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Great Halloween Costume Ideas

Updated on May 16, 2014
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Hi, I am Adele, and I have run a large fancy dress shop in Essex, England since 1998. Happy to pass on my knowledge to help others.

Introducing Props n Frocks Fancy Dress

Props n Frocks has been established since 1998 & has a fantastic reputation for supplying fancy dress both on line and from our base in Essex, England.

Over the years we have developed a huge library full of costume inspiration for various fancy dress themes. We believe in providing this information for free. Please share this page with your friends, 'like it' on Facebook and take a lot at the links further down this page that will lead to some of our other hubs.

Any questions - contact us on our Facebook page or call 01245 327156 7 days a week

Trust Props n Frocks - THE fancy dress experts...

Fallen Angel Costume
Fallen Angel Costume

Ideas For Ladies Halloween Costumes

It will be impossible for me to give you a complete breakdown of costumes that are available for ladies in the Halloween theme, as the list is endless. This article is written to give you an idea as to what is available and, the questions you should ask yourself before choosing a costume to wear. It is important that you feel comfortable in your choosen costume or you will not enjoy your function.

There used to be a theory that 'girls don't do gruesome', usually wanting to be just a pretty witch or a cute cat, but times have changed and chances are that if a girl wants to go ghoulish, she will give it her all: It's all a matter of inclination and attitude.

Don't forget, you can always contact us 7 days a week for advice over the telephone, or via email. We will even measure any costume for you so that you know that it will be suitable.

Plus Size Witch Costume
Plus Size Witch Costume

The Questions You Should Ask Yourself

  • What is your figure like?

    Now you must be honest with yourself. You want to enjoy your party yes? Not worrying about whether your belly is showing. There are plenty of costumes that can look sexy without showing your flesh. Look for a costume that is maybe a little A-line or has rouching down the front. A cape will also make you feel more confident. If you've got great legs, then show them off in a shorter type of costume. If you haven't, then stick to a longer skirt. If you have large bust, double check you will be able to wear your bra without ruining the look. If you have large arms, choose a costume that has some type of sleeve, even if it is a bit of chiffon, it will be enough to take the eye away from your arms.

  • How Many People Will You Know At Your Party? I have found that, when my customers are going to a party where they do not know many people, they will always dress more conservatively (the situation can become more complex if your partner does know people but you don't - best take your lead from him/her. It's a matter of creating the right impression for the occasion.

  • What is the Party For?

    What you would wear to a hen party would probably be more risqué than what you would wear to your husband's annual works do.

  • How Much Effort Do You Want To Have To Make?

    I do accept that some people just do not like dressing up. If this applies to you, choose a costume that does not require extreme make up or a wig. I often recommend a nun costume. A nun, I hear you say 'At Halloween?' Well at Halloween, Evil is in the air and any religious outfit will help to ward of evil spirits. The great thing about a nun costume is that you don't even have to do your hair!

    On the flip side, Halloween allows all you girls who just need an excuse to slap on the makeup and wear a wig to be as vampy as they want. Alternatively, if you want to get super-creative with the face-paint, why not try doing a Sugar Skull make-up? These elaborate but decorative face designs celebrate the Mexican Day of the Dead, which occurs at the same time as Halloween/All Saints Day.

Grave Groom Costume
Grave Groom Costume

Ideas For Mens Halloween Costumes

During the last couple of years the choice of packaged costumes available for men has exploded. Not so long ago, men only really had the choice as going to a halloween costume party as Dracula, a Wizard, a Devil or a Grim Reaper. But this is the case no longer, thank goodness!

Aside from a greater range of 'generic' (non-specific character) costumes, there are now a good many outfits for Halloween/Horror 'role models' from films available such as Freddie from the Nightmare on Elm Street series, Michael Myers from Halloween, Jason Voorhees from Friday 13th, etc. You'll find that sometimes there may be a female counterpart version of your chosen character - ideal for couples!

Halloween Masks

Many of Halloween costumes may involve wearing a mask, which a lot of people find uncomfortable and claustrophobic. It is one thing to try it on for a few minutes, it is another keeping it on all night. Also, remember that you will not be able to eat or drink without ruining the effect. Alternatively, you can use make up (although men might not be so keen on this option). I would recommend a water-based make up such as Snazaroo. As it is water-based, it will come off with soap and water. Be warned, it will also come off if you sweat or rub against something, or someone! Do not use grease based face paint unless you have 'powdered down' to set the make-up, as this is not quite so easy to remove from fabrics and furnishings as the water-based version and your host will not be very happy!

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Zombie Costume Available in Plus & Standard Sizes
Zombie Costume Available in Plus & Standard Sizes

So, what are your choices?

Your firstly need to decide if you are keen on dressing up. If you are not, I would suggest a simple wizard. If that it still too much, why not just wear dark clothing and add a black hooded cloak?

Creating a basic Halloween costume is so easy for all you people who just do not 'do' the costume thing!

Just wear standard clothing and mark your neck with 2 red marks, so that they look like bite marks..There is a novel variation on this which involves using one of the taps you get from 'wine-in-a-box' on the neck; Blood on tap - so much more convenient for the vampire in a hurry!

Alternatively, wear some vampire teeth to walk in with. You can always remove these once you have walked in and given a fangy smile!

For those of you that are more adventurous, the new range of Zombie costumes (see image right) are just brilliant. The great advantage is that although there are a good number of zombie outfits 'off-the-peg', you can enhance the look with liquid latex, but make sure you read the instructions.

Skeletons are always worth a look, and the new enthusiasm for celebrating the Mexican 'Day of the Dead' (which occurs around the same time as Halloween) offers novel opportunities for colourful skull-style face paint designs. There are also a few costume to match.

Carrying on this line of thinking, Jack Sparrow is a hit all year round, but due to the skeleton element (for a short time he becomes one of the 'undead' cursed crew of the Black Pearl) ,it is a costume you can easily get away with for Halloween. Our Grave Groom costume is also very popular at Halloween, and has a great second use as Baron Samedi (from the James Bond film 'Live & Let Die').

Don't write off the old faithful costumes such as Dracula, they can be put together quite easily wearing your own clothing and just 1 or 2 accessories, it is a costume that you can do as little or as much as you want to with.

With the popularity of The Twilight Saga, Vampires and Werewolves were THE costumes of the moment, but you can't keep a good zombie down and, as we revise this hub in preparation for the 2013 season, we're noting that the influence of Moshi Monsters and the prequal to Monsters Inc - Monsters University, is generating a trend for colourful 'fun monster' costumes (although most of them seem to be based on Sully!) Whatever the new trends look out for plenty of various costumes as we approach Halloween.

Skull Warrior Costume
Skull Warrior Costume

We'd love to know what you think...

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    • profile image

      vampire costumes 8 years ago

      solid ideals i like them all but my favorite are vampires obviously great hub

    • Party Girl profile image

      Party Girl 9 years ago

      That's the idea Lindz! Thanks for looking at the page, I really appreciate it.Actually the last costume shown on this hub is quite simple and only consists of a tunic with a fantastic belt, shoulders and mask. These bits make it look sensational. The other good thing about the costume is that the mask is only a half face mask, this means the wearer can eat, drink and talk quite normally.

    • profile image

      Lindz 9 years ago

      The last pic's kinda' creepy....