families who are sitting around with their hands out in hopes of receiving something but he did it by cutting food stamps and placing all these children in to MMA Medicaid programs. Now if I were Rick Scott I would stay away from Medicaid entirely. Hasn't he already been in trouble for Medicaid Fraud before???

It is great he has hired more DCF investigators to check disabled children parent's refrigerators but when there is no food because of cuts to social programs Rick Scott has made then how is that the parents fault. Not every parent can find full time employment. The employment numbers in this state have such a wide variation because Scott only hires people temporarily.

Scott Taking the Fifth-DOJ Finally Steps In He Will Be Doing This A Lot

Defrauding the Florida Voter

Where is the Department of Justice???? Rick Scott has hired temporarily people to move the disabled off the Medwaiver list to the Medwaiver but the families have not received letters stating they will receive services. The whole point if the Medwaiver was so the children who had developmental disabilities and their parents could get services??? He stole from all the social programs in Florida just to pull this trick. The election is close and he stands to gain 56,000 votes by defrauding the parents of disabled children in Florida. Wow, this guy is a jerk!

It is completely illegal and very transparent that Rick Scott has serious issues with individuals with disabilities. I have met him with my son and a friend of mine. She happened to be African American. Rick Scott announced his daughter was a special educator and his wife's name was the same as my friends, "Francita". Rick Scott is a liar! his wife's name is Ann. I have no idea what his daughter does but the amount of politically incorrect things that spewed from his vile mouth when I met him left me less than impressed. My son, Alex who desperately needs Medwaiver services and has been moved off the wait list and on the Medwaiver to no services, hated him. Children with Sutism have no social filter and they will let you know exactly what they think of you. It was evident to my son exactly who Rick Scott was/is as a person of exceptionally low moral character.

See Even My Son With Autism and Severe Medical Complexities Knew Rick Scott was/is a Bigot Against the Disabked


Update Cont..

Any politician who wants a picture with my son who has autism and medical complexities better be prepared to roll up his sleeves and help my child. Rick Scott runs around with an entourage of secret service like he is someone anyone would know. One of his secret service detail dropped could pay to provide several child with Medwaiver services. Rick Scott hates poor people. He thinks he is above it all which is amazing because my family has been in Republican Politics for the past 100 years and no one has heard of him.

All is I can see Rick Scott doing in Florida is ripping off every single social program for the disabled including now Medicaid (Where is the Department of Justice?) and doing God knows what with the money?

"Putting Florida Families First" except the families of the disabled is again a violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act Governor Scott! Defrauding Florida voters is also a felony Governor Scott and that is exactly what you are doing playing this game with Medwaiver services while stealing from every social program which serves as a safety net in Florida. Stealing from Medicaid and forcing the disabled into federally funded clinics and then paying those federally funded clinics monies from the state so they are more solvent is not exactly improving services when those clinics barely have doctors. The doctors they do have are right out of medical school and lack the sophistication to deal with more complexed illnesses. You are destroying the healthcare system of Florida Governor Scott I hope you pay for it for the rest of your life. god knows the disabled of Florida will not survive and it will take atleast a decade for the state of Florida to even begin to rebuild the healthcare system so you could build ports and hang out in South Anerica?

This is how it goes in Florida. Rick Scott and his family first. Then Florida's Healthy Families First but if you are unhealthy or have an unhealthy family member there is no safety net no matter how much money you have paid in taxes in the past.

Doesn't This Child and Every Child of Florida Count?



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    • profile image

      Jt walters 

      8 years ago

      I actually have to be careful here. Obama belongs ot a group I use to be affiliated with. I knew he was coming up years before people had heard his name. That is how come I knwo he is vetted. Everyone wanys to make such a big deal about him and the truth is the POTUS doesn't really run the country. He never really has. Maybe in George Washington's time but not in the last couple hundred of years. I only maintain American History fro Rutherford B. Hayes forward. JEB is the wrench for certain. He may very well declare and it maybe already decided. Most people I hear from feel like the Tea Party is running an ulta conservative pplatform not to win but to provide JEB an opportunity to run with Romney. Everyone down here thinks JEB is running but only JEB knows if he is running or not and only time will tell. It is a big pregnany pause in American Politics.

      I like Michelle Obama as well now that she is over all the slave talk. There are still slaves in the USA. But she seems to be a good egg. I don't really dislike Obama. I just know that the POTUS doesn't really run the country. So the point is moot. It is more of a contest of the one family or the two families (president and Vice President) who live well while all of us are suffering. I have another job offer. I have to go check it out.

      In either event we will have plenty of material to write about in this election cycle. I would like to refer my readers to your sites by using a link especially to Snow Princess if that is okay with you?

      All My Best,


    • PETER LUMETTA profile image


      8 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      Jeb is the monkey wrench in this coming election. If he declares then all bets are off. Obama is getting awfully close to being a republican the way he is abandoning the poor and the diasabled. Sombody needs to get his wifes ear and fill her in, she could kick his ass I'll bet. Peter

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      8 years ago from Florida

      No I agree the USA is dangerously running a close parallel to Nazi Germany prior to World War II. I had relatievs that were sentenced to the secret poltical labor camps for speaking out against Hitler.

      Odd the leaders who are doing this couldn't get jobs in corporate American either. If they weren't in governemnt they'd be thrown under the bus themselves.

      It is excellent that you understand these things. Most people don't get it. Oddly enough I still think Jeb thinks he is going to be the moderate and walk right into the White House.

    • PETER LUMETTA profile image


      8 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      JT another brilliant observation. I can see it as plain as the nose on my face, The republicans are becoming the party of the rich only, and Tea Brains are the new SA like the German Riech. All you have to do is look at the new legislation being passed by them and the Republican/Tea Party governors throwing the elderly, the women, the children, the handicapped, the poor and any one else who can't get a job under the bus. In effect they are condeming them to a slow and painful death while they give more tax breaks to their employers, the rich. God help us, Peter

      I don't want to sound like a commie rat fink but if the shoe fits......


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