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Halloween Costumes - Large Sizes

Updated on July 3, 2014
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Hi, I am Adele. I've been running a large fancy dress shop in Essex, England, since 1998. I'm happy to pass on my knowledge to help others.

Plus Size Halloween Costumes

The range of larger sizes in the Halloween range is growing every year, which to be honest, has been long overdue! In this hub I will give you some idea to the costumes that are available for you to purchase and some guidance to help you choose the best costume for you.

The UK has a slightly different approach to Halloween than the good people in the US. In America, people will often dress up in 'normal' (if there is such a thing!) fancy dress costumes such as Superman or Snow White. Although we have been seeing a slight increase in the number of 'normal' costumes being hired or purchased for Halloween, our customers in the UK tend to stick to a true Halloween theme of Devils, Witches and Zombies. So for this hub, I will just cover these costumes. If you require large sizes in other themes, then please look out for some of my other hubs.

Don't forget, you can contact us 7 days a week (by telephone or email). We will give you advice and also measure any costume for you.

Lovely witch costume in UK dress size 14 - 16
Lovely witch costume in UK dress size 14 - 16
Suitable for UK dress sizes 14 - 16
Suitable for UK dress sizes 14 - 16

Questions You Should Ask Yourself

It is not worth going to a party in a costume and feeling uncomfortable, the whole point is that you are meant to enjoy yourself. Be honest about your body shape and choose a costume or accessories that you will feel happy in. If you are comfortable with what you are wearing, you'll have a great time.

  • Are there any bits of your body that you really would rather keep under wraps? Everybody is different, some ladies want to keep the tops of their arms covered but have nice legs. Look at the costume and see if it does cover the bits you want covered.
  • Are there any parts of you that you'd like to show off? If you've got great legs, then show them off in a shorter length skirt or one with a split in.
  • How tall are you? If you are like me (just over 5' tall) the length of the costume must be taken into consideration, especially if you cannot wear high heeled shoes. Some costumes do not have a finished hem, so it may be worth contacting your supplier to ask if the costume could be cut down to size (and the material will not run). Other costumes will include a belt so you may be able to pull the skirt up a bit and secure with the belt. Costumes that are not designed to be full length may be the easiest way of dealing with the problem. If you are tall then you will need to look for costumes that have a skirt designed to trial on the floor or again designs that are not full length. Jumpsuit costumes may also be difficult for a tall person as the jumpsuit may not be long enough in the body section. I would always advise someone to try on a jumpsuit type of costume if they are quite tall.

Slit Throat - How To Do This Special Effect

What If You Really Do Not Like Dressing Up?

Not everyone likes to dress up and if you fall into this group what can you do? Well, to be honest Halloween is a great theme if you are not a fan of costumes. Take a look at this list below to get a few tips on how to join in while doing as little as possible!

  • Buy a wig There are many wigs on the market that are very cheap to buy that will suit the Halloween theme. All you need to do is walk in wearing the wig, and a little later you can remove it if you want.
  • Wear some teeth Buy a pair of vampire fangs and either using some red lipstick or theatrical blood create a little run of blood from the corner of your mouth and you have become a vampire! There are many vampire films set in the modern day so an elaborate costume is not required. Again, these teeth can be removed at a later stage of the evening.
  • Vampire Marks or a slit throat This may sound dramatic, but it is very easy to do. For the vampire marks, just place two red dots on one side of your neck. for a slit throat, take a look at this video from Youtube below. It is a bit basic but it should give you the idea. Liquid latex and theatrical blood are available to purchase from most fancy dress shops or online stores. the 'blood' may stain your clothes so do be careful when you are using this stuff. For a novel variation on this Halloween look, use the tap off one of those wine-in-bag/boxes (Empty the wine first - seek assistance if necessary) and attach it to your neck. Provide a few strategic 'drips' on the shoulder area below - blood on tap!

  • Wear a cloak You can wear a cape over your own clothes as a simple way to get a Halloween effect. You could always add the wig, teeth and make up if you want to.
  • Accessorise your normal clothes I go through this in more detail in the Halloween Accessories hub.

For those of you who are really not keen on costume parties but have tried one of the ideas above, let everyone know how you got on and if you have any tips you can add to this list put them in the comments box at the end of this hub.

Ladies Halloween Costume Ideas Size 16+

Sorceress Of The Moon - This costume includes a dress with a separate bodice and a hat. Suitable for a UK dress size 16 - 18. The skirt has a triangular jagged cut with a chiffon overlay. The bodice does lace at the front for a more flexible fit. A sexy costume that also keeps you covered up.

Sexy Nun - Religious costumes are always popular at Halloween (to fend off the evil!). This super costume is of superior quality and can be machine washed. The costume has a back zip fastening and also has two side ties for a more fitted fit. Available in Large which will fit an UK dress size 16-18 and Extra Large 18 -20.

Standard Nun - Long length standard nun. Available in Large (UK 16-18) and Extra Large (UK 18- 20). This costume has a split and comes complete with long tunic with white collar, wimple and a belt. Superior quality costume that can be machine washed and tumble dried.

Vampire | Devil Lady - This dress is available is 2 colours (red and black) and in two materials (velour and poly cotton). The dress is full length with a front split and large collar. The dress is fastened by a back zip and also has two side ties for a more flexible and fitted fit. These dresses are of superior quality and both materials can be machine washed and tumble dried. The black dress has many uses including a vampire, sorceress, Morticia and Cruella de Vil. This style dress is available in Large (UK size 16 - 18) and Extra Large (UK size 18 - 20).

Sexy Devil Lady - This dress has a separate bodice that laces at the front. The dress has a back zip fastening and is completely machine washable and can even be tumble dried. The dress is available in Large (UK size 16 - 18) and Extra Large (UK size 18 - 20).

Ladies - Halloween Costume Ideas - Sizes 14 - 16

There are many costumes that fall into this size range. All the costumes (apart from The Sorceress Of The Moon) that are featured in the 16+ section are also available in size 14 - 16 (you would need a medium size). Other costume ideas include:

Sexy Witch Costume- This costume is very popular in the shop. It includes and short dress with velcro fastening at the back of the neck, a belt and a hat. A great budget costume that can be accessorised with wig, fishnets and a broom.

Standard Witch - A budget costume that includes a dress and a belt. A good basic start that can have accessories added to create your own unique look.

Pumpkin - This sort of costume, avalable in unisex and unisize, will usually overcome any problems relating to size - it's a also a favourite amongst mums-to-be, for example.

I will add more information on other costumes as soon as we have the images to accompany the text

Ladies Halloween Costume Ideas Sizes 12 - 14

Not strictly a 'large' size, but until recently, packaged Halloween costumes did not cater for ladies larger than a size 12. I have included a few of the costumes suitable for ladies with a dress size 14 just to give you some ideas.

Corpse Bride - From the Tim Burton film of the same name, this is a lovely costume that will fit a lady dress size 10 - 14. The dress has front lacing for a more flexible fit. Made from velour,the costume will also look good straight out of the packaging. A very popular costume in the shop.

Fairy Spider- This costume was not labelled to fit up to a size 14, but when we had ladies trying it on in the shop, we found that it was quite flexible for fit due to the front lacing. Another costume made from velour, so it does come out of the packaging looking good. This costume also includes the fantastic wings, as seen in the picture.

Ghostly Bride - This is one of my favourite costumes (I have worn this to a Halloween party and receive loads of great comments). This dress has a middle section of lace and layers of chiffon type material to give a ghostly look. There are two side ties to get a great fit. A veil headpiece, a choker and small fabric bouquet are also included.

Standard Witch - This is another costume that was packaged as being suitable for only smaller sizes but when we got it out of the packaging, we realised that it was suitable for dress sizes up to a 14. A brilliant costume that is very popular in the shop. The costume is made from a velour material with a false blouse. The front bodice laces at the front. The hat is included.

I will add more information regarding other costumes that are available as soon as I have some images to show you.

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Mens Halloween Costume Ideas - Extra Large Sizes

Mens costumes tend to come in only two sizes, standard and extra large. Luckily the range of extra large is improving, but 'Extra Large' can be misleading. Most extra large sizes will normally only be suitable for a man with a chest of about 46". I have tried to give a good selection of costumes in various price ranges to try to show you what is available on the market. As I have mentioned before, a good supplier of halloween costumes should be able to advise you over the telephone or via email as to what size the costume will actually fit.

Werewolf Costume Available in Standard & Extra Large Sizes
Werewolf Costume Available in Standard & Extra Large Sizes

Halloween Costumes - Male Extra, Extra Large

Monk Costume - This monk costume is available in four sizes including large (a chest of 46") and Extra Large (a chest size 50"). The costume is fully machine washable and is also able to be tumble dried. The costume includes long brown tunic, cowl hood and belt.

Monk Costume - This budget Monk's costume is available in Extra Large but, realistically will only fit up to a chest size 44" The costume consists of a hooded robe and belt

Devil - This Devil's coat only comes in one size, but it is designed to fit a very large man. The coat is made from velour and is a superior quality costume. The Devil's coat is able to be machine washed and tumble dried.

Bloody Doctor - This costume is available in Extra Large, but, again is only suitable up to a 44" chest. The costume consists of a white doctors coat covered in blood. It is fastened at the front by velcro.

Bloody Surgeon - Another budget costume that is only sutable for a size 44" chest. The costumes includes bloody green theatre top, matching trousers and latex gloves.

Vampire Cape & Cravat - This is a great costume as it will fit almost everbody. The lovely, full length cape with large collar has an attached cravat. To get the look just wear a white shirt and black trousers underneath, add some fangs and you are Dracula.

Werewolf - The magnificent costume pictured at the top of this section is impressive but perhaps not practical for all occasions. Variations include using a werewolf mask with a Michael Jackson red jacket for 'Thriller' or one of the facial hair werewolf kits available to avoid the problems an overhead mask can cause.

Zombie - This is a truly frightening costume. Sold out last year almost immediately. This extra large costume is suitable for a man with a 46" chest. The costume comes complete with mask, gloves, top with attached chestbones and trousers. It is so horrible, it is fantastic! Not the cheapest of costumes to buy but a party stopper!

Large Ladies Devil Costume - suitable for UK dress Sizes 14 -16
Large Ladies Devil Costume - suitable for UK dress Sizes 14 -16

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