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Best Netflix Streaming Movies

Updated on June 19, 2013
Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler | Source

Greatest Netflix Streaming Movies

Greatest Netflix Streaming Comedies

  • Tucker and Dale vs. Evil Review - Is a more recent release on Netflix that’s genre can only be described as a mixture between horror and comedy. If you haven’t seen this movie you need to watch it now, it hasn’t had all the hype as movies like limitless and I’m not exactly sure if it was even in the movie theaters at all. But a cult following has helped tucker and dale vs. Evil become one of the most popular movies on Netflix.
  • Small Summary of Tucker and Dale vs Evil - Two rednecks camping in the woods end up being in the wrong place and wrong time in a bunch of hilarious situations involving the college kids camping across the lake.
  • Big Daddy Review - If you’re from an extremely younger generation and haven’t seen Big Daddy you need to watch it, just so you know that Adam Sandler did used to be funny. If you are from my generation and probably saw Big Daddy growing up, watch it again. This movie never gets old to me and will definitely make my list of Greatest Netflix movies.
  • Small Summary of Big Daddy, Lazy good for nothing Adam Sandler gets tired of people saying he has no responsibility, so he decides to be a Daddy once a child shows up on his doorstep. Raising a kid turns out to be harder than Sandler could have ever imagined.
  • Jackass 3d- Jackass might not be for the older generations, but I grew up laughing at stupid people doing stupid things. The Dilemma that Johnny Knoxville and the rest of his Jackass crew are figuring out is people are getting bored of the same old thing so they must perform scarier and more dangerous stunts. They end up accomplishing that in this film.
  • Small Summary of Jackass 3d- Stupid people doing Stupid things.

The Lincoln Lawyer
The Lincoln Lawyer | Source

Greatest Netflix Streaming Action Movies

  • Lincoln Lawyer Review - I have written about this movie before because it may be one of my favorite action/suspense movies out right now. I like how the movie keeps you guessing and how it always has crazy plot twists throughout the film. It almost makes you question who the bad guy is during the film.
  • Small Summary of Lincoln Lawyer - Matthew MacChonaughey is a Criminal Law attorney that is constantly taking the most dangerous cases which in turn put him and his family in Danger.
  • Kick-Ass Review - As you can tell I’m pretty big into movies that cross genres in ways never seen before. Kick ass was not made to be a comedy or a straight action film. It’s amazing how the director took such a different perspective on a superhero film but didn’t censor and G rate the movie.
  • Small Summary of Kick-Ass - This is the superhero movie that has cursing, blood and guts. THIS IS NOT A SUPERHERO MOVIE FOR YOUR CHILDREN. The director shows what would really happen if a teenage kid tried to chase his dream of becoming a real superhero.
  • Wrist-cutters Review - Don’t think this is an emo film based on the title, this is a well thought out imaginative perspective of what could happen after death. The whole movie is filled with dark humor and crazy scenes that will keep you thinking about the movie long after you have watched it.
  • Short Summary of Wrist-Cutters, Imagine if you committed suicide and entered a world that was worse than the world you were trying to get out of. What would you do? That is the plot of this cult classic.

The Faculty
The Faculty | Source

Greatest Netflix Streaming Horror Films

  • The Faculty - This is a little bit older suspenseful film that takes place in a high school. A group of students with far different personalities stand up against an alien virus trying to take over the school. Its pretty cool to see how each person has different strategies and watch them start accusing people of being infected.

Greatest Netflix Documentarys

  • The six degrees of Helter Skelter Documentary - This crazy documentary documents the Manson Family Killing, if you don’t know who Charles Manson is, he was a charismatic nut job that used to seduce people to follow his orders which often included murder. This is a great physiological documentary that digs deep into the mind of Charles Manson.
  • The Wild and Wonderful Whites Documentary - Great documentary that documents a white trash family that couldn’t have been recreated in a fiction book. It’s pretty amazing to see how these people act and it really makes you wonder how anybody could possibly be thinking the way this family is thinking. But their accents and way of life will definitely keep you laughing and interested throughout the movie.

Shutter Island
Shutter Island | Source

Greatest Netflix Streaming Thrillers

  • Snatch Review - Any movie were Brad Pitt is fighting someone is going to be a hit in the box office. Well this time his accent is Irish and he is knocking out guys three times his size in a single blow. This movie is like a mixture between fight club and Boondock Saints. It’s filled with drinking, gambling, fighting and guns what more could you want in a movie.
  • Limitless Review - One of my favorite movies, because it always makes me think every time I watch it. What would I do if I could take a pill and become the smartest person on the planet for a day. Would I use it for good, would I make a lot of money, would people try to kill me? Well that’s what the director of limitless decided to try to answer in this crazy imaginative plot.
  • Shutter Island - If you really want a movie that will mess with your head a lot than watch any of Leonardo Dicaprio’s latest films. Shutter Island is set in a Mental Hospital were things just don’t seem to be right, and Leonardo feels like things are not how they are seem. But who is going to believe a patient in a Mental hospital, the whole move you are kept wondering if Leo is crazy or not. Throughout the movie you don’t know who to hate and who to trust and IMO that makes it a great movie.


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